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GoodBoy Bark Collar Review and Coupon Code

This GoodBoy bark collar review is designed to help you decide if an anti-bark collar is right for your dog.

Bark collars are not for all dogs, and that is OK. We are lucky to have so many training options. That Mutt is a blog for honest, respectful discussion.

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Nuisance barking is probably the #1 complaint people have about dogs!

Barking is a real problem for some families, causing stress between spouses or roommates, problems with neighbors, issues with landlords or even police.

In our case, I was considering a bark control collar for my weimaraner for a specific issue: protest barking in his kennel. Nothing serious, but the barking causes my husband and I some stress.

I say “protest barking” because my dog is kennel trained but there are specific instances where he will bark in his kennel:

  • When we have a guest staying with us. He’ll often bark if we try to kennel him while someone “exciting” is visiting. He doesn’t want to miss out!
  • If I kennel him while we are eating a meal sometimes he will bark.
  • On occasion he will still bark in his kennel early in the morning to get up and eat. For the most part we’ve trained our dog to sleep in but it can still be a problem.

While I used our bark collar to stop my dog from barking in his kennel, I would generally not recommend a bark collar for:

  • a dog that is afraid of being in his kennel/crate
  • a dog that is still learning to be in a crate
  • dogs with separation anxiety
  • puppies

For those issues, see my posts on separation anxiety or kennel training.

GoodBoy bark collar review

I tried GoodBoy’s mini bark collar for my weimaraner Remy. This collar is designed for “small and medium” dogs and will fit up to about a 19” neck.

Keep in mind you want a collar like this to be tight and high on the neck so it can be a little smaller than your dog’s regular collar.

Order a bark collar here

My dog Remy is about 60 pounds with an 18” neck so the collar fits him. It’s a little small for my Lab mix Ace, but he was still able to wear this bark collar for “modeling” purposes.

The collar comes in black, blue or pink.

GoodBoy’s mini bark collar uses tones and vibration only. No static “pings” like other brands I’ve used.

I can’t stress enough how humane this collar is. You do not need to worry at all about it hurting your dog. The vibration from this collar is very gentle, similar to my phone vibrating.

If your dog needs a stronger correction, GoodBoy also makes collars that give a static “ping” correction.

My overall impression of the mini bark collar is that it’s an affordable option ($28.99) for smaller and medium dogs. It won’t be as accurate or durable as a more expensive collar, but it will work just fine for a lot of dogs.

The re-chargeable battery on this collar lasts a long time (weeks, generally). It also comes with a USB cable, so all you have to do is plug it in to re-charge the battery.

How the GoodBoy bark collar works

The collar is designed to be triggered by your dog’s vocal chords when he barks. Ideally, the collar will not trigger to other noises or other dogs barking.

The mini bark collar starts with a warning tone when the dog barks. This is a beep sound that gets the dog’s attention and is meant to interrupt the barking.

If the dog barks again, the collar gives a second, longer tone. If the dog barks after that, the collar gives a vibration.

In total, the collar can potentially give up to 7 corrections before going into a sleep mode, but my dog has always stopped barking after the first tone!

The company’s tutorial videos are helpful and explain all of this well.

I try to pair the beep tone with “no” and then reward my dog for being quiet. GoodBoy recommends this so the dog learns to associate the tone with “no” even if you are not there.

The tone/beep has always been enough to interrupt Remy’s barking, which is great!

I tested the vibration of the collar on my own wrist and it is gentle. I wear a Garmin GPS watch that vibrates my wrist to tell me to “move!” if I’ve been sitting too long. The vibration of this bark collar is similar to that. It does not give any static “ping” corrections.

GoodBoy coupon code and ordering info

The mini bark collar is very affordable. Just $28.99. It’s available on the company’s website.

Use the GoodBoy coupon code Mutt15 for 15% off
Order here

GoodBoy bark collar review

More info on using the GoodBoy bark collar

I recommend you test the bark collar before you put it on your dog. Do this without your dog in the room, especially if he is nervous of beeps.

You should also test the beep/tone with your dog in the room to make sure he’s not overly sensitive to the sound. You want it to startle him and interrupt his barking but not scare him.

Next, follow the directions and set the collar to the right sensitivity level for your dog.

I have the collar set at the default level 4, and you can adjust it up or down so it triggers properly to your dog’s bark. I am impressed the collar does not trigger to Remy’s whining but only to his barking.

One issue we had is the collar triggered when Remy shook his head and ears around. He is loud and obnoxious when he does this!

The best solution was to remove Remy’s everyday collar. That way, the sound of the two collars bumping together can’t trigger the beep. Since I only plan to use the bark collar while Remy is in his kennel, this has worked well.

Another option would be to lower the collar’s sensitivity level from a 4 to a 3 so it’s less likely to be triggered by these types of sounds.

Order a collar here
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Pros of the GoodBoy mini bark collar

  • Affordable at just $28.99
  • Humane and won’t hurt your dog
  • Simple to use & comes with instruction guide
  • Should fit most dogs with neck size 5″ to 19″
  • Uses tones and vibrations (no static correction)
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels
  • No “prongs”
  • Rechargeable battery and USB cable (just plug it in)
  • Waterproof, according to GoodBoy
  • “No questions asked” return policy for 30 days

This collar is a good option for you if you have a small or medium dog with a barking problem and you want to try an affordable bark control collar. Order here.

Goodboy Bark Collar Review

Cons of the collar

  • Not extremely durable (I recommend removing it during play or sports)
  • The collar might be triggered by other noises if the sensitivity level is not set correctly
  • This collar works well for the price but I wouldn’t expect it to last years

GoodBoy’s mini bark collar might not be the best choice for you if you’re dealing with multiple barking dogs or if your dog makes a ton of other noises that could trigger the collar. If you need to make certain the collar corrects at the right time, I recommend GoodBoy’s collar that comes with a remote.

Is a bark collar right for your dog?

I would consider a bark collar for your dog if your dog’s barking is causing you stress or if you need to get control of the problem for any reason.

GoodBoy Bark Collar review - my lab mix Ace

Of course, you should only use a bark collar if you are comfortable correcting your dog with a tone or vibration. I can’t stress enough how humane this particular collar is. The vibration mode is the equivalent of my phone or GPS watch vibrating.

On the other hand, if your dog is barking due to fear, separation anxiety or extreme stress, I wouldn’t recommend a GoodBoy bark collar. There are exceptions to everything though, so don’t hesitate to leave any questions in the comments or consult with a trainer in your area.

We’re lucky we have so many training options and resources on how to properly use them. I have hunting breeds so I’ve always been around e-collars and get to see how they improve the lives and freedom for so many dogs.

Browse GoodBoy’s bark collars HERE.


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Would you be interested in a bark collar from GoodBoy?

Let me know in the comments!

Please share this GoodBoy bark collar review with anyone whose dog could benefit from a bark collar.


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Nichole Roberts

Tuesday 17th of January 2023

I have used the Goodboy collar for a couple years now and am looking to buy another one since my son is training his dog with mine. I like these collars bc they get your dogs attention without having to needlessly shock, scare, them. The noise alone works most the time and when he’s too excited to hear that or it’s too noisey around him the little shock gets his attention. I’ve never found the need for more than that. Also very easy set up with extra pieces in case needed. Have and still would recommend Goodboy brand to anyone wanting to train their best friends to listen a little better.


Thursday 12th of July 2018

I bought the collar exactly a week ago today. And I have to say I love it. I have a 2year old maltipoo that barks everytime we have visitors, or my husband gets home from work. I put it on her yesterday she barked like 10 times in the whole day, which it was a surprise to us because she usually barks nonstop from 6pm till my husband goes to bed at 10 pm. But I did notice that she keeps on making this noise like she is thirsty, so I thought maybe the collar is too tight, but its not because i can fit almost 2 fingers. So what can it be?


Thursday 1st of February 2018

I agree bark collars are great for training, but I would only use them if all other methods fail.

I don't agree that a dog should be kenneled when visitors are over. Of course, he doesn't like that. Teach your dog to behave around visitors instead of kenneling him. That just doesn't make sense.

When training a dog not to bark because of noise complaints or interruptions, bark collars are great, but only when they are used according to the manufacturers instructions. The end goal should always be that the dog will learn and not have to use the bark collar any longer.

Shelby, Otis, Zen, & Goliath

Sunday 21st of January 2018

I was just discussing trying a bark collar with my roommate, for his 4 month old Mastiff puppy Goliath. He is as loud as he is cute and VERY verbal. He has limited run of the house we use baby gates to contain him until he is fully potty trained. Well he will be fine until he sees or hears Zen and Otis. Then all he does is bark and whine its maddening at 4am! He also barks and barks and BARKS! Everytime anyone eats. He barks til no one has any food left. He has learned barking gets him what he wants. So although we have been trying hard to ignore it and not reward it by giving him what he wants. This hasn't seemed to discourage him at all. He's fearless and very focused on getting what he wants lol. Seen this and thought why not give it a try. So keeping my fingers crossed maybe we'll win something and help keep our sanity lol

Robin Bjerken

Sunday 21st of January 2018

I would love to try this one, Pete (weimaraner) already has one, but I don't like it, I would love to try a different one. We use it especially when we are camping at state parks, we can't have him barking at all the dogs walking by or the squirrels in the trees!