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How Much Do Dog Breeders Make?

You’re a dog breeder?!

Border terrier breeder and blogger Tegan Whalan wrote an excellent post called The Sin of Breeding Dogs. It’s about people’s reactions when they find out she is, God forbid, a breeder!

“I’ve seen a number of faces go hard and critical when I make this declaration,” she wrote. “When did dog breeding become such a sin?”

I’d like to know the answer to that question as well.

In the dog world we like to talk about “responsible breeders.” I don’t know what I consider a responsible breeder vs. an irresponsible breeder, but I do not lump them all together (“greeders” is the term I hear most).

I’m very careful not to participate in any “adopt, don’t shop” conversations. There are plenty of acceptable ways to obtain a dog. Going to a shelter is one. Going to a breeder is another.

Tegan wrote how she is never quite sure how to respond to the critical comments she receives as a dog breeder.

“Occasionally, I blurt out something about showing my dogs, or that I am a registered breeder, but it’s never quite what I want to say,” she wrote. “I want to say: Yes, I’m a dog breeder. And by dog breeder I mean ethical and responsible dog breeder, concerned about the health of my breeding animals and the long term welfare of my puppies.”

You can read the full post here.

I thought it was good to hear a breeder’s perspective for once – a voice often lost in this angry “rescue world.”

And what about profit? Do dog breeders make money?

Tegan wrote how she is very much in the red as a dog breeder. In fact, she has never earned any money from dog breeding and doesn’t seem to intend to. She’s bred three litters and lost more than $5,000.

“I have beautiful dogs that I love in my house and life that I wouldn’t have without this breeding program,” she wrote.

And while she said there are a lot of reasons to breed a litter, “Money isn’t one of them.”

Read the full post here: I haven’t earned any money from breeding

How do you respond to people’s attitudes against all breeders?

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