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The Puppies Were Born – Bringing Home Our Weimaraner in April

Our future puppy was born this week, along with his 7 littermates.

We decided we’re taking two puppies.

There are only two boys and we can’t decide which one to take so we’ll just take them both.

Just kidding! One puppy is going to be hard enough for us!

We will bring the pup home in mid-April, just in time for my birthday.

My dog Ace turns 10 in two weeks, so our two dogs will be almost exactly a decade apart in age.

This will obviously bring all sorts of challenges but I’m so lucky I get to share my life with these two great dogs. One, brand new to the world. The other, such a good old dog.

Just wanted to share the news!

Our breeder has sent lots of pictures but I’m not sure how I want to go about sharing them on the blog yet. So that’s why you’re getting the cute stock photo. 🙂

Are any of you getting a new dog this year?

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