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Adoptable pitbull – Julia!

Sometimes I don’t know where my place is in this “rescue” world or even in this animal world.

I’m caught between wanting to do more for homeless pets and wanting to hold back.

Animal rescue work can easily become an obsession, deeply emotional.

In this crazy rescue world, every dog lover has to do what she can do within her own limits. Maybe it’s walking dogs at a shelter. Maybe it’s checking references on adoption applications. Maybe it’s taking a friend to an adoption event or simply sharing links.

I always find myself spending time with the dogs that are safe from being killed but are still waiting for foster homes.

These dogs are often wild and energetic.

Some pull and zig-zag as though I’m not even there.

Others seek eye contact and try to connect by jumping or grabbing the leash.

Some are quiet, like they understand they are in a transition, waiting for the next phase.

Red pitbull terrier dog for adoption in Fargo - cute!

Julia is a pitbull-type dog who was recently pulled from a pound. I got to meet her this week. She has energy to burn, and I can’t wait to see her true personality.

Julia seemed to laugh at me and my camera. She danced around, like, “Hey lady! Good luck catching me with that!” She was right.

This girl is a beautiful dog with a reddish Vizsla-like coat, a square head and visible muscles.

She’s a strong little thing and would probably respond well to a Halti instead of the big prong collar she wore.

We sprinted through a field so she could run off her initial “crazies.” After that she had an easier time at my side, although we each “body blocked” the other a few times. She needs a rugby jersey 🙂

Julia doesn’t seem to know what to make of her current situation. At a pound one day, a boarding kennel the next. She hasn’t fallen into a routine quite yet.

I hope she can get into a foster home soon. That way she can begin to relax and focus on being herself.

She can just be a dog.

Red American pit bull terrier dog in Fargo Edit: Julia has been adopted!

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