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Your dog questions answered

Most Tuesdays I write a post that asks a question on anything related to dogs. Usually the question is related to training or behavior, but it could be anything. Most of my readers are dog owners and with all of us combined we have come across almost any dog issue you can imagine. Together we can come up with some pretty good solutions. So, here are all the questions that have been asked so far on my blog. If you have a dog-related question, send me an email at and I will post it for others to answer.

These questions have been asked so far:

Tabby cat approaches great dane puppy in its kennel


How do you deal with leash aggression?

How do you stop your dog from crying on walks near other dogs?

What do you do to get your dog to stop whining?

Are shock collars cruel?

Do you kennel train your dogs?

What are you teaching your dog now?


Can a dog’s barking be a sign of jealousy?

What is your dog’s worst habit?

What do you tolerate from your dog?

What is most annoying about dogs you know?

Pet services:

Does your dog go to daycare?


Would you fly your dog?


Is it OK for other people’s dogs to poop in your yard?

What do you do when you see a lost dog?

Have you ever re-homed a dog?

Have you ever been bitten by a dog?


Who’s your favorite movie dog?

What is the silliest game you play with your dog?


What dog food is best?

Is pet insurance necessary?

Is it bad to give your dog human food?

How far do you walk your dog?


What dog breed is your favorite?

How many pets do you have?

Existing breed profiles
Teach your dog the command 'find it'

Lindsay Stordahl

Friday 7th of November 2008

The dog in the crate is a merle great dane pup, only a few months old at the time.

Yes! The extra money spent on higher-quality kibble is worth it. I mean, it's the same as eating better food yourself. You can eat cheap food and not be as healthy, or pay a little more and be healthier and hopefully have fewer doctors' bills down the road.

Pet Doctor

Friday 7th of November 2008

Great blog! Is the dog in the crate a Catahoula? If so, great choice! Do you feel that the extra money spent on good kibble (Wellness, TOTW, TimberWolf, etc) is worth it?

Mayra Calvani

Sunday 24th of August 2008

My dog always barks like crazy when members of the family hug and kiss. Is he jealous?

Mayra Calvanis last blog post..Dream Realm Award Finalist


Sunday 24th of August 2008

What is the silliest game you play with your dog?!

Emilys last blog post..I Remembered The Camera!

Saint Lover

Sunday 24th of August 2008

I have one... emailing you :)

Saint Lovers last blog post..Wag Fest

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