30-day challenge: Take your dog to 30 new places (grooming shop)

Ace and I visited a local grooming shop on day seven of our 30-day challenge to go to 30 new places. We only had to walk a half mile from our front door in order to get to Fancy Paws Pet Salon. It’s interesting how I find so many places I’ve never been to before, just by making a point to walk somewhere new. A bath/brush/nail trim for a lab-type dog is only $25 at this shop! That’s very reasonable, so I might take advantage of that if I ever want to get Ace looking extra sharp on someone else’s time.

Ace was very excited that he got to go into a store, so he would not sit at the front door. Before we went inside, I physically put him into a sit position and he popped up right away. Looking back at this one, I shouldn’t have gone inside until he was sitting calmly first. We will have to go back there a few more times and practice again. I’ll have to just make him walk around the block and then sit a few feet from the door first. Once he gets inside, he’s fine, it’s just that initial excitement of going somewhere new. At least his tail is always wagging.

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