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Chain Slip and Martingale Collars โ€“ Mighty Paw Review

A martingale collar is similar to a slip collar, but it is limited in how far it can tighten.

I like having a variety of collars on hand, and a chain collar works well for my weimaraner during obedience classes.

I can give a gentle tug on the collar and the chain makes a “zzzzt” noise to get his attention.

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Chain slip and martingale collars—Mighty Paw review

My thoughts on the new chain slip and martingale collars from Mighty Paw

These are high-quality training collars for dog owners who prefer a traditional chain-type collar. I like the darker look to these compared to other chain collars I’ve seen.

There are two options, the slip collar version or the limited-slip version (martingale).

Here are pictures of each, so you can see the difference with the martingale first followed by the standard slip collar.

Mighty Paw martingale collar

Mighty Paw slip collar

I had never seen a martingale collar made from all chain before, and I like the concept. I had only used martingales made from part nylon and part chain.

Chain slip and martingale collars work well for dogs who need gentle reminders not to pull. You can tug gently on the leash to get the dog’s attention.

Chain martingale collar

Martingale collar

If your dog is especially powerful and unruly, these types of collars mighty not give you enough control. It all depends on the individual dog.

A nice thing about slip or martingale collars is they tighten under pressure so they can prevent a dog from slipping out. For example, a greyhound’s head is typically narrower than her neck making it easy to back out of a standard collar.

Ordering information: chain slip and martingale collars

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View the chain slip collar here

View the chain martingale collar here

Pros of the chain slip and martingale collars from Mighty Paw

  • Nice look and color
  • Option of martingale or slip collar style
  • High-quality and durable
  • Made with gunmetal and resists corrosion
  • Weather resistant chain won’t tarnish, according to Mighty Paw
  • Martingale collars are recommended by a wide variety of dog trainers
  • Mighty Paw offers a 90-day money back guarantee

I recommend either of these collars if you like to train or walk your dog on a traditional chain training collar or if your dog needs something more than a regular buckle collar to reduce pulling.

These work well for obedience training but need to be kept high on the neck right behind the dog’s ears. I like using a chain collar when I go to obedience classes with either of my dogs.

Chain collar

Chain slip collar

Cons of the chain collars

  • It’s hard to get the correct size of the martingale collar. Read the size chart carefully and make sure to measure your dog’s neck. Since these are chain collars, you can’t adjust the size like you can with most nylon martingale collars
  • The chain gets a little heavier on the larger sizes. I prefer the smaller sizes (20″ and under) because the slightly thinner chain links “glide” and release easier than the larger sizes.
Chain martingale collar

Size chart for chain martingale collar

These collars are not for you if you’d rather not use a chain-type collar on your dog. If that’s the case, I recommend looking at Mighty Paw’s standard martingale collar made with nylon or their padded sport collar. Both are high-quality collars.

You also wouldn’t want to leave a chain collar on your dog all the time for safety reasons. Slip and martingale collars are specifically for training.

Chain slip and martingale collars

Mighty Paw chain slip collar

Would your dog like a chain slip or martingale collar from Mighty Paw?

Let us know in the comments!

Please share this post with anyone who might be interested in these types of collars.

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