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Dog walking in North Dakota

Ace and I are suburban kids, but we dream of having our own rural home. Or at least I do.

So sometimes I take my dog and we sneak to the edge of town where somewhat-urban meets somewhat-rural.

I let my dog run, and we pretend we are country kids.

Ace races around like he’s never been off leash before – “Thank you! Thank you!” – before he settles into his version of tracking and pointing. Then trots at my side or a few feet ahead, always looking back.

I’m not sure what people from other areas think of North Dakota. I’m sure they assume it looks a lot like these pictures. A whole lot of space.

Where I live, new homes and businesses are popping up further and further out, expanding our little city. I see that as a good thing.

It’s also a good thing, I think, that my dog and I can still escape on a quiet Sunday.

And so we do.

Ace the black lab mix running in a field in North Dakota

Black lab mix standing in a fieldAce the black lab mix running on an gravel roadBlack lab mix with white chest in a field
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