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Weekly question: Does your dog go to daycare?

People are very opinionated about boarding their dogs. However, dog daycare is a whole different level of boarding. Although many dog daycares use kennels, others don’t have cages at all. And you can leave your dog for a few hours or the whole day.

I think dog daycare is a great option for someone who works long hours and can’t get home to let his or her dog out over a lunch break. I often considered this for Ace but decided the price wasn’t worth it.

Some benefits to taking your dog to daycare include knowing your dog gets to have fun while you are at work (assuming your dog likes other dogs and lots of activity), you don’t have to worry what kind of trouble your dog is getting into at home, and she will be OK if you have to work a little late.

On the negative side, often the staff members in charge of the dogs do not have a lot of knowledge in animal behavior and don’t know what to do when something goes wrong. The pick-up and drop-off hours are often inconvenient, and if you can’t pick up your dog by a certain time you will be charged a night’s boarding fee. And just like any boarding facility, you need to do lots of research to make sure the daycare is right for your dog.

What do you think? Does your dog go to daycare? Why or why not?

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Gregory Cottage

Thursday 20th of August 2015

Wilson, my border terrier, loves day care. He absolutely loves it. I take him to City Pups, he gets to frolic with other dogs and enjoy himself. It's like booking him a holiday.

Saint Lover

Wednesday 6th of August 2008

When I lived at my old hose I did day care for dogs and it was a good gig. They played all day in and went home happy and kept out of trouble. It was good for socialization for the day camper dogs and mine.

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Tuesday 5th of August 2008

When Chels was younger I looked at one for Sundays when I work. The cost was $20 for the day. As it turned out I get to take Chels to work so it wasnt something I ended up needing... but given her love of eating my house bit by bit... I would reconsider it for the socialisation alone

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Cynthia Blue

Tuesday 5th of August 2008

Only a couple of my dogs would do well in daycare. Most would not... they get grumpy with other dogs in their space. And if Tatum went to dog day care, she'd like it more than me!


Tuesday 5th of August 2008

oh man, I have found two I like (one with a webcam) but I'm lacking follow through, mostly bc of the $$$! But I'm seriously thinking about it!

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