Can dogs eat raw eggs?

Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs? Raw Eggs for Dogs

Can dogs eat raw eggs? Yes! Raw eggs are one of the most complete sources of food. They’re highly beneficial to dogs and make for a great additional source of raw food.

Eggs can be added to a dog’s raw meat diet, especially if you’re looking for more variety in her bowl. They’re also a wonderful nutritional booster for kibble-fed dogs and can entice picky eaters to eat.

Tip: Raw eggs are also a good inexpensive first introduction to raw food if you’re looking to transition your kibble-fed dog to a raw meat diet.

Raw eggs for dogs – which type can they eat?

Technically dogs can eat a variety of raw eggs, ranging from chicken to duck and quail, but the most common egg on the doggie menu would probably be the chicken egg.

You can feed your dog regular, non-organic eggs, but my personal preference is to feed raw organic chicken eggs. That’s because they come from healthy hens that eat organic feed and haven’t been fed a diet rich in antibiotics.

I either buy my eggs from a local organic farm, or I get the organic kind from grocery stores. I don’t mind spending a few extra dollars on a better quality as I consider it an investment in my dogs’ (and my own!) health, and I also enjoy supporting local farms.

Maybe you are even lucky enough that you have your own chickens laying eggs!

Missy and Buzz with their raw eggs

The picture above features my late pup Missy (on the right) and her brother Buzz with raw chicken eggs, liver and feet we bought at a local organic farm.

The benefits or raw eggs for dogs

As mentioned above, raw eggs are one of the most nutritious, complete foods because they’re rich in:

  • All essential amino acids (known as the building blocks of protein)
  • Iron, zinc, copper
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin A & D
  • Phosphorus & Calcium
  • B vitamins Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2) & Folate (B9)
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Collagen (in the eggshell membrane)

All of these make raw eggs great for:

  • Stimulating muscle growth, regeneration and wound healing
  • Regulating immune function
  • Promoting healthy skin & coat
  • Supporting joint health

Raw eggs are also great for weight loss because of their low calorie content and can easily replace treats. A large chicken egg only contains about 70 calories.

Can dogs eat raw eggs?

How to feed your dog raw eggs

Dogs can have raw eggs 1-4 times per week, depending on their respective size.

A smaller dog can have 1-2 raw eggs per week, while a larger dog will do fine with 3-4 raw eggs per week.

The eggshell can be fed as well if the eggs are organic and haven’t been treated with chemical sanitizers. It’s the part of the egg that’s rich in calcium and phosphorus, and it’s where you’ll find the eggshell membrane boosts joint health.

I would add eggs to Missy’s & Buzz’s raw meals about 3 times per week. I’d either place a whole organic raw egg in their bowl or crack it open, but always including the shell.

Feeding the egg whole vs. cracking the egg

If you want to challenge your dog a little on a mental level, offer the raw egg whole rather than cracking it open for him. He’ll have to figure out how to eat it, which is a great boredom buster and interesting/fun to watch!

It may be a good idea to “play” the whole raw egg game outside on a grassy area to minimize clean up on your part!

The first time I offered Missy & Buzz a whole raw egg, they pawed at it and pushed it around with their muzzles for several minutes before they finally just bit into it and ate it. It was hilarious to watch and I regret not having video footage of the scenario!

Below ere are some pictures of meals I’ve fed my dogs that include raw eggs:

The first picture features an organic whole raw egg, a chicken leg quarter, canned sardines and homemade turkey bone broth.

If you’ve ever fed your dog raw eggs, let me know in the comments if you typically feed the egg whole or cracked.

Can dogs eat raw eggs?

The second picture features an organic raw egg that I cracked open along with a duck wing, a chicken foot, beef oxlip, ground green tripe, ground beef lung, an organ mix, turkey gizzards and pumpkin purée:

The third picture features an organic raw egg that I cracked open along with ground duck (from Darwin’s) and an air-dried lamb ear (from one of my favorite single ingredient dog treat subscription brands Real Dog Box):

Raw eggs for dogs

Have you fed your dog raw eggs?

Let us know in the comments below!

Barbara Rivers writes regularly for That Mutt. She is a blogger, raw feeder and dog walker and maintains the blog K9s Over Coffee

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  1. When we got our own chickens, it was for the fresh eggs, but it wasn’t really my plan that the dogs would get them too. Now Luke enjoys a fresh egg every other morning on his breakfast (we feed fresh food, but not raw except for the eggs. I crack it in, because we save the shells to give back to the chickens to give them calcium they need too. Luke absolutely loves his eggs, and I love knowing exactly where they come from!

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