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Chain Slip and Martingale Collars – Mighty Paw Review

A martingale collar is similar to a slip collar, but it is limited in how far it can tighten.

I like having a variety of collars on hand, and a chain collar works well for my weimaraner during obedience classes.

I can give a gentle tug on the collar and the chain makes a “zzzzt” noise to get his attention.

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Chain slip and martingale collars—Mighty Paw review

My thoughts on the new chain slip and martingale collars from Mighty Paw

These are high-quality training collars for dog owners who prefer a traditional chain-type collar. I like the darker look to these compared to other chain collars I’ve seen.

There are two options, the slip collar version or the limited-slip version (martingale).

Here are pictures of each, so you can see the difference with the martingale first followed by the standard slip collar.

Mighty Paw martingale collar
Mighty Paw slip collar

I had never seen a martingale collar made from all chain before, and I like the concept. I had only used martingales made from part nylon and part chain.

Chain slip and martingale collars work well for dogs who need gentle reminders not to pull. You can tug gently on the leash to get the dog’s attention.

Chain martingale collar
Martingale collar

If your dog is especially powerful and unruly, these types of collars mighty not give you enough control. It all depends on the individual dog.

A nice thing about slip or martingale collars is they tighten under pressure so they can prevent a dog from slipping out. For example, a greyhound’s head is typically narrower than her neck making it easy to back out of a standard collar.

Ordering information: chain slip and martingale collars

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View the chain slip collar here

View the chain martingale collar here

Pros of the chain slip and martingale collars from Mighty Paw

  • Nice look and color
  • Option of martingale or slip collar style
  • High-quality and durable
  • Made with gunmetal and resists corrosion
  • Weather resistant chain won’t tarnish, according to Mighty Paw
  • Martingale collars are recommended by a wide variety of dog trainers
  • Mighty Paw offers a 90-day money back guarantee

I recommend either of these collars if you like to train or walk your dog on a traditional chain training collar or if your dog needs something more than a regular buckle collar to reduce pulling.

These work well for obedience training but need to be kept high on the neck right behind the dog’s ears. I like using a chain collar when I go to obedience classes with either of my dogs.

Chain collar
Chain slip collar

Cons of the chain collars

  • It’s hard to get the correct size of the martingale collar. Read the size chart carefully and make sure to measure your dog’s neck. Since these are chain collars, you can’t adjust the size like you can with most nylon martingale collars
  • The chain gets a little heavier on the larger sizes. I prefer the smaller sizes (20″ and under) because the slightly thinner chain links “glide” and release easier than the larger sizes.
Chain martingale collar
Size chart for chain martingale collar

These collars are not for you if you’d rather not use a chain-type collar on your dog. If that’s the case, I recommend looking at Mighty Paw’s standard martingale collar made with nylon or their padded sport collar. Both are high-quality collars.

You also wouldn’t want to leave a chain collar on your dog all the time for safety reasons. Slip and martingale collars are specifically for training.

Chain slip and martingale collars
Mighty Paw chain slip collar

Would your dog like a chain slip or martingale collar from Mighty Paw?

Let us know in the comments!

Please share this post with anyone who might be interested in these types of collars.

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38 thoughts on “Chain Slip and Martingale Collars – Mighty Paw Review”

    1. I would love to have one of these collars for my dog walking and petsitting business. I like to have various items on hand to try out on my furry customers and to show their owners.

  1. I have a large breed puppy that I want to train on leash now before he is too big for me to control so these sound like great options!

  2. i would love to try one of the 20″ ones on my 8 months old boxer mix. We currently use a prong collar and I’ve just started to hear such bad things about them, and MightyPaw is such a wonderful brand we have a few other of their items!

  3. I collect my new Staffordshire bull terrier pup on Saturday and have been told that this breed of dog like to pull. After reading your review I think the martingale chain collar would be perfect for him. Thank you

  4. Would love to try one of these. Right now I just have a regular collar and then a harness that I use for my 4 month old puppy when we go for walks or jogs.

  5. I have 2 puppies/dogs that are terrible at walking… Would love to get something to stop them from pulling and tugging. This might just be the answer. Would love to try it out.

  6. I have been looking at a new type of collar for my 85 lb boy. He’s very good in my neighborhood, but when we bring him to new areas, he likes to pull a lot!

  7. Catherine MacIvor

    Would love to try one of these as my 100lb boxer mastiff still pulls on our walks. We rescued him 3 years ago and while a lot of his behaviours have improved he still pulls from time to time. He is smart and stubborn! We have the typical buckle collar now. Thank you for such awesome posts by the way!

  8. I’m in desperate need of one! I have a teenage staffy and a 6 month old baby. My staffy loves to pull me and my pushchair along on our walks. Which most of the time results in the pushchair or myself over which isn’t good at all!
    So desperate for advice or tips anything!!!
    It’s a nightmare! We are training her recall still as she’s very stubborn as soon as she sees another dog boom I’m flying and so is baby. She’s very distracted I’ve tried clicker training which she pretends she doesn’t hear the clicke. I’ve used a halti harness, head hardness. We have done the classes 1-1 sessions and she’s still so difficult on a walk! If this works it will be an absolute blessing!!!
    Thank you

  9. I’ll check out their website, but do you know off the top of your head if they would do a custom collar? I’ve had a horrible time finding a chain martingale that fits over my dog’s huge head but tightens enough around the neck to give her a reminder. Right now I’m using a flat nylon martingale from Dog+Bone, which I love, but chain is probably more durable and looks a little nicer.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I don’t know if they’d be able to do a custom collar or not. I agree getting the right size is hard for the dogs with big heads and then to be able to tighten the right amount around the neck. I would look at the size chart carefully.

      1. I’ll check their site when I get a chance. If nothing else, I’ll write them and ask if they’d do it and what it would cost. My dog inherited her large sire’s large head, so that makes training collars fun.

  10. I’d love to win one of the Mighty Paw martingale collars, we adopted a pup two months ago, would definitely benefit from this as his current martingale is getting a bit snug

  11. My Rosie is a boston terrier pug mix and at 24 pounds is stronger than most dogs twice her size. Have used am easywalk halter and a prong collar (which I’m not happy about) together, and Rosie still pulls hard. I’m 72 and walking her has become painful for me. I already have 4 other collars, but none help. Would love to try a martingale collar and start her on obedience classes for the New Year. Thank you.

  12. I only recommend martingale collars for my Shiba puppy buyers because once a Shiba slips his collar he is a real bugger to catch and the chase “game” is so rewarding he is bound to do it again just watch that little vein in daddy’s forehead pulsating! The majority of humans only seem to learn the hard way so they always have to test their breeder’s theories out. I too have only found nylon & chain and nylon & nylon martingales for pets and it’s about time someone made chain & chain plus I like that color too. There is a very fine chain & chain martingale used for conformation handling but it isn’t appropriate for walking pets. Hope everyone will give this collar a try. Remember to measure around the widest part of your dog’s head to get the right size. It should be very snug going on and take it off by carefully folding your dog’s ears and taking them out of the collar when you take it off.

  13. We would LOVE to try it out on our 72 lbs lab! We do rally competitions and we are not allowed to use prong collars. Using this collar would definitely help us not only walks but also in competitions!

  14. I’ve tried both types, and I prefer the slip collar because it gives my junior dog a clearer signal what I want. The martingale allows her to keep pulling.

    But once she’s learned to properly walk on a leash (soon there), I think the martingale will work just as well.

  15. Ziggy said he would enjoy the opportunity to try this collar. He does well with sir and down commands, but walking he tends to need more “cueing” than what his collar offers. We are working toward being a therapy dog but have a little puppy left. Thanks for considering!

  16. I could really use one of these Martingale collar‘s as my 30 pound mini schnauzer pulls constantly. I am 70 years old and it is now affecting my shoulder to the point where I’m considering having to have surgery. I really could use this collar and I’m afraid I’m not in a financial position to afford to buy it. Thank you for considering me.

  17. my almost 2 year old chiweenie Onyx is always pulling when and chocking herself when I take her for a walk. I would think this might help with her tugging and chocking. Then the big issue is our 8 month old pitbull Nala she is so hyper and is always pulling and jumping on me or anyone and we can’t get her to stop.

  18. Our daughter has a pit bull. She has a hard time of training him because he weighs 65lbs. This I believe would help them tremendously.

  19. My Lucy doesn’t pull much so this collar is okay. I think I would get nervous to use this if she did. I know it’s not the traditional collar but it takes getting used to. I’m going to keep using it on our walks. She’ll get used to it also. As long as I keep doing the same thing consistently it’ll work great!

  20. Hi, Cocoa is a terrier mix that almost pulled my shoulder out of socket. It was not until the use of a training collar that she stopped pulling. We have now transitioned from the Ugly collar to a martingale, because the chain sounds the same. we would love to win the new collars to help show off our obedience skills.

  21. Would love to try this with Otis. We currently use a prong collar. His loose leash walking has improved greatly and I can walk him at night comfortably without it. Unfortunately he has a bad case of stranger danger and I’m not comfortable walking him when we might have to come in contact with people he don’t know without the prong. I feel this would give me control and be more comfortable for him.
    Would love a chance to try it.

  22. I love martingale collars, my dog tends to pull when we take walks, the martingale works so good at being able to get his attention and when I try to pull on the leash with the regular collar he never seems to listen!

  23. These are absolutely beautiful nd are definitely what I need for my 74LB lab. Just a year old and has been training since 7 weeks. Like most labs he is strong and can be stubborn at times. Currently using a pinch collar in our training classes, until we begin Rally competition and this would be perfect. Thank you for offering the opportunity to win one free. My best to each of whom have entered.

  24. I really like that they are high quality and durable. My pup could use a good chain collar for when I have to take him to the vet.

  25. I’ve started training with a pinch collar and hope to graduate to a martingale or slip collar soon! These look great!

  26. Would love to have a martingale collar. It is our go to collar for training at class and shows. Our walking collars are nylon and chain martingales and our big guy especially knows one is for ‘work’ and the other for fun.

  27. I would like to try one of these collars. I have tried prong collars, harnesses, ez walker, and others in my 6 month old Weimaraner. I have been trying to train her to not pull when walking. Long term goal is to have her run races with my wife. Any ideas? Also, please enter me in the contest. Thanks.

  28. The only time my dog really pulls is when he smells something very tempting!! Or he wants to get to another dog. Either way, I don’t ever want to choke him so I always use a martingale. A new one would be great since the one he wears has been through a lot of manure rolls! 🙂 Chuckle!

  29. I absolutely love Mighty Paw products and this Collar seems like it would be very helpful in Obedience and Rally training!

  30. Hi

    You mentioned that the slip and Martindale would not be recommended for unruly or strong dogs, what would you recommend? I currently use a Gentle Leader which helps, but sometimes she gets a bit unruly and I thought I should add something else into the training mix.
    Thank you.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Every dog is different so it’s hard to say. I normally recommend a Gentle Leader for the worst pullers. Then transition to a Martingale or slip collar.

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