30-day challenge: Take your dog to 30 places (park)

On day 28 of our challenge, Ace and I went for a walk in a park he’d never been to. This park is near downtown and we were there around noon when many people were walking over their lunch breaks.

This was good for Ace because it was different than most parks we go to where it’s just us and maybe a few other people.

5 thoughts on “30-day challenge: Take your dog to 30 places (park)”

  1. We just don’t see squirrels that much around here, at least not in our yards and parks. I never realized what a distraction they were till we visited a friend in CO that has them in her yard. The dogs were totally obsessed! LOL

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  2. Lindsay Stordahl

    Ace loves to chase anything small and furry. Rabbits are probably his favorite, but we just don’t see many of those. At home, the cats chase him! And he ignores birds, probably because there are so many.

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