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Adoptable pitbull – Lila!

Note: Lila has been adopted!

Yesterday I got to meet this beautiful pitbull up for adoption named Lila. Wow, what a nice dog!

This lady did not have that crazy “Oh my God, I just met you, but I love you!” energy many pitbulls have. She quietly greeted me. Outside, she was happy to lick my face.

When three (yep, three!) friendly dogs came charging up to us, I stood between Lila and the others so she would not feel threatened. No need for that! Lila was wiggling with happiness for a chance to make new doggy friends! They all wanted to sniff her, and she was beside herself with joy!

Lila and I went for a run, and she is my kind of dog – slow! She was in absolutely no hurry. Her leash was loose the entire time. We took walking breaks, enjoyed the fall sun and relaxed.

Lila’s coat is mostly brindle, but she has a white-and-pink face and a black nose. Once she fills out, she is going to be one of those big, solid pitbulls. She has a large, kissable head and a muscular build.

Lady Lila is up for adoption in Fargo. Edit: She’s been adopted!

“Pittie on the prairie”American pit bull terrier for adoption in Fargo

I just love her pink eyes and ears and nose – a little, pink pig!Staffordshire terrier up for adoption in Fargo, ND - brindle and white, pink nose

Lila is estimated to be about a year old. She is spayed and up to date
on vaccinations. She seems to do well with most dogs.Cute brindle and white pitbull for adoption

May I just take a second to point out this lovely loose leash?Brindle and white American pit bull terrier/Staffordshire terrier up for adoption in Fargo

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