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Does your dog steal your blankets?

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Buddy Blanket Comforters for pets on Kickstarter

Note: This is a sponsored post.

Buddy Blanket Comforters are comforters for dogs and cats.

Michael Jefferson said is seeking $2,000 on Kickstarter to cover the creation and shipping of 100 Buddy Blankets.

He came up with the idea for Buddy Blankets when he noticed how much his dog Moxie loved comforters. However, he couldn’t find any comforters made specifically for pets.

“I decided to learn everything I could about comforters and proceeded to contact some manufacturers,” he said on his Kickstarter page.

It turns out Moxie (pictured below) loves having her own comforter.

“She likes its versatility,” Jefferson said. “If she is cold, she can get under it for warmth. If she just wants something fluffy to lie on, she rests on top of it.”

More about Buddy Blanket Comforters

Moxie on her Buddy Blanket comforter

“Pets love comforters, and now they can have one of their own,” Jefferson said.

Personally, I have also noticed a lot of dogs love comforters. They love to “fluff them up” by pawing at them, and they love to burrow under them. Have any of you noticed this with your dogs?

I know my cat Beamer loves to burrow under our comforter too – even in the summer. He would love a Buddy Blanket!

According to Jefferson, for the first run of Buddy Blankets, the comforters will be 36″ by 36″. They will be available in blue, brown, pink or grey, and he would eventually like to offer more sizes and colors.

The Buddy Blanket cover will be 100 percent cotton, and the fill will be 80 percent down and 20 percent feather, according to Jefferson’s Kickstarter page. The comforters are lightweight, machine washable and easily portable.

[quote_center]”Pets love comforters, and now they can have one of their own.”[/quote_center]

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According to Jefferson, a Buddy Blanket:

1. can be used as a mattress pad when it’s placed in a pet bed.

2. works well as a bed in the car, or in place of a bed while on vacation.

3. will greatly reduce the amount of pet hair to clean up off your couch or in the car.

4. is more durable than most pet beds.

5. provides warmth when it’s cold and stays cool when it’s warm.

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Buddy Blanket comforters
pet comforters

Buddy Blanket Comforters on Kickstarter

Jefferson said he is seeking $2,000 on Kickstarter in order to fund the minimum production amount of 100 comforters.

[quote_left]”Moxie loves her comforter. I want other pets to be as happy as Moxie.”[/quote_left]For more information on how to back Buddy Blanket Comforters, view Jefferson’s Kickstarter page here. Since Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing deal, if the full $2,000 is not raised by Aug. 13, the project will not be funded and backers will not be charged for their donations.

The minimum donation amount is $1, and of course there are perks to anyone who contributes. 

For example, if you pledge $40 or more, you will receive a Buddy Blanket Comforter for your pet in any of the available colors. If you pledge $100 or more, you will receive three Buddy Blanket Comforters.

“Moxie loves her comforter,” Jefferson said on his Kickstarter page. “I want other pets to be as happy as Moxie.”

Let’s spread the word and help Buddy Blankets reach its goal!

Moxie on the Buddy Blanket comforter for pets

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Saturday 9th of August 2014

It looks very comfortable. Maya and Pierson don't cuddle up with blankets like this, but I think it would be very comfortable for them to lay on in the car on top of their new flat seat.

Lindsay Stordahl

Saturday 9th of August 2014

Yes, I agree!


Wednesday 6th of August 2014

They do look pretty comfy. Jack would love it.

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 6th of August 2014

I'm sure he would!

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 6th of August 2014

They look comfy, don't they? They are 80 percent down.


Wednesday 6th of August 2014

It looks a lot like a down comforter.