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Active Mutts Challenge – Week 2

Today is the start of Week 2 of our new #ActiveMutts Challenge.

You can join the challenge at any time and pick and choose which weeks you’d like to participate.

This week’s challenge is pick a day to simply to walk your dog in a more “urban” area than usual.

“Urban” can mean whatever you want it to mean. The point is to get out and walk your dog somewhere out of your usual routine.

For example, Ace and I usually go for walks around our neighborhood, so our “urban” walk will be a walk downtown in our little town of Solana Beach, Calif. There are lots of shops, places to eat, people and dogs downtown.

Where will you and your dog walk?

Follow along or post your pics to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #ActiveMutts. You can also email or post to That Mutt’s Facebook page.

Here are last week’s photos:

Last week’s challenge was to visit a new or different park with your dog.

Ace and I visited San Dieguito County Park today, here in Solana Beach. I’ve lived here for 18 months, and this was the first time I visited this park. It has some nice paths and dogs are welcome on leash, but you do have to pay $3 for parking. We left foster dog Lana home, and Ace enjoyed himself.

For those of you in my old city of Fargo, N.D., San Dieguito County Park is a lot like Lindenwood Park.

Here is Ace earlier today:



Your pics – #ActiveMutts Week 1

Buzz and Missy the boxer mixes from K9s Over Coffee

Baxter the boxer mix from the blog Home on 129 Acres

Hazel the pittie

Kuba the shepherd mix

Kaya and Norman from the blog My Two Pitties

Storm and Amy the mixed-breed dogs

Thanks everyone!

Who will be joining the #ActiveMutts challenge this week?

And just so ya’ll know, your dog doesn’t actually have to be a “mutt” to participate. We love all dogs around here!

Rachel @ My Two Pitties

Saturday 28th of February 2015

I love that picture of Ace in the grass! I like taking Norman to the waterfront in downtown Oakland so maybe we'll go over there for this week's challenge!


Thursday 26th of February 2015

We are in, though Ranger's usual walks are fairly urban. Last weekend we visited a new park in our neighborhood. We skipped the off-leash dog area he has been to before and walked around on the trails. It was a nice park, with enough trails for a solid 40 minute walk. I think it will become a regular, since it is only a 10-minute drive from home.


Thursday 26th of February 2015

Ah, whoops. Guess I didn't post my pictures in time. This week kinda got away from me, but we did manage to go to a new park. We visited a place called the Top of the World in Laguna Beach, CA. I highly recommend it! The more urban areas within walking distance for me are also the ones where I feel like I'm going to be mugged, so I think I'll make it my goal to drive to downtown Orange or something this week.

Julia at Home on 129 Acres

Thursday 26th of February 2015

Yay! I was waiting for this post and wondering what the challenge would be. I feel like this one is targeted right at us given that all of our walks take place across the fields or in the woods. We're supposed to go to my in-laws this weekend, which is a little closer to civilization. We'll make sure to go for a walk in one of the nearby neighbourhoods. There still aren't sidewalks, but there are curbs. And they're very smelly, if our past experience is anything to go by.

I love the photos of all of the #ActiveMutts. Everybody looks so happy with the new sniffs and sights.


Thursday 26th of February 2015

Great pictures - we don't have any excuses for not walking here in California, ha ha. We're in for the next challenge. Maybe the library?