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Happy New Year!

Welcome, 2012.

I hope to be more like my dog. How often do we allow ourselves to experience this kind of happiness?

My dog loves life, no matter what.

We could head to the field out back every day to play, and Ace would still jump for joy each time.

“OH, WOW!” he seems to say. “I’m so happy you’re here!”

He’s almost 6 years old. I’m glad he still has some pup in him. He can sleep (and snore away) for an entire day, but he still loves a good adventure, a good run, a good game of chase.

This photo was taken at my parents’ house on Christmas Eve, quite possibly Ace’s favorite place. But he bounds around like this every time he plays, outside, anywhere.

I will try to live my life like that, too. To be happy just being.

I don’t care who you are – a dog, a friend, a random reader. May all your dreams come true.

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