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Cute Pitbull Mix Up For Adoption

07/04/11 update: Sammi was adopted by our friends, and we still get to see her. She is one happy, spoiled girl. She grew to be about 55 pounds and still very lean. We still don’t know what she is mixed with. I posted a new pic of her at the bottom of this post – all grown up!

Our foster dog is here.

Sammi is about the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. I don’t know exactly what she is mixed with, but I am guessing mostly American pit bull terrier with some smaller terrier like a Jack Russell. She seems to be all terrier to me anyway! Basically she is a tiny pitbull. She is about a third of Ace’s size and very, very skinny. She didn’t want to eat her breakfast this morning because there were too many new things to smell and see, but I will be trying to put more weight on while she is with us.

Sammi will make the perfect dog for someone. I have only had her for a few hours, but I can already tell she is a very, very nice dog. Sammi is not very old, perhaps 10 months at the most. But so far no accidents in the house, and she doesn’t chew anything but her own toys.

Brown and white cute pitbull mix and black and white lab mix

You can see Ace is avoiding Sammi in the photo. That is typical of Ace when I bring in a new dog. He warmed up to her shortly after we went for a run and then went home. Both dogs have been playing nicely with their toys and having a great time. Ace was being possessive over the toys, however! For once, my dog is the dominant one.

Anyway, it is crazy in Fargo with the Red River flooding. I have a lot going on, but I will update you soon on how Sammi is doing.

Cute brown and white pitbull mix Sammi for adoption

Golden brown and white pitbull terrier mix

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