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Best photos of the week (20 photos)

Just in case you missed some of the posts this week on, here is a review with some of my favorites.

The following are some of the best photos featured on the blog this week. Of course, it’s all a matter of opinion, in this case my opinion!

Did you have a favorite post or a favorite photo this week from here or elsewehere? Let me know in the comments.

Now, onto the top pics of the week. Send your dog photos to to see them featured soon on the blog.

1 – Sophie the springer spaniel from These dogs love the snow!

2 – Pitbull from Distinguished Dogs

3 – Doberman from Best Dogs for Running

4 – From These Dogs Love the Snow!
Little dog loves the snow

5 – From These Dogs Love the Snow!
Dog gets clumps of snow

6 – My dog Ace from Distinguished Dogs

7 – Golden from These Dogs Love the Snow!

8 – Definitely an “Obedience School Dropout
Bad dog

9 – Frog Dog!
Frog dog

10 – Kaya (pitbull) and Gina from Dogs Cuddling With Cats
Pitbull with kitten

11 – Zeus the bull dog puppy!

12 – Husky puppies are too cute for their own good

13 – Joey (cat) and Tucker from Dogs Cuddling with Cats
Cat and dog together

14 – Beyonce from Guess That Mutt

15 – Golden and cat from Dogs and Cats Cuddling
Cuddle buddies

16 – Zeus the frog dog
Frog dog!

17 – Boxer and guinea pig from Can’t we all just get along?
Boxer and guinea pig

18 – Echo, Colt and Bailey from 12 reasons to teach your dog to sit
Golden retrievers

19 – Part Boston, part frog
Frog dog

20 – Who’s Cuter?
Cute guy and his dog