Darwin’s Duck Necks Review and Giveaway!

My dog Remy got to try the free range raw duck necks from Darwin’s Natural Pet Products. He LOVES these treats!

Raw duck necks can be fed as a treat or as part of a meal. Since raw poultry bones are soft and pliable, dogs can easily digest them. Chewing on “raw meaty bones” helps to exercise a dog’s jaw and clean his teeth and gums.

This post is sponsored by Darwin’s Natural Pet Products.

The company’s duck necks are available exclusively to its subscription members, but we’re offering a giveaway that anyone in the U.S. can enter!

If you’d like to order Darwin’s raw food for your dog, it’s really easy to get started. Darwin’s has an awesome trial offer: 10 pounds of food for just $14.95! That’s up to 75% off! No code required. Learn more.

Darwin’s Duck Necks Review

Darwin’s free-range duck necks – what I think

I feed my dog Remy a raw diet, but even if you don’t feed your dog raw food, he can still enjoy the benefits of an occasional raw treat.

Duck necks are considered “raw meaty bones.” Raw poultry bones such as chicken, turkey and duck bones are soft and pliable, making them easy for dogs to digest.

Cooked bones are hard and sharp, so you only want to give your dog raw bones.

I recommend the duck necks from Darwin’s because raw duck necks are a convenient and safe way to introduce “raw meaty bones” to your dog’s diet. They’re a good option for dogs and puppies of all sizes.

There’s also something I enjoy about watching my dog crunching on a raw meaty bone! Eating raw food is natural for dogs, and the duck necks from Darwin’s make my weimaraner so happy!

Don’t be surprised by how quickly your dog might chew up and eat a duck neck! Remy loves them, and he eats his in just a few minutes.

I know it’s hard for some dog owners to get used to the idea of feeding their dogs raw bones because I used to worry about this too. But don’t worry, raw duck necks are a very safe option for your dog.

If you’d like more information on feeding your dog raw bones, That Mutt has several articles you can read:

Pros of Darwin’s free-range raw duck necks – Are duck necks good for dogs?

Yes! Here are some of benefits of raw duck necks for dogs:

  • Duck necks are rich in omega-3 fats
  • They are a source of vitamin B3
  • They promote a healthy gut
  • Raw bones clean a dog’s teeth
  • Duck necks work a dog’s jaw
  • They contain glucosamine & chondroitin for healthy joints
  • Poultry bones are soft and pliable and can be fully digested
  • Darwin’s duck necks are from free-range ducks
  • They come in sealed, 2-pound packages (about 8 necks)


There really aren’t any cons to the raw duck necks except a few common sense things to keep in mind when feeding any type of raw food or any type of bone or chew.

  • You want to introduce new treats slowly to your dog’s diet to avoid an upset tummy, especially if your dog is not used to raw food.
  • Any type of bone, chew or rawhide for dogs has a slight choking risk, so make sure to supervise your dog.
  • All raw meaty bones are a bit “gross” and messy so you may want to feed them outside, on a towel or in your dog’s crate.

The duck necks may also not be for you if they’re out of your budget. However, they still might make a great treat for your dog every now and then! I hope you’ll enter our giveaway by leaving a comment at the end of this article!

Where to buy duck necks for dogs and what is the cost?

The free-range duck necks from Darwin’s are available in 2-pound packages (about 8 necks) for $8.49 per package. Each duck neck is roughly 7″ in length.

The duck necks from Darwin’s are available to the company’s existing customers who have subscription memberships.

Darwin’s delivers raw dog food meals to its customers every two weeks, and customers have the option of adding duck necks (and other treats) to any order. Learn about a trial membership here.

Remy eating Darwin's raw food

To add duck necks to your order, call Darwin’s customer service at 877.738.6325 or send their customer service an email at info@darwinspet.com

In addition to raw duck necks, Darwin’s also offers:

  • complete raw diets
  • organic raw diets
  • prescription diets for dogs with unique health needs
  • lamb femur bones
  • green tripe
  • jerky treats

Learn more about Darwin’s HERE.

How to feed a dog a raw duck neck

There is a small choking risk when you give your dog any type of chew, bone, rawhide or toy. With duck necks, this risk is slightly higher for larger breeds since big dogs are more likely to try to swallow a duck neck whole.

Safety tips when feeding your dog raw duck necks:

1. Try holding the duck neck while your dog chews it (if he is not possessive).

This will help him learn to slowly crunch up the bone a bit before swallowing.

Don’t be alarmed if your dog does swallow large chunks of the duck neck. As long as it “fits,” your dog will be just fine. For example, Remy will crunch up a whole chicken thigh just two or three times before swallowing, and then “down it goes!” No big deal.

2. Another alternative: Give your dog some space, but supervise.

This is the opposite of above, but works better for some dogs. If the dog has some space, he’ll be more likely to chew and eat his duck neck slowly vs. trying to quickly eat it so no one “steals” it! (Silly dogs.) This method works best for my little food monster, Remy.

3. Chop up the duck neck before feeding.

This shouldn’t be necessary, but if you prefer to chop the duck necks up a bit before feeding them, you can do that. Likewise, some raw feeders prefer to grind duck necks in a meat grinder.

4. Feed the duck necks partially frozen.

If the duck neck is still somewhat frozen, your dog will naturally slow down a bit to crunch it up before eating. Nearly all the raw food I give my dog is partially frozen for this reason.

Raw duck necks for cats

Can you give your cat raw duck necks?

Yes, some cats will eat raw duck necks while others might be more picky. My cat Scout is not on a raw diet, and he is not interested in raw meaty bones.

My other cat Beamer (RIP, buddy) would’ve LOVED a duck neck! I gave him raw turkey necks a couple of times and he could not believe his luck!

Duck necks are an even better option for cats because duck necks are typically smaller than turkey necks.

Obviously, you want to introduce new foods to your cat slowly to avoid an upset tummy. It’s also best to supervise when your pets are eating raw bones.

Are you interested in raw food and raw duck necks for your dog?

Let me know in the comments!

And please share this post with anyone who might be interested in raw dog or raw cat food from Darwin’s! Thank you!

Visit Darwin’s here

-Lindsay & Remy

118 thoughts on “Darwin’s Duck Necks Review and Giveaway!”

  1. I think my dogs would like this product. I do not feed a raw diet at this time, but I do give my dogs some raw food treats from time to time.

  2. Serina J Rieckman

    Very interesting! My pup crunches up bones good…..wonder what she’d think of some necks lol

  3. We have supplemented Jasper’s diet with raw foods since we adopted him at 7 weeks. He loves it! We have yet to try duck necks though.

  4. Just started feeding raw about a month ago per our new trainer’s advice. Found thatmutt.com while researching the whole raw food movement. Great articles, great advice…enjoying the info and suggestions as I continue to learn more about raw options. Thank you!

  5. Karen mariotti

    My dog loves duck necks! He’s on a strict full raw diet. Ive been wanting to try Darwin’s for a while now!

  6. Jane Ethridge

    What a wonderful way to get started on a raw diet. I’ve been hearing about it for a while now and very interested!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. We have been raw feeding for 15 years and my dogs are so healthy, have sparkling teeth that never require extra cleaning. Love this chance to win a prize that is so healthy and is true to what I do for my dogs. I will look into Darwins’ products.

  8. Chris Sullivan

    A great post for a topic I meant to research today, raw dog food – my goldendoodle is appreciative!

  9. We just started incorporating raw food in our pup’s diet and I’m sort of sorry we did. The increase in energy is a little more than we can handle! LOL!!! Even a partial raw diet has brought about so many benefits, it’s unbelievable. Our two girls took to it very quickly – I think they’d had some experience hunting on their own at some point, but our boy who was raised solely on kibble was like “WTF mom?!” Now he happily crunches chicken wings and gobbles his dinner with the girls. I know they’d love to try duck necks – I like the idea about serving it up partially frozen to force them to slow down.

  10. Kerry Schwidde

    My Dogs love raw food & fresh fruit & veggies. I haven’t tried this brand but would be Awesome to win, as the current raw food mix isn’t doing well anymore with them. Needing the find a great brand that doesn’t change their mix with fillers. Thank you for the chance to win!

  11. I have been feeding my fur baby a raw diet for 4 yrs. I’m having a difficult time sourcing some things. I would like to try Darwin’s to see if she will like it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Awesome read! I’ve been super curious about raw diets. And even homemade diets for my german shepherd since he just isn’t really interested in kibble much. Definitely gives me another opinion/view to have so that I can continue my research.

  13. Thanks for a chance to try a new brand for my pup Lola. 🙂 Never tried raw foods with her before but I’m sure she will love it in no time.

  14. Great info. For the longest time I thought duck neck was not safe to feed dogs. Now I have read your safe tips I feel more comfortable. Thanks!

  15. Donna Bacarella

    I feed my dog raw food and it has been a blessing and help to our dogs .I would love to try your products especially if it’s natural ingredients . My dog has had issues and needs a good diet ! Thank you for caring and being used to help our animals stay healthy ! I pray blessings to over take your business !!

  16. Would love to try giving my dogs raw food. The only raw food they have had so far is kitty hunt leftovers.

  17. wow, I’m new to this world of raw but I’m so grateful others have done the research and are willing to share….thank you! Hoping this new approach will give us many years with our Honey!

  18. Bess
    I’ve started my dog on another company but Darwin’s seems more reasonable. Sure would like to try it

  19. Malley Heinlein

    It’s great to see you promote this healthy raw diet. Huck and Tiger Lily love duck necks and while we use a local company for our raw meals, it would be great to try Darwin’s food and see how they like it! Or find a good source for our duck necks!

  20. I would love to try this food for my 2 pups! I’ve always heard only the best about Darwin’s products

  21. I use freeze dried raw right now but would love to introduce Darwins raw to both my dog and cat. She was adopted recently from Soi Dog in Thailand and I want to slowly introduce foods to her as her diet was so different before.

  22. sandy weinstein

    I have never feed raw duck before but the girls have had venison, turkey and other foods. I recently found out that raw food for dogs has a higher compliance than raw food for humans. I would love to try Darwins raw for my 2 dogs. I did not know you could feed raw duck neck bones to dogs, I thought they could choke on them. I have always heard you could not feed raw chicken bones to dogs because they splinter. so I am really interested in Darwins.

  23. Susanne Aurich

    I have a ACD puppy, Rudra, he eats everything, fast! I love the idea of freezing it to slow down the process of speedy eating.
    Would love to try raw food, so far I cook a lots veggies and grains . We enter gladly.
    Susanne and Rudra

  24. Jeri M Kastner

    My little one loves his raw diet – and the occasional chicken/turkey neck he gets – since he is a “gulper”, I always hold it while he chews. He would LOVE to win some yummy food from Darwin’s!

  25. I supplement on occasion with raw by giving my puppy raw meaty bones. Haven’t tried giving turkey necks, as he’s allergic to chicken and I’m not sure if he’s allergic to all fowl. I’d love to transition my pup from kibble to raw and trying Darwin’s would be a great starting point.

    1. I feed my dog a raw diet but have never tried duck necks before! Thanks for the post on Darwins. Will definitely be checking them out.

  26. My dogs thrive on raw! Its difficult to afford all of the time since I have several pittie rescues, they eat a lot!!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Each 2-pound “pack” has two separate 1-pound sealed pouches. Each of those pouches has 4 necks. So I just defrost one pouch at a time and give my dog one neck per meal (along with his other food). If you didn’t want to feed them that frequently, they should be fine in a ziploc or container in your fridge for 5-6 days.

      1. I have also given my dog turkey necks that are frozen. It slows him down with the bigger necks. He loves it on a hot South Florida day!

  27. Oh my what a great opportunity to give my dogs a healthy diet I would love to see them dig in to their bowls with pure delight and then lick their their mouths. Really good!!!!!

  28. Phyllis Howell

    Have an 18 month old Golden. Have been toying with the idea of raw for him. He occasionally gets raw femur bones as a treat.

  29. Margie Stetson

    I have never fed my dog a raw diet or raw treats but I keep hearing about them. I think I need to try them.

  30. Joanne Twilleager

    I currently feed Darwin’s to my GSD and do love the convenience. It’s spendthrift but cheaper than commercial raw you buy through pets stores. She seems to be thriving well and has been raw fed totally almost a year.

  31. I have 6 dogs that LOVE raw food, they go crazy for it. I would love to have some of these duck necks for them.

  32. Nicole Robertson

    Rocky would love to try the duck necks! He unfortunately has cancer, and they gave him 3 more months. I immediately switched him to a raw diet/The Honest Kitchen and supplemented with Turkey Tail. He is doing great, and getting “buff” ❤️

  33. Joanne Twilleager

    My GSD is currently on Darwin’s. Love the convenience and priced considerably cheaper than commercial rawfood you buy in specialty pet food stores. I have been feeding raw totally for almost a year. I would love the duck necks for my dog.

  34. My dogs enjoy both duck and turkey necks. Been raw feeding since pups- 8 years. Used Darwin’s for some time, but when the shipping cost approached the cost of the food itself, I found another source. However, Darwin’s food is excellent!

  35. I currently feed a raw diet but don’t have access to duck necks where I live. I’ve fed mine chicken necks before, but I think the smaller size of the duck would be better. I would love to try them.

  36. Jolene Johnson

    I want in! I don’t feed raw, but I bought a frozen raw bison bone for each of my dogs last year for a hot summer day treat. I never gave them those so we’ll give them when it’s spring and they can chew them outside! My boys would love the duck necks! Thank you for the info and the giveaway!

  37. we already serve our dogs a partial raw diet. We like to give them variety in their diet than just dry food.

  38. Elizabeth DePenna

    been feeding raw since December. started with Dr. party’s moved on to stella and Chewy’s, and Instinct. Now trying Instinct frozen. Am curious about Darwin’s!

  39. I have tried different brands of raw for my dog and have been looking for the right fit for him. He loves duck necks.

  40. Niharika Ojha

    Thank you for the information about duck necks. My dog(Lilly) needs to shed a few pounds, someone suggested I should give her a bone before her usual raw diet, so she will eat less. I started giving her turkey necks, chicken feet, chicken necks, turkey necks and recently added lamb chest bones, meaty beef back ribs, goat and lamb femurs, my dog really enjoy chewing the bones, great for her teeth with other benefits. Funny I have to keep an eye on her because she will try to hide the remaining bone inside the house and outside try to dip up the backyard to hide it.

  41. Victoria Gooch

    My Siberian Husky Legend really enjoys raw frozen bone and seems to do very well with them. He gets a raw treat from time to time. I enjoyed this article and learned a few new things in the process. Thanks for your email. I will be looking forward to more of them!☺️

  42. I bet my dog, Oklee, would love to try this! She is allergic to everything; the vet even said she was basically allergic to herself. I have wondered if a raw diet is the way to go…
    Thanks for your blog!

  43. My almost 6 month old lab has been on a raw diet since he was 4 months and even at this young age we can see a difference in him since changing from dried/kibble food. My 13yr old has had a raw bone regularly but never tried ducks necks.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win s months supply of Darwin raw food.

  44. I think that this food would be great for my small dog. It would be awesome to be able to try it out before I buy it. Thank you for providing this giveaway.

  45. I’ve been really starting to consider making the switch to raw dog food but not sure about committing to the price quite yet, this would be an amazing thing to try before committing!!

  46. I used to nearly lose sleep over feeding my dog whole raw meaty bones as a puppy when first switching to raw Now he eats all different kinds! Duck necks are one of his favorites, frozen or thawed.

  47. I’ve been looking into a raw diet for awhile now. I see all the benefits and am really interested in trying to incorporate more raw in my girl’s diet.

  48. We love Darwin’s in this household!! It is so convenient and I am at ease knowing my dogs are getting all of the nutrients they need while sticking with a raw diet. My girl Oakley’s metabolism works overtime, and while she’s constantly eating us out of house and home, a month of Darwin’s would be an amazing gift!!

  49. The benefits with a raw diet for my girl has been amazing! Not only has it helped with her skin allergies but it also helped her to shed 20 lbs as she was overweight! I usually purchase meat and prepare her meals myself so it would be awesome to try out some of Darwin’s products as they are all ready to serve!

  50. Jennifer Smith

    I’m still cautious about feeding me dogs raw neck bones but after reading this article and the trial offer, I’m willing to check it out!

  51. It’s always bothered me that people are so repulsed by the idea of raw food. For the most part, raw food is the most nutritional state that you can eat your food in. I’m a vegan and I try to cook as few of my food items as possible to reserve the nutrients, and I do the same for my pups who love raw veggies and raw meat (not one of those people who think dogs can be vegan). But I’m all about what’s natural and clearly no one was cooking anything for these fellas when they were taking down prey in the wild! Thank you for increasing awareness and normalizing!

  52. My dog Liger has cancer but is living well past his initial estimated time here due to eating a raw diet. We would love to win this!

  53. All my pets eat about half of their meals raw. My big dog, Luke, wished it was more than half! This offer would help us add a little more raw to his bowl.

  54. What a great thorough review for someone who is hesitant to feed raw bones! Think i will give these a try with my dog finally. Thank you for the review 🙂

  55. Anna Jablecki

    I have been feeding my dog raw diet for about a year after she was diagnosed with Proteinuria. She is 11 years old so it’s a late start for her but I researched the subject & realized that raw diet would be beneficial for her kidneys after all the years of kibble, vaccinations, flea and heart-worm preventives. I jumped into this without much support or too much knowledge but overall it was a better alternative. My Ramona would love to be the winner of some delicacies from Darwin’s.

  56. I don’t currently feed raw but I do feed raw meat bones to them from time to time and they enjoy those. I would think they would love the duck necks.

  57. I would love to try Darwin…I feed raw to both my pups… keeping my fingers crossed!!! Thank you for the giveawsy!

  58. sharon talaga

    I have been feeding my dog raw for 3 years now. I will never go back to dog food.so far he is very healthy.

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