Little Barkley found love.

It's an odd thing, how there really does seem to be a person out there, the right person, for every dog.

A small part of me always wonders if I should just keep the dog I'm fostering.

Will anyone love this dog more than I do? Is there anyone who could give him a better home?

The answer always seems to be yes. And that's when I know I've found the right match.

Since Barkley is just a little guy and only 2 years old, he had quite the lineup of interested adopters. In all honesty, that's the only reason I fostered him. I knew he would get adopted quickly, even though he comes with his fair share of issues.

Regardless, Barkley has found his person to love him. I knew right away they would hit it off. Barkley was drawn to her when they met at an adoption event, and he danced around my living room when she came to pick him up. He seemed to know.

I received an email last week from Barkley's new owner and she said she “wouldn't trade him for the world!”

She also said:

He enjoys our long walks, and is patrolling the neighborhood from the front window quite diligently. He has even learned to gauge how much slide room he needs to allow when chasing toys on hardwood floors!

Congratulations, Barkley! To you, and everyone, Happy Valentine's Day!

Barkley the Lhasa Apso Maltese Yorkie mix
Barkley the Maltese Lhasa Apso Yorkie mix sleeping in a chair