Best Food Puzzles for Dogs

Whoever invented food puzzles for dogs deserves a medal, in my humble opinion! That’s because dog food puzzles keep dogs busy and entertained when I can’t. Food puzzles are one of my favorite mental enrichment accessories. As a result, I’m currently the proud owner of seven different food puzzles, several of which I’ve had for …

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Dog Dementia – Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

About a year ago, it seemed like something was wrong with Baxter. Our usual low-energy dog became lethargic. We went through lots of tests, tried different medications, consulted several specialists, confronted various symptoms and never received a definitive diagnosis. As I shared in my last post, Baxter died at the end of May. In the …

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Best Check Cord for Dog Training

A check cord is a simple long dog training leash typically between 20 and 30 feet long.

Check cords offer your dog freedom in a controlled training environment. Their unique feature is the lack of a handle so they don’t catch on rocks, tall grass and underbrush while the dog is running.

Are Dog Parks a Good Idea?

Dog parks are off-leash areas that let dogs interact with each other and stretch their legs mostly free of charge, although there are also a few members-only dog parks. Most feature water stations, poop bags, and are at least partially fenced-in. Sounds pretty good so far, right? While we can probably all agree that the …

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