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Mighty Paw Padded Sport Collar Review and Coupon Code

Thanks to Julia for her review of Mighty Paw’s padded sport collar.

The Mighty Paw Sport Collar is a padded collar with a snap buckle and adjustable Velcro. It comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra large and in black or grey.

Mighty Paw Padded Sport Collar Review

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My thoughts on the Mighty Paw Padded Sport Collar:

I am very impressed with this collar. The online description says that it is light weight but heavy duty and that is absolutely true. I feel like the padding likely makes it comfortable for my dog (Baxter’s not saying).

When I first saw that all of the adjustments took place with Velcro, I was skeptical. Would the Velcro really hold, especially if Baxter was pulling? In using the collar, I have complete trust in the Velcro’s ability to stay securely fastened.

Mighty Paw padded sport collar review

Baxter tends to be between medium and large in most collars (his neck is 18 inches around). The large collar fit perfectly right out of the package. I like that the large collar is extra wide. This is mostly personal preference, but I like the look of the thicker collar.

What is the cost of the Sport Collar?

The Mighty Paw Sport Collar is $12.99.

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What’s unique about the Mighty Paw Sport Collar?

The Sport Collar is padded with neoprene, which makes it comfortable for your dog. As well, the neoprene resists odor. Baxter took it wading (dude doesn’t swim), and it dries very quickly.

Baxter with his Mighty Paw sport collar

You adjust this collar with Velcro rather than buckles or loops.

The collar has two D-rings, one of which I use for Bax’s tags and the other that I clip the leash to. I like that they’re separate. Every once in awhile, we’ve accidentally clipped the leash to Bax’s tags, which is not at all secure. Because of the way the sport collar is balanced, the leash and his tags carry to the side, which I really like. It gives Bax less chance of tangling his leg in the leash and walking with the leash in his armpit.

Pros of the Padded Sport Collar:

  • The collar is sturdy and I feel like the buckles and material can stand up to a very active dog.
  • I love the padding. I feel like this makes it more comfortable for my dog, no matter what we’re doing. However, the padding does not make the collar bulky or heavy.
  • The collar has reflective stitching so your dog is more visible in the dark.
  • The balance of the collar and the separate rings for tags and leash are something I’ve never encountered in another collar, and I really appreciate them.
Baxter's Mighty Paw collar


  • I wonder if the Velcro might attach itself to some dogs’ fur. I have a very short-haired dog, and the fit of the collar ensures that no Velcro is exposed. This might not be the case for every dog.
  • As much as I’m confident in the construction and materials of this collar, the buckle is plastic. If you have an incredibly strong dog or as the collar ages, the strength of the plastic may be an issue.
  • This is marketed as a Sport Collar, but if you have a truly active dog, the rings for the tags or leash may get caught, depending on what activities you’re doing. A completely flat collar might be better.
Mighty Paw padded sport collar review

I would recommend the Sport Collar for…

I would definitely recommend the Sport Collar for anyone with an active dog. If you’re outside a lot, playing, hiking, running or swimming this collar is a great choice.

The variety of sizes and the Velcro adjustment make it easy to fit the collar to any dog.

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Ace and Remy wear the Mighty Paw sport collars too:

Ace wearing his Mighty Paw collar
Remy with his Mighty Paw sport collar

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Julia Thomson is a blogger at Home on 129 Acres where she writes about her adventures of country living and DIY renovating. She and her husband live on a 129-acre farm in Ontario, Canada.

Sandy Weinstein

Tuesday 20th of June 2017

i got one of these from you and i love it. i cant believe how well padded it is. very well made.

Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 20th of June 2017

Oh that's right! I'm so glad you like the collar.