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Dog running and dog blogging

Sitting in my office over a cup of coffee is not quite how people picture the life of a “dog runner.” But this is how I create balance.

Part of my day is spent romping and braving whatever North Dakota throws my way.

The winters can bring us -45 degree windchills. The next day it can be 40 degrees above zero. This is probably why most people avoid North Dakota, and it’s the very reason why I love it here. The constantly changing weather absorbs me every day. It is never boring.

The dogs do not fret about the wind or the heat or the snow or the flood or the windchill or the rain or the mud or the ice. They take it as it comes, and they help me do the same. We love it “out there.”

I go to work and my “customers” are so happy to see me, they cry. I love each and every dog I spend time with, and they love me. How’s that for a positive work environment? 🙂

But a small part of my day is spent at my desk with at least one dog at my feet, sometimes a cat. Sometimes two cats.

Although dog running pays the majority of my bills (for now), ultimately I am a writer. A writer who loves dogs, and I’m constantly being pulled in this direction.

I left my life as an employee at our daily newspaper where I did not matter. I really did not matter. Breaking free from this burden has allowed me to think clearer about my life, take more risks, slow down, set more goals and focus on what truly matters.

I know I’m fortunate to be able to recognize and acknowledge when I’m off track.

When my life is unbalanced I can’t help anyone. I don’t have the energy to run, to stay positive, to create.

One of the reasons I love dogs so much is they really encourage me to slow down and to simplify my life. Even when I make mistakes, Ace just thumps his tail – “Oh well. You’ll get it right next time.”

So what I’m really trying to say here is thank you for sticking around and reading this blog, those new and those who have been around for a while. It is very exciting to a writer when someone – even one person – will actually read what she has to say.

This blog has always been very exciting for me, an important part of my day, an excuse for this ridiculously shy person to share something 🙂

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