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Win 15 Pounds of Raw Dog Food From Balanced Blends – 8 winners!

This post is sponsored by Balanced Blends.

Balanced Blends raw pet food is giving away 15 pounds of raw food every Friday and Monday now through Nov. 14.

Update: This giveaway has ended.

Win 15 pounds of raw dog food

More about feeding raw dog food & raw cat food

Feeding your dog a raw diet means just that – feeding raw meat, bones and sometimes raw fruits and veggies.

I started looking into feeding my dog a raw diet about five years ago because it makes sense that dogs and cats are meant to eat raw meat. Cats, in particular, are definitely carnivores.

In many ways, raw food is healthier for dogs and cats compared to dry, cooked food because a raw diet is more natural to them and real, fresh food contains more nutrients.

Raw cat food - meatballs!

Just as people are generally healthier when they eat real food (less processed), the same is true with our pets. It’s just that dogs and cats are able to handle raw meat because their digestive systems are built differently than ours. They can generally eat raw meat without getting sick!

It’s not necessarily bad to feed your pets dry food, but raw is an option to consider.

The sweepstakes through Balanced Blends is designed to show people that raw feeding can be fun! It’s also less intimidating if you have pre-prepared raw food ready to go in your freezer vs. trying to put it together yourself.

More info on Balanced Blends

Balanced Blends is a company that makes raw diets for dogs and cats. The food comes in frozen, 8-ounce portions delivered right to your door.

Some of the benefits to feeding Balanced Blends include:

  • Delivery!
  • Meals are properly balanced
  • You can trust the raw food is safe for your pet
  • Bones are ground so no worrying about choking

You can read my full review of Balanced Blends here.

Enter the sweepstakes to win 15 lbs of raw food for your pet!

To summarize:

1. Enter the sweepstakes to win raw food for your pets (8 winners total).

This is my entry:

I made my pets a spaghetti dinner using spaghetti squash and raw meatballs made with Balanced Blends raw beef dinners. Sprinkled with parmesan cheese. (They chose not to eat the spinach!)

Remy about to enjoy his spaghetti squash and raw meatballs!


Just leave them in the comments or email [email protected]

Thanks for voting for Remy, and good luck in the sweepstakes!