Truly Pawsome Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code

What is Truly Pawsome?

Truly Pawsome is a monthly subscription box for dogs containing 4 to 5 high-quality toys, treats or other items. It’s always a surprise what will be in the box. You can order a single box or sign up for 3, 6 or 12 monthly “subscriptions.”

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Truly Pawsome subscription box review and coupon code

Truly Pawsome subscription box review

My thoughts on Truly Pawsome:

It was so much fun receiving a surprise box of goodies from Truly Pawsome.

Two things really stood out to me.

First, my dogs can actually use ALL 5 items in our box.

That has not always been the case with other brands of subscription boxes for dogs.

Second, the items were high quality.

The treats are from brands well known for high-quality ingredients, and the toys we received are built to last!

Here’s our unboxing video—See what’s in the box: [Link.]

Truly Pawsome logoOur box included:

  • Hugglehounds Frog Knottie toy ($14.95-$21.95) – This one is a hit!
  • Beco Ball on a Rope toy ($7.99-$10.99) – My dogs are really into this toy!
  • Dr. Harvey’s Le Dogue Bites chicken treats ($13.95)
  • Isle of Dogs Chillout treats ($7.99)
  • Nite Ize LED light ($6.99)

Total cost if you were to buy all these items separately would be around $52 + tax & shipping.

How much does a box cost?

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If you order a single box from Truly Pawsome, the price is $40. The cost per box goes down if you sign up for a monthly plan.

  • Single box: $40
  • 3-month plan: $34/box
  • 6-month plan: $32/box
  • 12-month plan: $30/box

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What’s unique about Truly Pawsome?

You can trust that ALL the items in your dog’s box will be high quality. That’s not always the case with other subscription box companies!

Truly Pawsome is inspired by the founder’s senior pug, Pork Chop. Pork Chop and his little pug brother Murray are the chief taste testers and approve all treats and toys!

As far as price and number of items, Truly Pawsome is pretty similar to other subscription box companies. It also donates the equivalent of 10% of all purchased subscriptions to dogs in need, which is what many of the other companies also do.

Ace with his Truly Pawsome box

Pros of Truly Pawsome:

  • Items are high quality.
  • Focus is on treats and toys! What dogs really want!
  • Easy to cancel your subscription at any time.
  • The company donates to dogs in need.
  • Nice way to provide your dog with new toys and treats each month without having to think about it. That truly is pawsome!
  • Good value when you add up the cost of each item in your box.

Items in our Truly Pawsome box


  • Our particular box didn’t come with any chew toys or edible chews. Not a big deal unless that’s what you’re hoping for.
  • No cat version, at least not yet!

Would I order a subscription?

No. My dogs and I loved receiving this box, but I’m unlikely to sign them up for a subscription.

I’m more likely to order a box for a friend or as an occasional gift for my own dogs—like a birthday present. It really is a lot of fun to receive a box with surprise items!

Would I recommend Truly Pawsome to others?

Yes! If you’d like to surprise your dog/s each month and have a need for treats and toys this is a great way to make your dogs happy. This is especially if you’re already buying toys and treats regularly.

The value of a subscription is worth it and it’s a lot of fun! And especially if you have multiple dogs, they can share what’s in the box and chances are everything will be a hit!

Order here – use code THATMUTT10 for 10% off all plans

Truly Pawsome review

Would your dog like to get a box from Truly Pawsome?

Let me know in the comments!

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131 thoughts on “Truly Pawsome Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code”

  1. I think this is a great idea for anyone with a dog. Your dog devotes so much of their love to you why not give some back? I also love knowing the company donates to other dogs in need, just a win win situation.

  2. My Parson Russells, Traveller and Elsie, would love to receive his box of goodies. They are very good ‘puppies’ at age 12 and they deserve the World!

  3. Andrea Hillegass

    Koal would love some new toys and some treats! We always try to keep a new toy ready for whenever he gets a little bored or chews up his old one.

  4. Emily Fridirici

    I love the idea of these boxes! I received the cooking version (Blue Apron) as a Christmas present last year, and thought the concept was so great. I am so happy to see the same happening for us doggie lovers! Its so hard to find toys/treats that my boy will enjoy, and even more frustrating to waste money on a toy or treat that he doesn’t like!

  5. Wow, how cool is this??? Spirit loves getting new toys. When he gets a new toy, he prances around so everyone can see it. I am so sure he would just love opening it himself and seeing all the new toys he can show off, especially to the 2 cats.

  6. I LOVE subscription boxes! It’s like Christmas every month! Sasha has gotten a couple Bark Boxes and she enjoys them too! Some of her favorite toys have come from the box

  7. I recently discovered your blog and really enjoy it! Our new puppy comes home on Friday and we are so excited. A treat box would be a perfect way to try several products and learn more about his tastes!

  8. My Daisy girl would absolutely love getting this wonderful box of goodies! She gets Bark Box now and is losing interest in the toys, I would love to see how this box is different, and perhaps better! Thanks!

  9. Fletcher my Springer Spaniel is super charged and hard to wear out! Wonder if this would work..hope we get to find out!

  10. I’ve always wanted to try one of these subscription services. Phyllis helps me open my packages regardless, so she’d be pretty happy if was actually for her!

  11. My pup is under “house rest” from being spayed, Flynn Rotti/Red Heeler mix would love to have something to help her past the time, and use up some of her extra energy! Looks like a great product!

  12. I have always wanted to win one of these boxes. I have four dogs and they each love to play with different toys and have fun. This box looks like a lot of fun, and a great way to pass the time.

  13. Nice job on the video! What a fun idea to sign up for a subscription like this and have some fun delivered to you and your dog’s doorstep each month. Sophie would love it I’m sure. What dog wouldn’t, right?

  14. My guys would love a box! We currently do bark box but the items are hit or miss. The treats are always great but the toys are not the best quality.

  15. Eeeeeee my girls would love to try some free goodies! Whiskey and Lager say thank you for considering us!!! Hope you had a Happy Howl-ween!

  16. My rotties, GSD and Chihuahua love getting new toys… I just have to make sure they are strong enough for the rotties. Hahaha.

  17. The pups would love a subscription box and Truly Pawsome looks like a good choice because I have gotten items in the past from subscription box that were never used but this box seemed to have only useable items.

  18. Oliver would love to win. He loves new toys – especially little ones that he can wrestle around with. He has sooo much energy.

  19. This looks like an awesome box of surprises! My fur baby would go nuts when he sees all those new toys, fingers crossed!

  20. My dogs would love a box! They have allergies so I’m always on the hunt for new good quality treats for them to try! The toys would be a bonus 🙂 the squeakier the better they say!

  21. Upon reading your blog and telling my dogs about a new box of goodies from Truly Pawsome they said “YES, Mom” please sign us up for a chance to win. They LOVE new toys and trying great treats. We give more doggy gifts than we receive, so maybe they will get a chance to be on the receiving end.

  22. I would like to give these toys a try. Roxie can go through toys pretty quick. Took her about 30 minutes to chew a hole in a new squeaky ball over the weekend.

  23. Suzi Schrecengost

    What a nice idea a gift box geared towards my furry children. We’d love a chance to win and see all the secrets one of these boxes holds!!

  24. Sade-Mae had to have an amputation yesterday..I think she would LOVE a surprize while she heals (bone tumor and digit removed 11/1/16)

    1. Sandy Weinstein

      so sorry to hear abt Sade-Mae. hope she is doing well. my oldest just had cancer surgery on her toe, still waiting to hear back from the oncologist. wish Sade-Mae the best

  25. Sandy Weinstein

    my 3 gals would love this box. i have tried a few subscription boxes both for me and my dogs. i was not really happy with either. the dog one was not appropriate for girls’ size and the treats were too big and too hard for small dogs. in addition the squeakers on the toys did not even work. this box, Truly Pawsome, looked like it had some nice treats, good treats and some nice toys. thank you.

  26. Carmen Georgens

    My Rosie is a Boston terrier pug mix, and she is hard on her toys. Would love to see some that would last more than three days. I’m sure she would love good treats too.

  27. Melanie Berthier

    What a great idea! Love that it’s a surprise so that every month it’s different for the dog. My puppy would love this!

  28. I have a little guy that would luv this fun gift. I think it is so amazing that you offer up such great contests.

  29. My baby dog Dixie, would LOVE some new toys and treats! She doesn’t get a surprise very often, and tears her favorite toys apart very quickly! Thanks!

  30. We have been moving alot – my fur-kids could use a present – and this week was 59 months since I got my fur-son Shian!

  31. My Bella is my service dog in training. She alerts me to a low blood sugar and I reward her with her toys! She knows them BUY name and will fetch and put them into her bucket. We have 15 now!

  32. My wee Teddy bear would love to win this gift box new toys & treats would be fantastic for him he’s a little Cavachon he just love new toys also he likes to share with my little grandson lol. Thank you xx

  33. I look forward to your emails and have pretty much tried the majority of the advice/suggestions provided. I started receiving them when my puppy was about 3 months. He is now 12 months. I would like to get in on the box drawing please. Thank you.

  34. Kelley Mctimmonds

    My aussie’s luv to get a surprise that has goodies for them and I would love to see it but I’ve never one anything before so hopefully to hear back from y’all blessed be

  35. Truly Pawsome is a copycat version of BarkBox. I’ve been getting BarkBox every month for my dog and he loves it. Truly Pawsome even went so far as to copy the style of the box, the paper wrapping on the inside of the box, and the selection of toys/treats in the box. Since a high quality item already exists (BarkBox), why didn’t you put your energy and creativity to better use by developing a brand new item. In this case, imitation isn’t the sincerest form of flattery….it’s just an indication of laziness and lack of imagination

  36. My baby girl Molly would love to get a Truly Pawsome box. She loves new toys. Every time I bring her one home, she grabs it and starts playing with it like a child with a new toy. It is a pure joy to watch the excitement she shows with each one. To receive a special box just for her would put her over the moon!

  37. This box looks like a great way to get some healthy treats to use on my training with my dog. I liked your advice on replacing what is in the dog’s mouth for a treat. I was just having this struggle this morning. I’d love to try the treats for my dog!

  38. My GoldenDoodle, Mazie, would love this gift! Mazie has a job, very important job! She visits our local Nursing Home every night to brighten and cheer up the residents living there. She dresses up in pajamas and socks, performs tricks that she has learned in Lindsay’s emails. Mazie is patient and calm and definitely deserves fun packages!!!

  39. Truly Pawesome looks like the best thing ever! My doggies Gunner, Hinson and my foster Sandy would absolutely LOVE to have a box full of excitement! I’d love to get a box and see how they react with the new toys and treats! LOVE this idea for pets!

  40. Ohhh my dog Ajax would absolutely love to win a box of goodies… Not that he wouldn’t love the empty box just as much. He loves anything. He is a bit hard to say no to… haha he is completely hard to say no to since he is deaf and he does not listen at all. Maybe there is something you could talk about there… getting deaf dogs to not jump and “listen” he is good with sit and stay just not down.

  41. Little Jessie and her rescued sister Bella would love your pressure they are very good at learning new tricks if treats are on offer lol

  42. Catherine Bowers

    Love your training tips. I use them to help reinforce my pups training. He’s a Tibetan mastiff with an attitude. I also have s boxer who loves to do activities and learn. The box of goodies would be just awesome for them they think all packages are for them.

  43. Discovered your blog a few weeks ago very helpful and it reassures me that I’m not the worst pup mom in the world. Thank you for all of your advice. So helpful

  44. My. Granddaughter and her boxer/pit live with me. He is the first big dog I have ever lived with. He is adorable and full of energy. He ….we would love to have a box of toys to help us keep him a little preoccupied.

  45. After a hard day in the yard chasing birds and his tail, Razor loves to come in to play with us and to enjoy his Toys and Treats. This Truly Pawsome Package would be Truly Awesome for Razor and it would be a great 2nd birthday present (November 18) . Lindsay, thanks for all the great Training and Product Info we get on

  46. My Dog would luv the opportunity to receive one of these boxes. By the great comments from people who have tried them
    it would be wonderful for her to win one. Thanx

  47. If we are allowed to enter more than once, Andy & Zandee would reeeeealy like to win a chance to check out all the fun stuff packed into a Truly Pawsome box.

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