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Top posts on That Mutt in 2008

I started blogging regularly in March 2008, although I’d written a few posts before that. Here are the posts that had the most traffic in 2008.

1. 10 reasons to buy a dog backpack

2. 10 questions to ask before boarding your dog

3. Some dogs do better in a new home

4. Reasons to adopt an adult dog

5. Not like the others?

6. Euthanizing aggressive dogs

7. Walking with shelter dogs

8. Mistakes I made that lead to dog bites


Thursday 1st of January 2009

Heya Lindsay!

I had no idea that you'd only been blogging regularly since March 2008! I thought you'd been doing this for years. LOL I love visiting your site and don't know which of the posts that I liked the best, well that's not exactly true, I like your 30 day challenges the best :-) In general though, I just like knowing that whenever I stop by there is something interesting to read.


Tuesday 30th of December 2008

This was a grat way to revisit some of my favorite posts and discover new ones (like the merle great dane one).

Apryl DeLancey

Monday 29th of December 2008

I agree - these were all great. The backpack, dangerous dogs, and shelter posts are my favorites in the bunch.

Lindsay Stordahl

Monday 29th of December 2008

I use Google Analytics to track traffic.

Thanks St. Lover! I love your blog too!

Saint Lover

Monday 29th of December 2008

Each of those are extremely great and helpful articles! I have truly enjoyed reading your blog this year and have great expectations for great things yet to come in 2009!