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Mighty Paw Frisbee Review

My dogs Rip the Lab and Remy the Weimaraner recently tested out the new dog frisbees from Mighty Paw.

I’m sharing my feedback as well as some feedback from a few of That Mutt’s readers who also tested out the frisbees.

This article is sponsored by Mighty Paw.

Mighty Paw Frisbee Review

My first impression of Mighty Paw’s frisbees was how soft they are – made of nylon instead of plastic.

This makes them more durable than a standard frisbee and softer on the dog’s teeth and gums.

The plastic frisbees always crack right away and sometimes my dogs have ended up cutting themselves on those types of cheap toys.

I also like that the frisbees come in a two pack. I have two dogs and since Remy is possessive of toys, it was nice they could each have one.

Features of the Mighty Paw Frisbees

Here are some features Mighty Paw lists on its website:

  • Soft – won’t damage teeth or gums
  • Two-pack
  • Lightweight & easy to throw
  • Floats
  • 10.5” across
  • Durable material
  • Fun for your dog!
  • Choose between green or orange
  • For dogs and puppies of all sizes

Check out the frisbees on Amazon HERE

What I like about the Mighty Paw frisbee

1. The frisbees are soft on the dog’s mouth.

This is the biggest plus, in my opinion. I don’t want my dogs cutting themselves on cheap plastic.

My weimaraner Remy has a hard mouth and he chomps down like crazy on whatever he manages to pick up.

The Mighty Paw frisbees are soft and therefore will not cut a dog’s tongue, mouth or gums.

2. The frisbees come as a two pack.

For around $15, depending on where you buy, you can get two frisbees.

That’s a great deal for the quality of these toys, and if you have two dogs, they can each have one.

It’s also nice to have an extra frisbee if you have a pup who doesn’t like to bring the toy back! (Remy)

Another reviewer said on Amazon, “My dog is a great fetcher but doesn’t ‘give’ so having two frisbees is great.” 

Click here to view on Amazon

Click here to view on

3. Lightweight – easy to throw.

I am not able to send the Mighty Paw frisbee sailing through the air like I am with a firmer “disc.”

For example, the Hyperflite Jawz discs are a brand made for the sport of disc dog.

The Mighty Paw frisbees are pretty easy to throw, however.

I took my Lab to the park to play fetch with the frisbee and he got a good workout in a short amount of time.

4. My dogs think the Mighty Paw frisbees are great!

Remy and Rip both think Mighty Paw’s frisbees are awesome!

They enjoy playing fetch with these frisbees as well as carrying them around.

These are not meant as chew toys, so obviously you’ll want to put them away after playing fetch if you have a chewer.

Here’s what another reviewer wrote on Amazon:

“Our lab mix absolutely loves frisbees and the Mighty Paw one is officially his new favorite! Durable, lightweight and I personally love the lime green color! Highly recommend.”

Cons of the Mighty Paw frisbees

1. Dogs can’t see orange.

The frisbees come in orange or green.

People can spot both these bright colors easily. But …

Dogs can’t see orange.

There’s a reason brands make blaze orange retrieving bumpers for hunting dogs. It’s so we can practice “blind” retrieves – meaning, the dog must rely on scent. I guess we could do that with the orange frisbee, too!

Humans have three types of cones in their eyes that can identify combos of red, blue and green, according to VCA Animal Hospitals. Dogs have two types of cones and can only discern blue and yellow.

For this reason, I recommend you go with the green frisbee instead of orange.

Dogs are able to distinguish blue and yellow from green, according to the American Kennel Club. This may be why dogs love yellow tennis balls!

My dogs are able to find the green frisbee just fine, even on green grass. They can also catch it in the air and find it easily on dirt. I’m sure it will be easy for them to find in the snow, too.

2. You could lose the orange frisbee in the water.

Mighty Paw says that these frisbees float in the water, which is great!

But, Mighty Paw also says these are “easy to see” and this is not the case for the orange frisbee (if you’re a dog).

I don’t recommend playing fetch with the orange frisbee in the water if there is any type of current. Dogs can’t see orange and it could get swept away before your dog finds it. Unless you want to be the one to go after it!

My dogs like to play fetch in the nearby river where there are a lot of green trees reflecting on the water. They were still able to spot the green frisbee but a white or neon yellow frisbee would be much easier.

Another reviewer on Amazon said his dog could spot the frisbee easily in the ocean. “The bright neon color makes it easy for my dog to spot.”

3. Dirt clings to the material of the frisbee.

The dirt clings to the nylon material. No big deal, I assume all my dogs’ toys will get dirty. Just wanted to point that out.

Other dog frisbees to consider

I like the value of the Mighty Paw dog frisbees. They are reasonably priced, durable and you get two. They are my first choice if you want to go with a soft material.

If you’re looking for a more traditional “disc,” then I recommend the Hyperflite brand. These are a bit more expensive but they are “puncture resistant” and have held up to serious abuse from my Weimaraner. These do NOT float however, and we lost ours in the river.

KONG also makes an affordable rubber flying disc for dogs that is durable and soft. I can’t throw it as far as the Mighty Paw frisbees, but ours has held up for several years!

Where to order Mighty Paw’s frisbee

Check them out on Mighty Paw’s website HERE.

Or on Amazon HERE.

Here is a video of Mighty Paw’s frisbee in action:

If you’ve tried this product, let me know your feedback in the comments below!

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Sarwar Abdullah

Wednesday 7th of December 2022

My dog started destroying it around hour 3. It's about 1/2 way gone now 4 days in. He LOVES it, though.


Tuesday 18th of October 2022

How do you find the durability? The Chuck-It Fetch Flight is a big favorite here, but the puppy tears off pieces of the rubber disc and tries to eat them. I’m routinely trading him a “sit” and a “please spit out whatever you’re eating” for a treat during play. My two also try to play tug with their discs. The price point of the Mighty Paws discs makes them sound very attractive, especially if they’re even somewhat durable!


Monday 31st of October 2022

It’s the other dog (the shepherd takes fetch VERY seriously and the frisbee is to be treated with reverence), but it sounds like something sturdier would be a better choice.


Saturday 29th of October 2022

@KL, If Reilly is already tearing off pieces of your other toy, I don't think these are a good choice for him. They are average durability.