Mighty Paw Treat Pouch Review and Giveaway

Note: This post is sponsored by Mighty Paw, a company that designs products that make it easier to walk your dog. Use code: MP20Mutt for 20% off everything in its Amazon store!

What is the Mighty Paw Treat Pouch?

The Mighty Paw Treat Pouch is a drawstring bag that can hold treats, a toy, poop bags, keys, phone or other belongings while you’re out with your dog.

The pouch comes with a reflective belt so you can wear it around your waist and keep your hands free. The pouch has two separate pockets on the front and back, in addition to the main treat area—which holds 2 cups of treats.

(I also received a separate Mighty Paw poop bag holder and a Mighty Paw 6-foot leash with padded handle.)

Mighty Paw Treat Pouch Review


My thoughts on the Mighty Paw Treat Pouch:

We don’t do a lot of treat training with Baxter, but I’ve considered a treat pouch to help us work on his recall.

When we were testing this treat pouch we had a big success one early morning walk when he was distracted by a rustle in the trees—“maybe it’s a raccoon!

I called him to me, he came right away, and I was able to reward him quickly with a yummy treat. Normally, this situation would turn into tug o’ war with the leash.

Even if I don’t use it for treats, the pouch was so helpful for all of the other things I carry with me on a hike. I never travel light. At a minimum, I have my phone, keys and poop bags. The Mighty Paw Treat Pouch gave me a place to stash everything without overloading my pockets.

A treat pouch can be helpful to work on training when you’re out and about or encouraging your dog to stay close when off-leash.

What is the cost of a Mighty Paw Treat Pouch?

mighty-paw-treat-pouch-reviewThe Mighty Paw Treat Pouch is $17.95 through its Amazon store.

Use code: MP20Mutt for 20% off all Mighty Paw products.

Order HERE

What’s unique about the Mighty Paw Treat Pouch?

I don’t have a lot of experience with treat pouches, but Mighty Paw seems to pay attention to the little details that can make life easier.

The pouch and the belt both have extra loops where you can hook on keys, the poop bag holder or other items. The front pocket has an “outlet” to pull your poop bags through.

Overall, the bag and belt seem to be well-made and of durable material. It is described as weatherproof, although we didn’t put that to the test, and there is reflective stitching on the belt.

Pros of the Mighty Paw Treat Pouch:

  • Having treats on hand helps you to work on training any time
  • Not too big, not too small—big enough to hold everything you need for a walk with your dog, but not too bulky that it is heavy or gets in the way
  • Extra pockets hold essential items like keys or your phone and separate them from the treats
  • Washable (although I did use a Ziploc inside the pouch to hold the treats)
  • Sturdy materials and well-made
  • Keeps your hands free for walking, running or leash holding


  • The drawstring top will not keep treats fresh. So you should empty it after your walks (or use a Ziploc like I did).
  • The waist belt is adjustable from 26-42” so if you’re above or below that measurement you may need an alternative.
  • Because of all of the extra loops and hooks on the waist belt, it took a bit of time to adjust. So I would suggest this is a one person, one belt pouch (unless you and your fellow dog walker are the same size—my husband and I are not).


Would I buy the Mighty Paw Treat Pouch?

Yes. I would buy the Mighty Paw Treat Pouch. With the amount of hiking we do, I’m always looking for something to hold my and Baxter’s “stuffs.” This pouch does that easily.


Would I recommend the Mighty Paw Treat Pouch to others?

Yes. Mighty Paw Treat Pouch is a good option if you do a lot of treat training. It’s a reasonable size and easy to carry. Even if you don’t use it for treats, it’s helpful to hold some small items when you’re out with your dog.


Giveaway – Win a FREE Mighty Paw Treat Pouch (5 winners)

Mighty Paw is giving away a treat pouch to five lucky readers. (Must have a U.S. mailing address to win.)

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below to let us know how a treat pouch would make your life easier.

Lindsay will choose five winners at random on Friday Sept. 16.

How would the Mighty Paw treat pouch make your life easier?

Let us know in the comments!


Julia Thomson is a regular contributor to That Mutt.


115 thoughts on “Mighty Paw Treat Pouch Review and Giveaway”

  1. This looks like an awesome product! It would definitely help me out especially on those challenging walks with the larger, stronger dogs and while walking multiple dogs. As a fairly new dog walker and pet sitter, I’m always on the lookout for new products that will enhance and improve my dog walks. I believe that this product definitely will do that.

  2. This is a great item! I am from Chicago, so I walk in some not so safe areas. I would rather use this than carry my current purse. Plus it would be nice to go out to a restaurant and not find poop bags in my purse or treats, lol.

  3. I use an Eagle Creek waist pack. It does the job, but this looks like it would be even handier. Also, thanks for your posts! I always look forward to receiving and reading them!!

  4. This would help me so much! I have asthma, so I am always carrying my inhaler, keys, potty bags, phone, and treats while also holding the leash. I usually carry a few ziplocks, but this would help tremendously when I am walking my clients.:). Thanks! Great product!

  5. Just got a new puppy and he’s a handful. Not having a handful of treats would be great to keep him focused on the training and not my handful of treats.
    Looks useful

  6. This is everything I want in one pouch! I am working on becomming a dog trainer and behaviorist so having a large treat pouch like this helps me be hands free and allows me to focus on training instead of juggling all of my things. The extra pouches would be nice to hold my clicker while I’m not using it and having the bags right there is so convenient. Also the center part is large enough to hold multiple types of treats which is important to keep dogs’ attention if they get bored with one type of treat! This product would be perfect for me!

  7. Have been looking for something like this for a few weeks now! Been doing tons of dog runs and walks and need something to hold all my things! Awesome product and hoping to get one soon! Thank you for sharing and this will make my running with the dogs much easier as I need to hold water in it too! Thank you!!

  8. We have 2 Pitbulls who love going for walks and require some discipline when approaching other small dogs or say a goat lol, the treat bag would be very useful in providing treats on hand rather than in my pocket and end up sweaty, we also need a place for our keys, this sounds like a great product!!!

  9. I’m a combat marine trying to get my two dogs to listen better .they are highly food motivated this would be a great hands free tool

  10. I would like to try this product. I have tried similar products in the past but they don’t have room for poop bags or any of my stuff. It would be nice to have a bag with everything.

  11. this would help me a lot trying to train my crazy dog. it takes a lot of effort to control him on a leash so having hands free treat bag would be a big help

  12. I am getting a new puppy soon, a Miniature Schnauzer, and I would love to have this treat pouch to start her training off on the right foot! I just recently lost my dog to Cancer, so a new puppy to train will really help heal my heart!

  13. o Cool! I have an outward hound treat pouch, but I really really don’t like wearing it, it just has a clip thats supposed to clip on my pants, but its summer and I’m not wearing pants that are conducive to this particular pouch. I love the belt on this pouch.

  14. I have been working with my grandpup Leo, a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) and my hands are full just trying to control him at 135 pounds. I always am trying to figure out where to put the baggy for picking up his messes, and the bag for treats to try to keep him focused and my house keys, and of course my phone when I need to call 911 after he drags me thru the ditch and into a tree! lol. This bag would solve my problems!

  15. I walk dogs 5 Days a week, this would come in very handy! Right now I use a fanny pack & load up my pockets, but it’s just not cutting it. Great…..

  16. This sounds so helpful! Much easier to train when your hands are free! Like a carry-everything-in-one bag! Its the simple things in life that really lift the weight from your shoulders. I would love to get one 🙂

  17. J. A. Zeigler-Wentz

    ☆☆ GIVE AWAY☆☆

    I have 1 treat pouch but never use it because it’s not user friendly. After looking at this 1 – I’d love to have 1 because of its features and style!

    THANK YOU Lindsay for sharing your expertise and knowledge!

  18. LOVE THIS! I recently adopted a pup and we’re working on training. I’ve ended up DIY a clip on treat bag with a ziploc and a binder clip. This would be awesome! I find myself having to carry a backpack into the petstore just so I can have what I need and Kai’s treats. A treat pouch would be awesome!!

  19. Debbie stevenson

    This was would be awesome for training and carrying all my stuff! What a great bag
    I don’t have a bag usually use my pockets!

  20. This pouch would be awesome..right now I am using a .99 cloth Home Depot tool bag. My son hates it but it gets the job done. lol

  21. What a Great Incentive to walk our Dog Razor!!! I can carry Everything I need for a great walking experience, training and cleanup without loading my pockets.
    Gotta have One!!

  22. This would be soo helpful to me b/c I wear dresses everyday and never have a place to put my dogs treats!!! I would love this!

  23. This ouch looks super cool, I have a clip on poop bag dispenser on my dog Colin’s leash, but have to stuff treats in my pockets., which of course Colin sniffs as we’re walking!

  24. I would love to win the pouches as every walk I do with my dog I carry high value treats as well as less value treats as we work on commands, calming every walk. I have so much hooked to my waist that it’s too much – this pouch would easily condense it all for me.

  25. I’ve been looking for something like this for awhile. I’ve looked at a lot of bags to take on walks that will hold everything I need but nothing has quite suited my needs. Not only is this stylish, it looks to be very handy as well! I love that it has the front pocket for the poop bags. It makes them a lot more accessible, rather than having to search around through the bag forever.

  26. Wow – keeping hands free with everything so nearby – what a great design – with 2 dogs and only 2 hands – this would really work!

  27. Having 2 medium size dogs would help a lot having this pouch. My husband & I only use our pockets to fill in plastic bags, treats, cellphones & house keys when we take them for walk.

  28. it would help as I fill my pockets with treats and the house key and end up with crumbs in my pocket. He is only 14 weeks old and is getting help with his training by treating him.

  29. This would be so great for me. I have a treat bag but it’s small and if we are doing intensive training or will be out for a while, I need to bring an extra bag or container with more treats. And the extra places to stash stuff would be so Nice!

  30. This looks like a great product to add to the training arsenal for both our new Weim puppy (almost 9 weeks) and our senior mini dachsund (10+ years). They are at different training and diet levels but would benefit from this carrier. Great job! Hope I am lucky enough to win one.

  31. I love the versatility of the Mighty Paw Treat Pouch. I’m a pet sitter and one of my clients has three dogs that I walk. The pouch would make my dog walking so much easier since it’s hands free. It would hold treats and poop bags and keys and phone. Perfect item!

  32. I am currently going to school to be a dog trainer and just about to start my externship. This would be wonderful to use at my classes!

  33. I am a certified dog trainer and am always interested in new products to try so I can advise my clients on them. I am liking the way this one looks with have the necessary items for training all in one easy to access place.

  34. These pouches look super handy! I bought a running belt for a pouch to keep my keys phone and poop bags and use one of the water bottle holders to put the treat bag in, this looks like an easier option!

  35. Ahhhh….That’s Too Bad. Just Because I Don’t Have An Address In The U.S. I Can’t Participate In The Givaway For The Mighty Paw Treat Pouch! Boooo! 🙁
    The Pouch Sounds Like It Would Be So Perfect To Hold My Phone, Pepper Spray, Keys & Doggie Doo-Doo Bags While We Take Our Walks. I Never Seem To Have Enough Pockets To Bring With Me Everything That I Need. Sometimes I Even End Up Having To Hide My House Keys Somewhere In My Front Garden Before We Leave Just Because I Don’t Have Anywhere Else To Put Them. Also, Now That My Fur-Baby Is 13 Yrs Young We Tend To Now Need To Take A Break Or Two While We’re Walking So That He Can Stop To Have Some Water. So, I Absolutely Love That This Treat Pouch Looks Like It Would Be Able To Fit A Bottle Of Water To Go!
    Once Again, It’s Really Too Bad That Because I Reside In Canada, I Don’t Get An Opportunity To Win A Mighty Treat Pouch!

  36. I walk a Great Dane and Standard Poodle. Having recently undergone breast surgery and radiation this could be a lifesaver for treating immediate compliance and no pulling which cannot be tolerated from the canine kids right now!

  37. Hi Lindsay,
    Great article and cool pouch! I’d love to win one since I just started my own dog walking/petcare service. Do you have any ideas for something to hold your water bottle on long walks? I already read your book and it was both inspiring to me and a huge help with so many questions I had, thank you!

    1. I have not found anything to carry water other than a small backpack. I carry the smallest size Guply water bottle on hot days for my dogs and I just put it in the backpack. While running I have to carry it in my hand or leave it behind since I can’t run with the backpack bouncing around.

  38. I would love a treat pouch to help me with my baby…. I am a grandma that has just adopted my Sophie and also have my granddaughter currently living with me. Being able to go hands free with all my stuff for Sophie would give me a better handle on managing both granddaughter and my Sophie.

  39. I have a Doberman/Lab mix puppy who we rescued and we are hoping to train him to be a therapy dog so this would be a great tool for us! Looks like a well thought out design and great quality! I own a pet resort and retail store so after seeing it in person I may also be interested in stocking it for our customers!

  40. I have needed something like this for some time. I tried to get my wife to sew one for me, but she says she is to busy. Maybe you will come through for me.

  41. What a Fantastic organized Paw Idea for dog walkers, I have 15 different Fur Clients from 2 pound teacup Yorkies to a Labradoodle, & all in between that you constantly have to keep your eyes on and at the same time stay on top of your keys, cell is a priority especially for taking videos to send to their Moms and Dads and any emergencies that could arise. Easy access Poo bags are always a must & this a perfect accessory to keep business cards handy for future fur client parents asking for my number. Fabulous Idea!

  42. I have two fur babies, one that is 10# and the other is 50#. The more hands I have free to manage the leash the better. I know my fur babies would really appreciate that.

  43. my dog can be reactive when he is on leash so this would be perfect for us so i could carry treats on our walks and distract him whenever he sees another dog. i also love that it holds poop bags!

  44. We recently rescued a 3 year old Golden mix. We live in the city and while she quickly adapted to our family within the home, we are really working with her on being comfortable with other dogs in our neighborhood. She has completed beginner dog training and is currently in an intermediate class. We love practicing training commands during walks, and living in the city, every time we go outside is a formal walk on-leash. I’d love to try out this treat pouch to contain our supplies! It seems much better than my carabiner on the leash handle with keys and treat in my pocket!

  45. I woul love to win this. Still in the process of training my 6month old puppy and this would be great for when we’re out and about. *keeping my fingers crossed*

  46. I have a 2 year old and a 5 year old at home along with 2 mastiff mixes, this pouch would make going outside with all 4 easier. Very cool product reminds me of my kavu.

  47. Oh this would be a great gift for my girls who have birthdays around the corner Whiskey is going to be 4 on her welcome home day Sept 17. and Lager will be 2 on her you picked us for your home day Sept 18 (she showed up in our carport…like they say the dog picks you!).

  48. I would love this! I’m always walking around with my pockets bulging when I’m walking my dog clients. I have to have my phone in my pocket to take pictures of the dogs to send to clients. I have my keys in another pocket and a small holder for my photo ID that I’m never without. No place left but the leash to tie poop bags on and definitely no place to carry treats. Need those treats!

  49. Michele Girgenti

    Awesome article! This pouch would be so convienant to use on walks! I’m always needing extra pockets for treats, my phone, and doggy bags. It would be cool if they came in different colors! Looks pretty durable too! Good luck to everyone!

  50. Hi Lindsay!
    We’re in Indiana now and since arriving 2.5 months ago we have had 2 more dogs join our household. Heartbreakingly, we lost Zeke before we moved but Drake and Zoe are doing well (Drake is 14+ now). Mike found a little lab/golden mix at the local shelter here who needed a family – a bit older, looks like he spent a lot of time on the street – now he’s with us. We named him Max. Then, Mike saw somebody just giving away (i.e. dumping) their golden on Craigslist. Well….long story short – all 96 lbs of this guy now lives with us – Bear. He’s a senior also (9). We’ve been working on training with Bear and I could see this treat pouch being a big help! Also a help on walks (I only walk 2 at a time) with holding all the “stuffs”. Hope you are doing well!

  51. I am always interested in trying new pouches – different training needs and circumstances often warrant a DIFFERENT pouch. Training class, ordinary walks, puppy socialization, etc. Plus, I wear them so often that I have to replace them frequently due to wear/tear.

  52. with 3 little girls to give treats to, it would make it much easier to carry them in a pouch that i can attach to me instead of going to the kitchen counter or digging in the dog bag when i am out walking with the girls. i would have them right there so when they did something good, i could reward them immediately. i could also put the poop bags, keys, etc in it so i would not have to carry a large bag for all of these things or stuff them in my pockets. thank you

  53. With three pitbulls and two hands this would really come in handy. I go though 2-3 bags every walk and if I had a way to carry treats maybe the squirrel addiction would decrease….

  54. The treat pouch would make my life easier because it holds everything my dog and I need for our adventures. We are on the “go” all the time.

  55. I have a two year old Belgian Malinois that is very treat motivated. Right now I have a 20 rear old fanny pack that I use stuffed with snack bags of treats. I spend a lot of time picking up my treats that have fallen out of my pack when bending over treating my dog racing to get them before she devowers them. I have been wanting to get a treat pouch for sometime but don’t know which one to get. I know a pouch would make rewarding my dog faster and easier than my granny pack as my son in law calls it. It sure would be nice to have a poop bag that I didn’t forget at home?

  56. My dog Finn loves agility training. I never seem to have enough treats for him and my pockets get dirty! Currently he is going through chemo for Mast Cell cancer. He’s had two surgeries and three months of chemo so we’ve had to put his training on hold. In three months when he gets the clear, this treat bag will be perfect! Until then, we can use it as we practice his tricks, and obedience in our house and on walks. He’s only a year and a half so he still has a lot of life in him.

  57. Ooooh, I’d LOVE this! I had a treat pouch, but it was poorly made and did not hold up. I have an 18 month old Great Pyr that I recently adopted. Shiraz needed ( and still does) lots of positive socialization. She has come a long way and having small bites/ treats always on hand has been a real lifesaver.

  58. I would like this for my daughter. Her business is jogging dogs. I think this would be helpful for her in her work. She has worked really hard to make your business a success.

  59. I currently keep treats in my daughters stroller for easy access, but when we go hiking we don’t bring a stroller so treats go in my pockets which is not as simple to retrieve as it is from a bag. This would be super helpful with hikes and runs that Madison joins us on (most every time we walk she’s there!).

  60. I never carry treats on walks, but this is a great way to carry them (and all my other items) so that I have a way to direct my dog’s attention back to me on walks!

  61. I would love this treat bag as now I use a small over the shoulder bag and makes getting treats out a little difficult.

  62. This would be amazing for my boyfriend and my camping trips with our pets. We could hold everything we needed for them and our own on hikes.

  63. This would come in very handy with my Noodles. We are constantly training and this would allow me to carry a sufficient amount of treats to keep the training going longer!

  64. This would make my life a whole lot easier. I’m disabled and have a service dog. This would help me carry all the things I need. I struggle everyday to take the things I need with me. I do forget a lot.

  65. The treat pouch would help me by 1. Not having to empty my purse to carry items needed for my puppy while doing our twice a day walks. 2. Carrying a purse not always safe while on walks. 3. The treat bag would help me toeasily access poop bag, treats for training, and my house keys. Plus all my dog walking stuff would be readily available to just pick up and go!

  66. It would make my life easier as I work on teaching my little chihuahua to “come here”. I’ve been working with her on it because she is so little, I worry she will get loose one day and I want her to come directly to me when I call her instead of running around like crazy when I try to get her. This would really help to train her that she will always be rewarded by coming to me when she is called!

  67. I’ve been looking for a good treat bag. The ziplock stuffed into my pocket doesn’t really cut it, and with how much it rains in the NW, I need something more waterproof. My dog gets a treat every time he looks at me instead of at a passing car, so we go through a lot of treats! Thankfully he likes them more than chasing cars…usually.

  68. I would love a Mighty Paw Treat Pouch because I do many charity 5K walks with my Dal/Mix, Libby. I need to carry multiple things and this looks really effective for multiple items. I normally tie several poop bags to my leash handle so I don’t have to dig to find one, so I like the bag feature.

  69. I have a rescue Samoyed who gets very distracted on walks. Any slight noise and he shifts his attention to the squirrel, turkey, crow, sprinkler, etc. This would make off leash training much simpler.

  70. This would be great! I take my dog to the off leash dog parks but in the summer I don’t have a coat and I don’t like carrying my purse so this would be wonderful to carry bags, treats and my keys.

  71. Wow looks handy 😀 Nice! I scoured our local thrift store for months till I ended up finding a Victoria’s Secret fanny pack. It’ll do for $1, but small. This mighty paw bag would be a nice addition to my little fanny, and Zip’s back pack. He carries his own water. 🙂

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