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Remembering foster dog Dora

Remembering Dora

It’s been a year since my sweet foster dog Dora got adopted.

I haven’t had the heart to contact her owner to see how Dora is doing.

Chances are, Dora is no longer with us.

I’m very grateful for the time I had with her. I’m thankful I was able to take her to Elmwood Park on one of our last days together. She was so happy to stretch her sore legs and push her nose into the grass. We sat in the shade for quite some time. Two black dogs and me.

When I think of Dora, I think of her generous soul. She seemed to love and accept me in the short time I had her. She seemed to view Josh and Ace, the cats and I as family. When I looked in her eyes, I saw complete trust.

Even if she is gone, Dora continues to inspire me. She taught me a thing or two about older dogs: Don’t feel bad for them. Don’t pity them. Instead, celebrate their lives.


Thank you for spending time with me. I miss you.

If you have left us, I know your spirit is running with the best of them.

Remembering foster dog Dora
Remembering foster dog Dora
Remembering my foster dog Dora

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