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I hope to adopt a pitbull

Adopting a pitbull

I was chatting with some relatives last month – good people.

One asked for my “opinion” on pitbulls.

So I said what I always say, that “pitbulls” are just dogs, no different from others. Just dogs.

The other three expressed their fears about pitbulls. And then one said that, yes, she had also heard pitbulls can be really nice dogs.

I thought that was progress.

I don’t try to push my views. When the opportunity comes up, I speak my truth, but I don’t think it works to get angry or to start preaching.

People who fear pitbull dogs may have never spent time with a pitbull. They have heard all the negative media stories. Or maybe they have had a bad experience with a pitbull, something that can happen with any type of dog.

I’ve been wanting to adopt a second dog for a long time. We are not anywhere near ready, yet. It will still be several months from now.

But I’ve gone over and over in my mind all the options.

Should I get a purebred? A small dog? A working dog? A protection dog? A German shepherd? A Jack Russell?

Should I go to a breeder? Should I foster first? Try Craigslist?

I see the logic behind all these possibilities. There is really no correct way to obtain a dog, only the right way for each individual.

But I think I finally know what seems right for me.

A pitbull dog. Most likely from a shelter or rescue. Possibly a puppy.

Surrounded by pitbull lovers all the time, sometimes it’s easy to forget there is still a long way to go. People still misunderstand these dogs. People still fear them. Whole cities still ban them. “Shelters” still kill them.

What an opportunity I have, with my dog blog and my pet sitting business.

What better way to show how wonderful these dogs are? To lead a quiet example of a well-behaved, well-socialized dog as I always try to do with Lab-mix Ace.

It just makes sense to me now. I can’t wait to see who comes my way 🙂

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