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Treat vs. Poison – Common Snacks That May Be Harmful for Your Dog

Note: That Mutt partnered with Vet-Medic to bring you this post.

I don’t know about you, but every time I sit down for a meal or snack, I have a big, black mutt staring at me.

My dog is quite the beggar, and one reason for this is I’m guilty of feeding him food from my plate.

I’m guessing most of you are guilty too.

For the most part, a few crumbs here and there won’t hurt our dogs, but some “human foods” just aren’t recommended for dogs and can even make them sick.

The online pet pharmacy Vet-Medic offers the following infographic to help dog owners choose safe snacks for their dogs.

Take a look, and let me know if you feed any of these snacks to your dog. My dog Ace loves apples!

alt text

Visit for more information.

Does your dog eat any of the above snacks?

What are some other healthy “human foods” you feed your pup?


Thursday 2nd of November 2017

I feed my dog everything I eat, raisins, grapes, chocolate, onions, tomato's, oranges, candy, if I eat it he eats it. He actually ate grapefruit with chocolate syrup on it once, which cause quite toxic gas. If you read into the studies, or in some cases find absolutely no studies to back up these poison food facts. Of course my dog eats all of the above in moderation, so do I. Here is a great article I read last year on the grape myth.

Lindsay Stordahl

Thursday 2nd of November 2017

Yes, I see what you mean! Moderation is the big key. Garlic is not toxic to dogs in small amounts and can be healthy for them, for example.

Sunday 17th of July 2016

My doggie Oreo loves apples, Blueberries and bannanas!!! Before I started making my own treats, I used to buy him those expensive raw hides. I figured, the more expensive the treat....the better. Boy oh boy was I wrong. He started getting sick, and throwing up pieces of raw hide. Not to mention, a lot of treats and raw hides, are sourced from China. I know that it is important to read labels and do your research. Blogs such as this one, come in handy and provide a lot of valuable information. As far as Oreo is concerned, he gets only foods that are safe, as well as the treats I make.


Saturday 16th of July 2016

I have a 5 month old GS/Treeing Walker Coonhound mix and she will eat anything!! Veggies, fruits, she does not like watermelon though. She is learning not to beg!! LOL She's bad, I said NO human food for the puppy. It lasted month before I caught my husband giving her crap, so I switched him to giving her only the good stuff. ;-)

Dog Training Genie

Wednesday 22nd of April 2015

Grapes + Raisins are some of the worst culprits for digestive problems in the home, and one that many people don't take the proper care or attention with around their dogs. Whilst chocolate is (rightly) vilified, not enough of the other toxic foods are publicised, so I'm glad you're helping to spread the word!


Wednesday 22nd of April 2015

I wasn't surprised to see sausages on the list. I'm not sure if there are nitrates in fresh sausage, but I try not to give Haley anything with nitrates (like bacon or processed meats). I figure if they're not that healthy for people, they can't be great for dogs either.