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Cute cats and kittens for adoption – Fargo

Note: This post is part of a series this week on called “Saving the cats.”

I hung out with the cats at CATS Cradle Shelter this week. CATS Cradle is a wonderful, temporary home for cats.

The cats live in bright rooms (not cages) with large windows and plenty of places to climb, hide, scratch or run.

They live in groups of about five to 10 cats, and most seem happy and relaxed with their arrangements.

Here are just a few of the cats I met. I apologize, I did not take the time to get each of their names. I was too busy trying to get photos.

There is a cat for everyone at CATS Cradle – all colors, ages and personalities.

Cat shelter in Fargo ND Gray cat adoption CATS Cradle Shelter in FargoTan and white kitten for adoption in Fargo Moorhead - cute! Tuxedo cat for adoption CATS Cradle Fargo Cute kitten for adoption