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Adoptable pitbull – Julia!

Sometimes I don’t know where my place is in this “rescue” world or even in this animal world.

I’m caught between wanting to do more for homeless pets and wanting to hold back.

Animal rescue work can easily become an obsession, deeply emotional.

In this crazy rescue world, every dog lover has to do what she can do within her own limits. Maybe it’s walking dogs at a shelter. Maybe it’s checking references on adoption applications. Maybe it’s taking a friend to an adoption event or simply sharing links.

I always find myself spending time with the dogs that are safe from being killed but are still waiting for foster homes.

These dogs are often wild and energetic.

Some pull and zig-zag as though I’m not even there.

Others seek eye contact and try to connect by jumping or grabbing the leash.

Some are quiet, like they understand they are in a transition, waiting for the next phase.

Red pitbull terrier dog for adoption in Fargo - cute!

Julia is a pitbull-type dog who was recently pulled from a pound. I got to meet her this week. She has energy to burn, and I can’t wait to see her true personality.

Julia seemed to laugh at me and my camera. She danced around, like, “Hey lady! Good luck catching me with that!” She was right.

This girl is a beautiful dog with a reddish Vizsla-like coat, a square head and visible muscles.

She’s a strong little thing and would probably respond well to a Halti instead of the big prong collar she wore.

We sprinted through a field so she could run off her initial “crazies.” After that she had an easier time at my side, although we each “body blocked” the other a few times. She needs a rugby jersey 🙂

Julia doesn’t seem to know what to make of her current situation. At a pound one day, a boarding kennel the next. She hasn’t fallen into a routine quite yet.

I hope she can get into a foster home soon. That way she can begin to relax and focus on being herself.

She can just be a dog.

Red American pit bull terrier dog in Fargo Edit: Julia has been adopted!


Thursday 10th of November 2011

Belle was like that when we first got her. We were the means to a treat, outside, whatever she wanted. It took her a little while to realize that we were cool to hang out with and love on. Good luck Julia!

Lindsay Stordahl

Friday 11th of November 2011

My last foster dog Cosmo was this way as well. He was very independent and only cared about me because I was his access to outside, treats, toys, etc. :)

Lindsay Stordahl

Thursday 10th of November 2011

I'm sure she would love a nice rope toy and a serious game of tug! Then she would probably think you are worth paying attention to! I noticed the same thing, that she didn't care a whole lot about me either way. I was her ticket out, but being "out" was definitely the prize. I was not the prize.

Amanda S.

Wednesday 9th of November 2011

I met Julie this week as well. She was quite energetic; she actually started playing tug with her leash and did it so strongly she tugged the leash out of my hand and proceeded to run around like the happiest dog in the world; leash in her mouth. I got her to come back to me by running away, whew! She does have energy to burn! I think you're right; she needs to settle into a routine.

I've noticed that with some of the pitties it takes them awhile to warm up to me when I walk them. Not to say they don't like people; but sometimes it takes them awhile to "care" about the person at the other end of the leash; as though you need to prove them you are worth paying attention to. I see that in this girl; and I think she will get better once she gets to know me better and settles into a routine. Hopefully she will find a foster before that happens though! :)

Julia is a pretty girl and she seems sweet. Thanks for walking her and posting about her! Everything helps :)


Wednesday 9th of November 2011

Sometimes it is hard for any of us to define what we want to do in our "spare" time and then even if we do, it can be tough to set aside that time to actually do it. Life in general gets busy. I can understand how animal rescue work can easily become an obsession and deeply emotional as you said. And the hardest part must be not getting too attached.

Julia is a nice looking dog. I hope someone comes forward and adopts her.

Lindsay Stordahl

Thursday 10th of November 2011

Someone will adopt her sooner or later, but hopefully sooner! She is a little bit of a handful right now, so hopefully she is able to settle down once she gets into a foster home. I'm sure she will.

Stacey Lauren

Wednesday 9th of November 2011

Julia is beautiful. She looks a little like my pit! Thanks for doing what you do. Every little bit helps.

I just sent you an email about writing a guest post on my blog. I hope you'll consider!

Best, Stacey

Lindsay Stordahl

Thursday 10th of November 2011

Thanks for reading. I LOVE your pitbull t-shirts. Those are so cute and I will definitely be buying one. I shared your web site over That Mutt's facebook page last year and one of my friends bought your "Lover not a fighter" shirt. That's my favorite!