Do your dogs and cats cuddle together?

Black Lab and cat sharing bed
My Lab mix Ace and my cat Scout have lived together for 8 years now, and they have just started sharing this red bed recently. I mean, it’s big enough, right?

Ace uses the yellow blanket as a “divider.”

They make sure not to touch. Definitely no cuddling.

Last week I posted about resource guarding and how my pets sometimes fight over the dog beds.

I guess this is progress!

Do any of your pets share the beds (pet or human beds)?

7 thoughts on “Do your dogs and cats cuddle together?”

  1. My small litter of foster kittens all got along well with my terrier (once they got big enough that I trusted him not to eat them), but when all of Fred’s siblings went to their new home he kinda adopted Hiccup as his somewhat-reluctant spooning partner. Fred wants to be laying on top of Hiccup whenever he can’t be laying on me, sometimes on his head. It’s getting funnier and more awkward now that they are almost the same size. One of my fosters, Ginny, thought Hiccup was her mommy though, and used to try and nurse off of him! He was pretty cool about it, and would wash her ears (he does this with Fred, too).

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Oh my gosh, I just saw the picture you posted. So cute! And I can’t believe Ginny used to try to nurse off of him. That’s hilarious! Haha!

  2. When I was a kid we had a big old Lab and a little female kitty. When the family was awake and going about their day they wouldn’t dare touch each other.. But each morning I was awoken by chaos outside my bedroom door – it was the sound of them wrestling around and playing. As soon as I got up and looked at them the cat would take off and pretend like it never happened. This continued for years.

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