To stop a dog from jumping, most trainers will say you should ignore the jumping and praise your dog when all four paws are on the ground.

The problem is, a lot of dogs don’t have the self-control not to jump when they’re excited, and people are not always consistent with which behaviors they reward!

That’s why for certain “bad” behaviors, it’s helpful if you can interrupt your dog just for a second—long enough to stop the “bad” behavior—and then praise.

A device that can help with this is the Doggie Don’t Device, a handheld dog training product that makes a loud, static sound at the push of a button.

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What is the Doggie Don’t?

The Doggie Don’t is a training tool that makes an unpleasant sound when you push a button. It is audible to dogs and people (it sounds like loud static, almost like a “stun gun”) and is designed to interrupt your dog’s bad behavior.

Ideally, the sound will cause your dog to stop the unwanted behavior for a second, allowing you to praise her. It is not designed as a punishment.

Have you ever pretended to knock at the door (or rang the doorbell) in order to get your dog’s attention? I have done this to get my dog to drop something in his mouth. It worked because it shifted his attention elsewhere momentarily. That’s what the Doggie Don’t Device can do.

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How to use the Doggie Don’t

First, give your dog a chance to respond to your command such as “off” or “sit.” Praise your dog if she listens.

If she doesn’t follow your command, use the Doggie Don’t one time to interrupt the behavior. Then, praise her for being quiet or for keeping her paws on the ground or whatever you’re working on.

Stop a dog from jumping with the Doggie Don't Device

Examples of when the Doggie Don’t can be helpful

1. ‘Counter surfing.’

Stealing food off the counters is one of those behaviors that will not go away if you ignore your dog. Every time your dog manages to grab food off the counters, she is self-rewarded!

If you have a counter-surfing dog, I recommend you teach her a command like “out” to mean “stay out of the kitchen” or to stay a certain distance from the counter. Then, use the Doggie Don’t if your dog does not move “out.”

2. Nuisance barking while you’re home.

I would use the Doggie Don’t for dogs that tend to constantly “alert” you to every little noise or dogs that are obsessed with barking at other dogs, rabbits, etc.

Just be sure you understand your dog’s “triggers” and why she is barking. For example, if she is barking out of fear, I would find a way to decrease her fear rather than use the Doggie Don’t. But if your dog is barking because she wants to attack every single squirrel, the Doggie Don’t can be a good training option.

3. Getting your dog to drop items on walks.

Some people have used the Doggie Don’t to prevent their dogs from picking up disgusting or dangerous items during walks. For example, my puppy tries to eat rocks, garbage, mulch, etc. The Doggie Don’t can be used to distract your dog and prevent him from picking up these items. It can also work to get your dog to “drop it” if he already has something in his mouth.

4. Jumping or pawing at you, invading your space

This is probably the most common problem I hear about from my readers! The Doggie Don’t can help stop a dog’s jumping, but it works best if you use it sparingly and as an interrupter vs. a punishment. It’s all about the timing.

For example, when you walk in the door and you know your dog is likely to jump on you, you would ignore your dog and give the “off” or “sit” command. If he tries to jump, you would push the Doggie Don’t Device button once and repeat “off.” Then praise your dog for not jumping.

5. Staying off the furniture

The Doggie Don’t could be used to prevent a dog from jumping up on certain furniture, similar to counter-surfing or jumping up on people.

I even heard about an example from an owner of a rescued Yorkie who said her dog attacked her husband every time he tried to get into bed! They ended up using the Doggie Don’t to interrupt this behavior!

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What NOT to do when using the Doggie Don’t Device

I’ve had a chance to use the Doggie Don’t with my dogs for a couple of months and I have some recommendations on what NOT to do.

1. Don’t use it too frequently. Dogs tend to tune us out if we’re constantly “nagging” at them with our voice and it’s no different with a sound from the Doggie Don’t. Use it very sparingly and with clear intention. If you have to use it over and over or more than once within a few minutes, re-consider your timing or perhaps it’s just not the best device for that particular issue.

2. Don’t think of it as a punishment. Think of it as an interrupter.

3. Don’t use this on overly fearful dogs. You wouldn’t want to use this on dogs that are often afraid, sensitive or dogs that tend to react with aggression.  On the other hand, overly confident, determined dogs might act like they don’t even hear it!

4. Don’t work on multiple behaviors at once. Choose one problem behavior to work on with the Doggie Don’t. Otherwise, you’ll be overusing it and your dog will tune out the sound, think you’re crazy or become desensitized to it.

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Have you used the Doggie Don’t Device?

Let me know if it made a difference for your dog!