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A run with Lloyd and Lily

Every time we go for a run, Lloyd and Lily have a routine.

First they stare at me, uninterested. Then they stand, stretch, shake their whole bodies, dance and wag.

Next they plop down in front of me in perfect sit-stays.

Lily practically shakes with excitement. She yawns dramatically, looks at the door, looks at me. “Come on, Lady! Hurry up!”

Sometimes Lloyd picks up a leash.

If you have ever hung out with a vizsla, multiply the happy energy and enthusiasm by two. Multiply the loyalty, athleticism and sweetness by two.

That’s Lloyd and Lily.

They are quite the perfect pair.

Lloyd is calm and collected. Serious. Never far from my side. Loyal. Quiet.

Lloyd the Vizsla sitting outside very nicely wearing choke collar

Miss Lily is dramatic. Impatient. Goofy. It’s impossible not to smile at her.

Lily the Vizsla looking to the side outside Lily the Vizsla going running

They stay at my side while we run. This seems to impress people. We get compliments all the time.

Lloyd and Lily Vizsla dogs on their run! That’s Lloyd and Lily for you. Predictable, very nice dogs. Perfect running buddies.

Lindsay Stordahl

Friday 7th of October 2011

They are such sweet dogs! I love them as well!


Friday 7th of October 2011

Thanks for the sweet, and completely accurate, tribute to Lloyd and Lily. You certainly have gotten to know them well! Thanks for taking such good care of them. They sure do love you. =) Lloyd & Lily's mom

Lindsay Stordahl

Thursday 29th of September 2011

I love Vizslas!

[email protected] by Pets

Thursday 29th of September 2011

When my best friend's parents go divorced, we got their Vizsla. She was his hunting dog, but he was going to an apartment, so the dog moved next door to our house, so the kids could keep her. We used to joke that if anyone broke into our house, our GSD would take them down and the Vizsla would lick them to death. She was a wonderful, sweet dog.


Friday 23rd of September 2011

Vizslas aren't super common, but it seems like when people get one, they end up getting another!

Lindsay Stordahl

Saturday 24th of September 2011

I've noticed that too!