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You could win a $500 donation for that group

Note: This is a sponsored post. Read more to learn how you can win $500 for your favorite animal shelter.

I recently nominated my favorite rescue group for Dog Nation’s “Best Friend’s Friend” contest.

Nominations are being accepted now through the end of 2014, and voting begins in January.

The group with the most votes at the end of February will win a $500 donation. And there are second- and third-place prizes as well. Easy enough, right?

DogNation.net is a dog information web site maintained by dog lover Rodney Blow, and I have partnered with him to promote his contest and some of your favorite rescues and shelters.

If you nominate a shelter or rescue, let me know and I will feature your group and what makes it unique here on ThatMutt.com. 

“I really believe in what most shelters and rescues are doing and also realize that the more money they can bring in, the more dogs and other pets they can help,” Rodney said.

So, he’s asking you to please nominate your favorite groups. You can do so here.

[quote_center]” … The more money they can bring in, the more dogs and other pets they can help.”[/quote_center]

More about the ‘Best Friend’s Friend’ contest

best-friends-friend-goldI nominated a group called California Labradors, Retrievers & More, and the process was really simple. It took about 2 minutes.

The nomination form asks for the name of the shelter or rescue, the group’s web site, your email address and your first and last name. You’ll receive an email to confirm your nomination.

The shelter or rescue must have a web site and must be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The prizes

Voting will take place in January and February on DogNation.net.

The prizes include:

First place: $500 donation

Second place: $300 donation

Third place: $100 donation

The donations will be made in the name of the person who nominated the group, according to Dog Nation.

So, which group will you nominate?

Nominate your favorite rescue or shelter here

Once you’ve nominated your favorite rescue or shelter, leave a comment to let me know or shoot me an email at Lindsay@ThatMutt.com. I’d like to feature the group and the work it’s doing here on ThatMutt.com.

I nominated Labs & More of San Diego because of the work it does to save Labs and other dogs from high-kill shelters in Southern California. It also has a reasonable adoption process (not too picky), which is important for getting dogs into good homes.

The dog pictured at the top of this post is a Lab mix named Tyler, up for adoption with Labs & More.

Which group will you nominate?