Handcrafted, custom dog collars

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Collars made on leather base with mix of pearls, gemstones and crystals – MiaDogCollars.com

Note: This is a sponsored post. Read more to learn how you can win a free collar from Mia Dog Collars.

A company called Mia Dog Collars recently sent me one of its unique, handcrafted dog collars.

I am so impressed with the collar!

It is absolutely beautiful and so well made.

Bojana is a jewelry designer and founder of the jewelry line MiaGems where she makes bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more. Yes, for people! She sent me a bracelet and it is just gorgeous!

Recently, she decided to start designing dog collars in addition to her jewelry.

“I wanted to create something in the memory of my first dog and best friend who went to the rainbow bridge,” Bojana said.

Bojana and her dog Bella

[quote_center]”I wanted to create something in the memory of my first dog and best friend …”[/quote_center]

Her dog Boni passed away in 2012, and Bojana now has two dogs – Bella Boo (pictured) and Mili.

“Every story has an end, but in life, every end is a new beginning,” Bojana said on her web site. “My new beginning has two names, Bella Boo and Mili, and together we decided that we will create something to remember Boni. That is how Mia Dog Collars was born.”

More about the handcrafted Mia Dog Collars

Throughout this post, you’ll see a variety of the collars Bojana has designed through Mia Dog Collars. I can’t really explain how pretty they are, but I think the photos speak for themselves.

Hand crafted dog collars Mia Dog CollarsEach collar is unique, ranging in price from about $40 to $70, depending on the size and style.

The collars are currently available in small (adjustable in length from 8 1/2 to 11 1/2 inches) and medium (adjustable from 10 1/2 to 13 1/2 inches).

When she first had the idea of making collars, Bojana said she received feedback from people who owned small, medium and large dogs. However, the owners of extra small to medium dogs were more interested in purchasing the collars, so that’s what she focused on first.

Larger collars will also be available later this week (adjustable from 14 to 18 inches), according to Bojana.

She said she loves the creative process. She is self taught and constantly learning.

“I am really grateful to do what makes me happy, devoting my time to it completely,” she said on her web site. “And I truly believe I am doing things that people like.”

[quote_center]”I am really grateful to do what makes me happy, devoting my time to it completely .”[/quote_center]

High end dog collars - Mia Dog CollarsAccording to MiaDogCollars.com:

1. Each collar is handcrafted and made on a leather base.

2. Collars include a mixture of gemstones, pearls and crystals.

3. Prices start at $40 per collar.

4. Perfect for extra small, small and medium dogs! (larger collars available too)

Is there anything not so good about the collars?


  • Not the best for puppies or dogs that might chew or swallow small pieces.
  • Currently, there are no collars large enough for my 70-pound dog, who needs an 18 to 21 inch collar.


Would you like to win a Mia Dog Collar for your dog?

Christmas dog collarMia Dog Collars is giving away a free collar to two lucky readers of That Mutt.

The first is a Christmas collar (pictured). Bojana designed it specifically for this drawing! The Christmas collar is a medium (adjustable length from 10 ½ to 13 ½ inches). The width is 1/2 inch.

The second collar is the handcrafted collar pictured below. It is also a size medium. This is the collar I received, but since it’s too small for Ace I decided to send it to one of you.

To enter the drawings:

Leave a comment to let me know your dog wants in. There will be two separate drawings, and you can enter one drawing or both. Those who don’t specify will be entered in both.

*Contest runs through Sunday Dec. 14. We think we can get the winners their collars before Christmas, but no guarantees! Must have a mailing address in the contiguous United States to win. Or, you can have the collar mailed to a friend or rescue group here as a gift.

*Update: Contrats to Anna (blue collar) and Emma #1 (holiday collar)!

Ordering info

If you would like to go ahead and order a collar or browse the available collars, visit MiaDogCollars.com.

If you use coupon code ThatMutt at checkout, you’ll receive $5 off your order.

Mia Dog Collar

So, what do you think of these collars? Does your dog want in on the drawing?

Note: I received compensation and free products in exchange for writing about Mia Dog Collars. I will also receive a commission if you decide to purchase from Mia Dog Collars using coupon code ThatMutt. All photos, except for the last one, are from Mia Dog Collars.

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    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Haha! The collars are stronger than they look, but yeah I think for some dogs they would need to be a “special occasions” collar.

  1. Please enter us too!
    Our foster dogs would look better in the pictures (and in real life) with Bojana’s pretty collar on. 🙂
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

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