Does the Thundershirt for Dogs Really Work?

Note: This Thundershirt review is written by my mom Nancy Stordahl. She maintains the blog Nancy’s Point.

My golden retriever Elsie is a bit nervous during thunderstorms OR fireworks. OK, that’s an understatement.

Elsie is extremely nervous during thunderstorms. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be an actual thunderstorm.

Elsie seems to have some kind of built-in barometric pressure reader. She seems to know when a thunderstorm is coming. Then when it finally does arrive, the real fun begins. (Update: Our sweet Elsie has passed away.)

When Elsie senses an approaching thunderstorm, all the classic canine symptoms of anxiety begin to kick in:

  • She becomes restless.
  • Her body language “screams” worry.
  • She paces. She sniffs the air.
  • Pants – a lot.
  • She whimpers.
  • Forcefully nudges her way under my legs or chair.
  • She “digs.”
  • Tries to find a safe spot. She can’t – in her mind, there isn’t one.

*Get my tips on how to help a dog who’s scared of fireworks. Click Here.

These behaviors start off on the mild side, but quickly escalate, becoming highly annoying and frustrating. Elsie ends up in full-blown, panic-attack mode. I kid you not.

Whenever these symptoms begin to happen, I immediately put her in her kennel in my basement and turn a fan onto its highest setting in order to cool her down and hopefully drown out some of the “terror.”

Other things I’ve tried in addition to the Thundershirt:

  • Ignoring the behaviors. No luck.
  • Providing comfort verbally and physically by speaking reassuringly while petting and stroking her gently. No luck. See the post, Can you reward a dog’s fear?
  • Putting her into a confined space such as a bathroom.
  • Anti-anxiety drug via her vet. Again, to no avail.

The Thundershirt review – does the Thundershirt really work?

When That Mutt offered me an opportunity to test out a product called the Thundershirt, I was thrilled. As it turned out, our trial run came at the perfect time. The Fourth of July was also fast approaching.

In addition to thunderstorms, my dog is afraid of fireworks and firecrackers. Since we live in Wisconsin where such noisemakers are legal, we get to hear such sounds for more than a few days before and after the Fourth.

More opportunity for testing!

Now a bit about the Thundershirt.

The particular product I am critiquing is called the Thundershirt and is marketed as “The Best Solution for Dog Anxiety.”

It has a patent-pending design that applies constant pressure on a dog’s abdomen. This pressure is intended to calm the dog, much like swaddling an infant is supposed to calm her. It’s basically a “wrap” for your dog held in place with Velcro.

Thundershirt for golden retriever Elsie

The Thundershirt for dogs is labeled as safe, effective, drug free and easy to use, so I will comment on these four claims.

Safety – Yes, it’s a safe product to use as far as I can tell, although I did not leave it on my dog while she was kenneled as she tends to chew/destroy things in her kennel when she is agitated.

I didn’t know if she would “eat” the product or harm herself with it in some way. She probably would not have, but my choice was better safe than sorry.

Drug free – Yes! I don’t like drugs for myself or for my dogs. See the post, Medications for dogs during fireworks.

Easy to use – Hmm. I am not good with puzzles. Thankfully the Thundershirt came with a good diagram. Let’s just say I needed it! Most people will probably figure it out more quickly than I did.

Effective – Well, for my dog, not so much. See what others thought of it here.

Will a Thundershirt stop my dog’s fear of storms?

For our particular situation, the Thundershirt did not prove to be very effective in reducing my dog’s stress.

Thundershirt for dogs review - Does the Thundershirt for dogs really work?

I did notice a slight decrease in her anxiety with a gentle rain (no thunder or lightening, just drizzle), so this was something I will keep testing. Yes, my dog starts to get nervous even when there is a gentle rain!

Maybe she can progress. Who knows?

One positive thing is that Elsie did not seem to mind one bit about putting on or wearing the Thundershirt. There was no struggle to put it on her at all.

Another observation I made was that part of the Velcro came undone after only one use.

All in all, the Thundershirt did not solve our problem.

Could the Thundershirt work for other dogs?

The Thundershirt did not help Elsie overcome her thunderstorm anxiety. However, every dog is an individual and this product may or may not help your dog.

It’s important to point out that my dog is an extreme case. If you have a dog only beginning to exhibit signs of anxiety, this product might be of help in keeping the problem from getting worse.

Does the Thundershirt really work

The Thundershirt could help with dog separation anxiety or other issues like barking, travel anxiety, excitability, leash pulling and fearfulness.

It can also be used as a general training tool. For example, it could be used to keep your dog more focused on the lesson at hand. It may or may not come in handy for these uses. I did not test it for any of these purposes.

If you have a dog suffering from anxiety, the Thundershirt might be worth a try, especially since the company does offer a 100-percent guarantee that it will work or you can return it for a full refund.

You gotta love that!

How much does a Thundershirt cost?

The Thundershirt is priced at $39.95 on Amazon – get one here.

Does your pet suffer from thunderstorm anxiety? What (if anything) works for your dog?

Let us know in the comments!

*Get my tips on how to help a dog who’s scared of fireworks. Click Here.

Nancy Stordahl maintains the blog Nancy’s Point, a blog about grief, breast cancer and other topics.

293 thoughts on “Does the Thundershirt for Dogs Really Work?”

  1. Never heard of the Thundershirt before, I thank you for the review. My Bella is almost as bad as Elsie with the stress during thunder storms and the July 4 weekend. I had a thought the other night as we were sitting in our “safe place” because of the tornado warnings, do wolves have stress over storms, etc? Or is it only a domesticated animal fear?

    1. Rita, That’s an interesting question you raise about the wolves. I wonder if they do get anxious or experience changes in behavior during storms… It’s good to know Elsie and I are not alone. I’m glad you and Bella have figured out a safe place to wait out the storms in!

      1. Lindsay Stordahl

        Rita, I remember a Dog Whisperer episode where Cesar Millan said anxiety does not exist in nature. I do not agree with that statement – I think every animal experiences some amount of stress/anxiety. Stress is a part of life. However, I also know that wild animals such as wolves generally live much more balanced lives than domesticated animals and animals living in captivity. I bet it’s very rare for a wolf to freak out over a storm to the degree that so many domesticated dogs freak out.

    2. Kathleen Glielmi

      The Thundershirt helps one of my dogs better than the other. The stress relief system by Petmate, which uses music, vibration along the dogs spine/shoulder area works well along with 2 Hemp Treats.

  2. Ahh, so sorry the thundershirt didn’t work for you! I haven’t tried it personally but a several friends did and they all think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

    I personally cannot test it, as the only thing our dogs are afraid of is a day without a walk, which clearly no shirt would fix 🙂 As there is an easy remedy for that fear, we are living fear free.

    Did you try the Bach Rescue Remedy or DAP (Dog appeasing hormone)?

    1. Jada,
      You are lucky you do not have this problem! It’s good to hear some friends of yours find the Thundershirt to be helpful. We have not tried Bach Rescue Remedy or DAP. I do not know what they are… Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. Lindsay Stordahl

    I don’t think Elsie has tried Rescue Remedy or DAP. I’ve used Rescue Remedy for some of my foster dogs – a complete waste of money for every dog I’ve tried it on. Obviously it needs to be used in addition to training, conditioning, etc., though.

  4. Charlie is very stressed during storms and fireworks. We were thinking about trying the Thundershirt but I honestly didn’t think it would work, it just sounded too crazy to me. From Friday up until tuesday last weekend there were fireworks going off near our house every night.

    Usually Charlie will try for hours to get frozen peanut butter out of the Kong toy (he has two, thanks to me always losing things then finding them right after I buy a new one) So when I would watch the weather and see a storm coming I’d freeze both with PB in them and he always calms down and focuses on the toy. This weekend, however, he’d give it a couple licks and walk away.

    I didn’t sleep very much this last week.

    1. Jessi,
      Thank you for reminding me about the Kong. While I am almost certain it will not help Elsie during storms, it might be worth a try. Sorry the past weekend was so stressful for Charlie. I know what that’s like. Here’s to quieter days and nights!

  5. We have used a Thundershirt for the past year on one of our dogs, and have found it to work great for her. Instead of trying to look for a “safe” place and panting, she actually will stay on the bed with us and go to sleep. I’m sorry it didn’t work for Elsie.

    1. Sylv,
      I’m so glad the Thundershirt works for your dog! Perhaps she wasn’t as “far gone” as Elsie! I think it would be good to try this before the behaviors escalate. I wish I had tried it earlier. I might keep using it for those minor showers and see if we can “work our way up.” Thanks for commenting about your experience with the Thundershirt.

  6. I had never heard of a Thundershirt, either. Dogs really exhibit different levels of anxiety, I’ve noticed. One of mine doesn’t cower at all when there’s a thunderstorm and lightning bolts streak across the sky followed by rumbles of thunder. The other, Henry, is terrified and hides inside his dog house with wide eyes. He also gets anxious when his canine buddy escapes. I don’t think the Thundershirt would benefit him in either of these catastrophes. But for a dog with a lesser case of the jitters, maybe it’s worth a try. Thanks for sharing the results of this product with your readers.

    Elsie is one cute dog, I must say!

    1. Jan,
      Thanks for commenting on the Thundershirt. It sounds like your two dogs are indeed quite different in how they deal with stress, just like mine are. I’m glad Henry can cope by taking refuge in his doghouse. I am so thankful Elsie was kennel trained since day one, so at least she has that as a safe haven, although she still remains extremely nervous in there. It’s a good thing there are so many products available now days for pet owners to try if they so choose. Thanks again, Jan, for reading and commenting and also for the compliment about Elsie!

  7. Lindsay Stordahl

    My dog has some anxiety when we ride in the car that can get annoying. He also becomes extremely excited/anxious if people are playing catch and he is expected to sit and stay and not participate. The Thundershirt would probably mellow him out slightly.

    1. My dog also has anxiety in the car. I’m trying to take him to places that excite him, such as the park, so he associates the car with something positive. I took him to three parks today and saw some improvement. He gets right up to the seat but just won’t jump in, where before he wouldn’t go near the car. Hopefully this helps.

      1. Lindsay Stordahl

        If he doesn’t get car sick, you could give him a few treats in the car, too.

        Are you sure it is not just excitement? My dog gets anxious in the car (at times) and cries because he is so excited! He loves the car, and he loves going places! This equates to a lot of pacing, panting, crying, yipping and looking out the window.

  8. I am very new to dogs, so please forgive me if this seems ridiculous. When I went to pick up my dog from the animal shelter, a thunderstorm was approaching. I knew that it was beneficial to take the dog on a walk right after picking him up from the shelter, so I wanted to get a quick one in before we got wet (a little risky, maybe?). We got to walk for about a half mile and we could hear thunder as we walked. My dog reacted nervously to it initially, but after a few rumbles he was fine!

    Maybe it would help to just take her outside slightly before, during, or just after the storm (that is, if there is no visible lightning). My guess is that she thinks the thunder is something threatening outside the home that she can’t see, but if she is outside and sees that there is nothing to worry about but getting a little wet, her anxiety might decrease in the future. Positive reinforcement would probably help as well – if she’s calm at any point, reward her.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      All good ideas, Brian. The key is to stretch her boundaries without overwhelming her too much. That’s what I have to do with my foster dog right now, only his issue is meeting new people. He is not scared of storms or fireworks one bit!

  9. Thanks for the Thundershirt review. Our local paper’s dog blog moderator got one of these shirts for his Yorkie and found the same thing your mom did with Elsie. It didn’t seem to help too much, but he keeps trying it.

    Thankfully, they don’t allow fireworks in our town execept on New Year’s Eve. This past year was the first time they started it, so I took both our dogs on two long walks over the course of the day. I think tiring Belle out helped a little. She woofs and paces at fireworks. This year on the Fourth I did take her outside while they were popping, and I actually got her to go to the bathroom before going inside. It’s the little things, and I think I’m blessed with one dog who is fine and the other with a mild case of anxiety over loud popping noises!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I find ways to make little bits of progress with Ace and foster dog Cosmo with each of their unique issues. Luckily they are both unfazed by fireworks and thunderstorms.

    2. Thanks for the feedback on the Thundershirt. I’ve been wondering how it’s worked out for others. I might keep trying.

      Like you, I have two dogs with very different personalities. They react so differently to situations. Good for you for getting your dog to “do her thing” despite the distracting noises of fireworks.

  10. My 3-year old mini schnauzer Stevie also is terrified of rainstorms and fireworks. She sounds a lot like Elsie. She can sense when a storm is coming and there doesn’t even have to be lightning and thunder. She doesn’t pant or pace or dig, but she does hide under a bed or under the sink in the laundry room for hours! I do have a Thundershirt. It does calm her a little, but not much. We live in south Florida where we just moved this past year from Ohio, so it rains almost every day in the summer. She was fine during the winter, because it didn’t rain.

  11. Lindsay Stordahl

    Poor Stevie. Is there anything you could use to help her associated something positive with rain? Maybe a favorite squeaky toy or her favorite treats?

  12. Our Peke mix has no problem with storms. Actually, she loves to sit in our bay window and will calmly watch them. She also has no problems with other dogs on walks. During 4th of July, we’re not positive as to how she reacted, because she was in a room with the doors shut and we were outside. The reason for this is because she acts like she wants to rip the face off of every stranger she meets. We’ve tried positive reinforcement (giving the stranger a treat, which just makes her eat the treat and then try to bite said person), and we’ve tried positive punishment (Looking her in the eyes and firmly telling her “no”). The “no” worked for a little bit, but now she will either ignore us or look at us, then keep barking. This is why we always have a firm hold on her whenever we are around people she doesn’t know.

    I’ve heard about the Thundershirt, and I just saw a commercial on TV about it, and thought about trying it. Muzzles seem to calm Stella down when we’re at the vet though, so we might just have to resort to one of those. She’s little, so everyone thinks it’s cute, but she bites. If she was a bigger dog, somebody probably would have demanded that we put her down. Her problem with people is usually protecting us and protecting herself. She’s a rescue dog and definitely exhibits behavior of being beaten, so we have to be gentle with her. I’ve noticed that if we are around other people and I give her a belly rub while she’s still calm, she’s too happy to really care about the other people around.

    So here’s hoping that the Thundershirt works!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I think it will help a little, as long as you are doing other things along with it. The Thundershirt alone will not solve your problem. It’s just another tool you can try. Good luck!

  13. I purchased the thundershirt for my male chocolate lab. We have tried it multiple times for storms and fireworks. Did not work a bit. I wish it did.

    My son also got one for his female Staffordshire. Did not work for her either.

  14. Margaret Jesso

    I talked to my vet and they recommended I try this Thunder Shirt for my Golden
    Retriver. Their patients have had good luck. I hope I can say the same thing.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I also hope it works! Don’t expect it to be a quick fix. Expect to use it with other methods and you may see some improvement.

  15. I purchased the thunder shirt for my princess Phoebe (greyhound/vizsla) I wouldn’t say it is a miracle but she loves wearing it. It is very comfortable and easy to put on her. It too had the Velcro pull off with the first wearing. If they came in more colors I would definitely recommend and buy another one for her. Also wish they came in other materials such as fleece.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Glad it’s working! I wish they came in more materials/patterns as well – like pink! 🙂 Or maybe they do. I just haven’t seen them.

      1. I know that when I ordered my Thundershirt, there was a similar issue with the Velcro coming off. I called the company and they sent me a brand new shirt and a return label for the “defective” one, free of cost! I have also seen that they carry Navy Blue and Pink “rugby” styles as well- just ordered my second one in the pink! I have seen such a difference with my lab mix Bella, she’s not cowering in the closet during storms anymore and it has significantly helped with her chewing issues. You can tell she is still aware of the sounds, but is now content to hang in the living room with the family. We are very thankful for the Thundershirt and would definitely recommend trying it (especially since it has the money-back guarantee!)

  16. I have 2 mini schnauzers, 18 months & 12 months. The younger one is chewing at my wooden kitchen when I am at work. I leave her a kong and chewable toys etc but to no availl. The only answer I get is crate her but we tried once and she physically hurt herself trying to get out of it. Would the Thundershirt help?

  17. The Thundershirt might help, but it will not solve your problem. I would give it a try in addition to other training tools such as the Kongs as you are already doing. Also look into increasing her exercise in the mornings and evenings so she will have less energy when you are gone.

  18. We have two Wire Hair Fox Terriers and two Thundershirts. Works like a charm on one of them, in fact she loves to put it on when it is raining. With the other one, he could care less. So your mileage might vary but I would much rather have one shaking dog than two.

  19. The Thundershirt doesn’t work on all dogs or in all circumstances, but with a money back guarantee it’s worth trying it out. It sometimes works instantly but it may take a few times before the dog’s anxiety lessens.

  20. Is there a risk of building up tolerance when using this shirt? It calms down my dog. Will wearing it too much cause it to stop working. She seems to like wearing it.

  21. Lindsay Stordahl

    I don’t think it will stop working. If you don’t mind using it all the time, then it’s no big deal. Otherwise, you may want to try to slowly wean her off of it so she can build up her confidence when she doesn’t have the Thundershirt on.

  22. Hi my name is Chris I have two 8 week old puppies, your breakdown of the thundershirts workings was bad and attention deficite at best. You explained more about your. Dogs than how the product actually worked.

  23. I am very much attached to my dog and he is a good companion. But for the last few months I have found that my pet is becoming irritated and feels uncomfortable. I took him to the doctor to make him relaxed but nothing changed. I came across with this product and was confused whether it will heal the problem or not. But now I think that I have made an intelligent decision and my dog now feels relaxed and calm.

  24. You may be inadvertently causing your dog more anxiety. Removing the dog from the situation makes her believe there’s something to be afraid of. Dogs are pack animals, and they look to their leader (you) for guidance. If you act like something is dangerous, then they react with fear. Training is not an overnight thing, but if you tried some immersion therapy she may get the picture that there’s literally nothing to be afraid of. There is no substitute for good training, and your dog feeds off your emotions. If you anticipate an anxiety attack, your dog picks up on your emotions. Petting and reassuring your pet doesn’t project the same thing to a dog as it does to humans, in fact, this may make them more afraid because you’re trying to soothe them. If you react calmly, the dog sees this as a sign that there’s nothing to fear and quickly relaxes.

  25. My little teddy bear, which is a bichon frise, schi-tsu mix, and let me tell ya she is the sweetest little 8.5 pound of cuteness and love. The only problem is she absolutly hates thunderstorms. She also hates it when she hears thuds from our surrounding us because we live in an appartment building and the worst thing happened the other day when I have no idea what it was but it sounded super weird and she just went bizerk like always. I need to find something that works for my not even one year old puppy/dog that has some seperation anxiety as well as freaking out like every other dog, but I hate the idea of putting my little dog on Doggy Drugs. Ugh. My major question is, does it sell anywhere accept for online in Madison.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      It won’t cure your dog’s anxiety, but it might help in addition to other training methods. I asked Thundershirt via Twitter if any stores in Madison carry Thundershirts. If I hear back, I will let you know.

    2. Lindsay Stordahl

      Thundershirt got back to me and said that the product is carried at almost all PetSmarts and Petcos. I’m sure Madison has both.

  26. I have a two-year old bloodhound mix, Emmett, whose anxiety causes him to react to other dogs while on leash — he is a rescue who I believe wasn’t socialized effectively to the world. Off-leash, he is a great dog who loves dog parks and his once per week dog camp. He is also wonderful at home. We’ve really lucky that way with him.

    That said, on leash, it’s a completely different story… Since he’s been with us, we’ve been consistent with training, behavior modifications, taking Emmett out of situations where other dogs may be present during walks (which is not always an option because we live in a very dog friendly area). Our progress has been extremely slow and it’s often very frustrating because everyone around me seems to have the “perfectly” behaved dog and Emm is perceived as the aggressive wild dog — I’ve hear people make comments as I walk him.

    Just wondering, whether anyone heard about using Thudershirt to diminish dog / dog leash reactions in anxious dogs? I’ve ordered one and am willing to try it (of course along with continuous training), but would be interested in anyone’s experiences. Thank you,

  27. Lindsay Stordahl

    I know a few people who have tried this with minimal results. I know one blogger who puts a Thundershirt on her dog whenever they go places because her dog has some fear aggression with other dogs and is easily overwhelmed. It helps enough to keep trying it.

    Another woman I know had her dog wear a Thundershirt during obedience classes I took. She is not an aggressive dog, just a high-energy dog and the Thundershirt apparently calmed her a little bit. Another person I know just ordered one for her dog-aggressive lab to wear during walks. I haven’t heard whether or not is has helped her yet but I take the dog running so I will let you know.

  28. I recently purchased the Thundershirt for my border collie who has a fear of thunderstorms. Tried it on her while I was doing her favorite activity – running the sweeper. She always chases it and barks, with the shirt she was actually able to set and watch it with my husband. Can’t wait until a storm to try it! She loves putting it on!

  29. we have a rottie that hates having his nails cut have tried everything from meds ,muzzling,and even looked into the vet using anesthesia but that would cost 400.00 someone suggested the thundershirt wondered if anyone has any feedback on this,frustrated,hes 125 lbs and very very strong

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      It probably will not help. Yet, at $40 it might be worth a shot. It certainly would not hurt. I would hate to think your dog needs to be under anesthesia for a nail trim. I’m sure you’ve tried taking him to a professional groomer. If not, you should definitely try a few different groomers.

  30. I was sure interested in reading all the comments about the shirt and thunder storms. My dog is a Pom/dachsund mix…more Pomeranian than the other but anyway, it is impossible to get her to go potty outside when it is raining. No fear of thunderstorms that we can see but even as a little one she wouldn’t go potty in the rain. Eventually it was the patio but that’s another story. Sugar is very high strung and barks at every little sound inside and out. We have taken every method to get her to stop barking and nothing quiets her down. She can’t ride in the car because she acts like she is going to come out of her fur and pants and whines. What do you all think about the Thundershirt for the hyperactivity and the whining/barking?


    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      You know, it couldn’t hurt. It may or may no help. It sounds like your dog has some serious anxiety and probably needs tons of exercise and training and just confidence building in general. But possibly the Thundershirt will help a bit. I hope it does!

  31. We bought the Thundershirt for our 8 month old Pointer. Ada is not afraid of storms but she does go into uncontrollable puppy-crazy-jaggs when anxious or bored. The Thundershirt works like magic for this – Ada stops in her tracks, lies down and relaxes. She is NOT happy about it though. She does hang her head like she is mourning for her free will. I find that it is actually a very good training device as it helps her focus on our short training sessions.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Oh that’s so good to hear! I am glad it has helped your dog. This is how my dog is when I put his winter vest on him. He turns extra submissive and almost depressed! But when you need to calm your dog down, it’s a good option!

  32. My llapso alpso barks at anyone who walks by my home. She has taken to trying to chase cars while you are out walking with her on a leash. Do you think the thundercoat would do her any good?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I think it could help a bit. It just depends on the dog and it’s worth a shot. What she needs most is training and more exercise, however. The Thundershirt is not a quick fix.

  33. Thank you for writing this article. I have been researching the best pet to get since this will be my first one. I decided to get a dog-friendly cat and then a beagle puppy (which as I’ve found in my research are cat friendly dogs). I was watching TV when I saw the ad for this product. I wasn’t sold on it, so I decided to do more research. (I have done extensive research about dog/cat training, eating, psychology, everything before I get my pets.) It seemed like an interesting product, and I’m glad you gave a real review based on tests. If my dog begins to show anxiety I’ll be sure to give it a try. Thank you again.

  34. The original pressure wrap for dogs – and cats – was developed by certified professional dog trainer, Susan Sharpe, and this product differs from the Thundershirt in several important ways. The fabric, a stretchy lightweight, breathable and non-restrictive material is something that Susan came up with after experimenting with 90 different prototypes and it applies what is known as “maintained pressure.” The patented Anxiety Wrap provides more maintained pressure than any similar product on the market today and also has elastic and adjustable elements which specifically target acupressure points in the neck, shoulder and chest area, belly, mid-section and hind legs. In a recent clinical research study conducted by veterinarian, Dr. Nicholas Dodman at the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine the Anxiety Wrap was found to be 89% effective in study participants! In my practice as a professional dog trainer I have found the Anxiety Wrap to be consistently effective and recommend the original Anxiety Wrap to my clients with fearful or anxious dogs as part of a behavior modification program.

  35. I read your Thundershirt review with interest. We had a Golden Retriever (Lucky) for 12 years who never got over his fear of storms. I always chalked it up to the fact that he was apparently a stray that managed to elude his Animal Control captors for a month in the summer in Florida. He’d been severely abused by someone. The vet said that his lower front teeth were broken by blunt force (he estimated something like “a 2×4” had been used). He was a prince…the ideal family dog. But when thunderstorms were approaching, his anxiety was out of this world. If a storm sneaked up on us humans in the night, Lucky would leap on top of whoever’s bed was closest and climb on top of its occupant. A muffled, “Mom! Help!” was usually simultaneous with the first thunder clap. I’d take him into my bedroom and shut the door, and sit on the floor with his big head in my lap until it passed. He’d shake and pant, but as long as you kept in physical contact with him, he would hold on. Fortunately there was nearly always someone home, so if a storm came during the day, some variation of the above method worked. I came home from work more than once to find my elderly mom sitting in a chair trying to read the paper with one hand, while she smoothed Lucky’s head in her lap. He was always so happy otherwise, and his terror was so palpable during storms that we could never be upset with him. He gave us far more love and companionship than we could ever have asked for… So nice to see your review coupled with all the things you do to reduce Elsie’s fear.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Aww, thanks for sharing your story about sweet Lucky. Sounds like he was a great dog! This type of fear is tough to deal with, and many dogs seem to have this problem. I’m glad you found a way to get through storms with Lucky.

  36. Wouldn’t this Thundershirt encourage the nervous, erratic behaviour? It sounds to me that it simulates a hug or a stroke, which is telling the dog it is right to be freaking out. Doesn’t sound right to me at all…My staffy freaks out when thunders coming but if I tell him to be quiet and go on his side every time he whimpers he realises he is doing the wrong thing, and he has been getting a lot better.
    Take time to train your pooch, don’t ‘pamper’ them! They will be much happier and thank you in the long run. These things take time, people, no quick fixes x

  37. we just bought the thundershirt for our anxious barker and it makes such a drastic difference that you would not even believe it unless you saw it. he barks so much that he gives himself seizures sometimes (and us headaches often)! we bought him a thundershirt yesterday and put it on him and he immediately stopped barking. he laid down on the cough next to us and just relaxed!! he napped off and on all afternoon and did not bark even ONCE yesterday while he had it on. we even took it off several times to be sure he wasnt sick or anything and maybe that was the reason he stopped barking but nope! when he didnt have it on he started barking again (when we stand up, when the other dogs move, when the cat comes into the room, at people walking by outside the window, at squirrels, basically at anything). as soon as we put it on he is completely silent. for me the thundershirt would have been worth $400 for the peace it has given us! i just ordered 2 more online to see how they effect the other two active pups (the 4th is an older dog who sleeps alot and doesnt get uptight about anything). 🙂

  38. I have Irish Wolfhounds. Thunder? Fireworks? Ever see a horse try to hide behind a TV? Is was awful. The solution that has worked for my dogs is LAVENDER OIL. I found it in a rollie-ball thing and I just roll it between their eyes (so they can’t lick it). Doesn’t remove the fear entirely. They still have to be given lots of lovin’ till it’s over. But it stopped the pacing and whining. — Hope this helps.

  39. I have a yellow lab that freaks out so much over rain and thunderstorms that she can actually work herself up into a seizure. I use RESCUE REMEDY which is a homeopathic liquid and it really helps her. Calms her and she goes to sleep.

    Now my black lab, staffie mix on the other hand….I don’t think anything calms her down. LOL She whirls and twirls and jumps and runs until she passes out sleeping

    Also, Ceasar recommends the Rescue Remedy


    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I’ve used Rescue Remedy for my foster dogs and although others swear it worked for their dogs, it did not seem to help my dogs. Worth a shot as it can’t hurt, but it has never helped for my fosters with separation anxiety.

  40. Oh Angela, please do your research on those adorable beagles first. I had one who I loved dearly but he was always always into something. He could open the refrigerator door with his nose to get to food. When their nose turns on their brains turn off and stubborn…… LOL

    Good luck. My labs are MUCH easier


  41. I have a chihuahua that is about 1 year old. While its not apparent wether or not she is agitated or scared during thunderstorms, she’s incredibly anxious and nervous with EVERYTHING. When she meets someone new she shakes and even laying next to me is very shaky. She’s incredibly nervous when you walk up to her or try and play with her. I just bought the Thundershirt because of the benefits it boasts. I’m hoping it helps solve a number of her problems. I’ll keep you posted on how well her anxiety subsides. When I squeeze her gently in my arms though she really seems to calm down so the pressure from the Thundershirt may be just what she needs.

  42. Hi everyone. I found your blog when I was searching for reviews on the Thundershirt. I’m half tempted to try it out on my 5 year old Miniature Schnauzer but I just can’t imagine it actually working better than me actually holding him and comforting him. It’s not thunder he’s scared of. That thankfully doesn’t both him. It’s fireworks. And I mean to tell you he gets so freaked out that last year he wouldn’t go outside to pee at night for months. Literally months. We’d carry him down into the yard and he’d just run right back up and sit at the back door shaking. He knew that night time brought the fireworks. The idiots around here set them off for weeks before and after the fourth even though it’s illegal in Maryland. I was so angry last year that I wanted to go over and physically hurt said neighbors (and I’m not a physical altercation type of girl). Some people have NO consideration at all, and these are neighbors that get away with everything. I’m not sure what to do this year. I thought about getting a firework DVD and playing it a little everyday. Maybe that would help him get used to them a little. I just feel so sorry him when he’s that terrified.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I think getting a fireworks DVD is actually a great idea. Play it in the background softly while doing something fun like playing fetch or whatever your dog likes to do. Feed him his favorite treats or whatever he likes.

      The Thundershirt is worth a shot. It probably won’t help, but you don’t have anything to lose except the $40.

  43. My poor dog (the youngest of four) is so nervous she shakes at times for no reasons, hides between two pillows with just her head sticking out so the others don’t see her and at times has bitten me because I’ve woken her while she’s asleep. I’ve tried exercise, time alone away from the other dogs, extra play time, puppy training class, all this attention just makes her more protective of me and less social with the others. I was really hoping this jacket would chill her out. I’ve tried the rescue remedy to no avail. Anyone have other suggestions?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I don’t think the Thundershirt will give you the quick fix you are hoping for. It might help slightly.

      I would look for ways to build your dog’s confidence. Take her for walks with each of your other dogs one at a time and also by herself. Try not to carry her around and coddle her. Don’t allow her to always sit in your lap or on the couch with you. I like the idea of taking her to training classes. That is a great way to build a dog’s confidence while bonding with you.

  44. I’m testing the thundershirt on my Sophie. She is a Yorkshire and has anxiety attacks. The vet recommend that I try it. She had a deep cleaning of her teeth Monday, March 19, 2012. When she got home she was sleeping yet. Later that evening she started to show signs of anxiety. I put the Thundershirt on her and she settled down. I would like to know how long do you leave the shirt on? I was scared she would get overheated.

    But with this one time experience it seems to work. I hope it continues to work.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I guess I don’t know how long you can leave the shirt on, but I know people will leave it on while they are at work for eight hours. Others will leave it on the dog all night if there are thunderstorms. I don’t think you have to worry about your dog overheating.

    2. I live it Darwin & we have Territory Day every July 1st, and it always starts a few days before and seems to go on for a month after!!!!I have a chi x who is very nervous of the bangs & in general . Anyway, I kept thinking she would be o.k. but after taking her for a walk and crackers going off, I realised how stressed she was as she wouldn’t stop shaking… so I went to buy some Vetalogica today, herbal remedy, but the lady in the petstore said for it to be effective I should have started my pooch on it a week ago…..feeling guilty for not doing anything sooner, PetBarn suggested the Thundershirt……WOW…..I put it on Maxi….and SHE LOVES IT!!!!! I have put it on and off a few times to get her used to it…..and for me to get it right, she’s so relaxed I actually thought I’d put it on to tight and she was loosing consciousness she is so relaxed, (but on that not can that happen?)…Thanks A Million….Problem solved 🙂 Just thought I’d let people know as it is a huge problem here every year, so many dogs go missing or end up at the RSPCA etc…. 🙁

    1. Barking is ok and I didn’t see anyone talking about barking, it’s the shaking non stop and being scared out of their wits we are talking about.

        1. Then why would you want a dog? They bark, they shake and they have feelings as well. Maybe they are smarter than people, ever thought of that? Your dog is no different than most. I have 2 rottweilers and both hate storms but guess what…. I let them do their own thing and after the storm they are FINE. Like I said, ppl with the issues of their pet…its your ISSUE not the pet. Stop being selfish and either love your dog unconditionally as they do you or just dont have one!! Its that easy

          1. Obviously your one of those people who would let your kids be kids and jump off of a bridge because they have feelings that they want to jump , or they feel like throwing gasoline on a fire…. I guess just let them be kids and do their thing. I will hope you don’t have kids and I hope your not in the day care business because you seem like the selfish one. Nothing personal , but you seem like a know it all who knows nothing….. Or you were locked in a closet as a child. I hope you recover .

          2. I have a dog with general anxiety and severe separation anxiety.I found that the Thunder Shirt made a difference to this little dogs life as far as the general anxiety goes,although it did not help her separation anxiety.In general I now have a dog who is calmer and less scared of the world around her,and for me that is worth every cent I paid for the Thunder Shirt,even though it only partly worked.She is a rescue dog with an unknown past and I am in this for the long haul,maybe one day she will trust me enough to KNOW I will come back and her fear/anxiety at my leaving will stop.I agree the shirt is essentially a “hug” for the dog,but if you think about it a very young baby feels more secure and settled when wrapped firmly in a blanket and maybe the same principal applies here.Of course we are aware we are dealing with animals,not,human babies,but those of us who love our pets,will do whatever they can to make them feel secure and happy.You can not judge or ridicule us for trying to help or maybe you think “too much trouble,throw the dog away”.Thankfully there are a lot more people in this world who accept the responsibility of the dog they have taken on,then people who just put them in the too hard basket and throw them away.

          3. We are not selfish. We are doing what is best for our dogs. If a human is crying or have panic attacks, they would have to be nurtured not just left there. And Rottweilers are domestic dogs. They are not in nature. They were made for peoples farms. And farmers kept them as PETS. So they were never “in nature” to panic and bark and whatever else.

    2. well when you have 7 calls against your dogs for “barking too long” its not a good thing, mines bark WAY too much, just because they are happy or afraid. I also said they aren’t like humans , they don’t talk like us, they bark we can’t shut them up. but I really dont want to get a citation for my dogs, and if this will help them calm down im so up for it.

    3. Well theres not much barking when it comes to anxiety well me and my dog both have anxiety and i have this thing called a wiethed blanket and a vest and they work to calm me. So i thought it would be best to get somthing like that for my dog. I bought the thundershirt and noot long atall did i notice that he was calmer.It realy works!

    4. If all my little dog did was occassionally bark,then I would not be doing anything.Like you have said dogs bark.BUT my dog(and others I am sure) is not just barking,she is having full on anxiety attacks,howling,barking and severely distressed.I am worried she is going to cause herself a serious injury if nothing is done.I love my dog and believe me I would prefer she needed nothing more then food,love and shelter in order to be happy.But like some people it seems there is something wrong with her brain chemistry(according to the vet) and the only hope she has is medicine and retraining.Now as that is not working,although admittedly it has only been a couple of weeks,I will get the Thunder Shirt and with any hope Bailee will be able to go from a seriously anxious dog,to a relatively happy one who will have many,many years with me with a calmer demeanour.

  45. Do you think it is possible for you to leave a comment without the use of such horrific profanity? Your entire comment is lost with your inability to say anything without using some sort of offensive word in just about every sentence.

  46. Bought this for my pup who is terrified of thunderstorms and she nearly strangled herself in it. Tried to return the item for the money back guarantee and the company refused to honor their return policy even with the original receipt and packaging.

    I do not recommend or the product or the seller!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Your dog strangled itself in it, maybe because he/she didn’t like it or maybe you put it on too tight. Duh!

  47. Our dog is a mini Jack Russell (9 lbs)…so he’s naturally protective in nature. Though storms don’t bother him, he feels he has to make his presence known to motorcycles, other dogs barking outside, or anything else that comes as “outside of the norm” in his little world. We bought this shirt in a size Small and IMMEDIATELY we noticed a HUGE difference. He’s easily agitated by men (not women or children) and will bark to them if we see them in pet stores or in public. Right after we put this on, he’d look at them but keep walking by. At first, he whimpered or whined as we walked past a few male customers but then that stopped too! In addition to this, he loves wearing the shirt. It completely relaxes him and makes him feel safe and secure; to the point where he will literally fall asleep in a sitting position while in it. He’s toppled over a few times and my son thinks it’s cute. I’m not sure how Holly’s Yorkie almost strangled herself in it since this is supposed to be extremely form fitting. And I’m sorry that it didn’t work for Elsie and a few other dogs…but as the package says, it’s effective for 80% of dogs. They also provide instructions on HOW to return it too. You’re supposed to contact Thundershirt directly and not send it back to the store. Instructions are in the packaging. Bolt loves wearing his thundershirt and the only time we take it off of him is when he’s crated at night for sleeping. We leave it on him during walks and when he’s at home. He will actually pick up the shirt and bring it to us to put it on him because he loves wearing it so much. Other than at night when he takes it off, he wears it all day long and loves it. The shirt is extremely breathable and we haven’t had any issues of overheating or anything. I guess to each his own. For my dog, it works. =)

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Glad it works for your dog! I also noticed the money back guarantee is for the first 60 days, which seems like a reasonable amount of time.

      1. Hi Lindsay!

        I thought it may be worth it to note that PetsMart will 100% return this item if it is not effective (full money back within 60 days with a receipt or a store credit with no receipt). I know this because I’m a PetsMart trainer and have introduced this product to a number of clients.

        It seems to be really effective in combating car sickness in dogs (most of my client’s dogs went from throwing up to just a little drooling when wearing the shirt); a few clients have tried for anxiety and had varying results. We’ve only had the shirts in stock for a couple months as we’re a Canadian store, but they seem to be working well as returns aren’t high (I ALWAYS remind a customer that if a product does not work that they can return it hassle free – I’m not just looking to make a sale, I genuinely want to help the pet parent and their pet.)

  48. My Chinese Shar Pei goes into attack mode whenever she sees another dog, this makes it hard for me to take her places like the beach, lake or store cause I am afraid she will break away from me. Is the Thundershirt good for this kind of situation?

    1. According to the website, yeah, it can be used for aggression too! and for some dogs including positive training WITH the shirt can increase the effectiveness during the learning curve 🙂

      1. Lindsay Stordahl

        It can definitely help for some dogs. It won’t be quite the quick fix most people are hoping for, though.

    2. It may help calm your dog, which would help in reconditioning their reaction to other dogs. Just like training collars, these tools won’t eliminate the problem but they will make it easier for you to train dogs to behave correctly. For example, if your dog is too focused on whatever is making it react and won’t pay attention to you then it will be impossible to correct the problem; as I always say in my classes, if you don’t have your dog’s attention the the odds of it listening to you are slim to none. If your dog is calm enough (with the help of a thundershirt) for you to get its attention then you can reward it for disengaging in the other dog or ask it to perform another behaviour. If the reward is motivating enough and you repeat this exercise over and over then you will eventually recondition your dog to associate other dogs with positive rewards. It’s hard work, but it’s not impossible.

  49. My almost 3 year old Golden Retriever, Ella, becomes very anxious when new people enter the house. It takes her the better part of 20-30 minutes to get close enough for someone to pet her. In contrast, if she knows you, she immediately wags her tail and wants to bear hug you.

    Other anxiety issues are long walks on the leash. She will only go so far before putting the breaks on, wanting to turn around and head back home.

    I’m not sure if this Thundershirt will help with any of these issues, but I’m not medicating my dog (my vet recommeded a Zoloft-like drug). Her anxiety is tolerable (to a point), but I feel bad for her because she acts like she is not enjoying her time. She should WANT to go for a walk and get exercise, but it’s not that way at all.

    I’m going to purchase the shirt and if I can remember this site, I’ll gladly post a follow-up on how it worked.

    1. Matt.,
      Did you buy the shirt for Ella? How did it work for the walks? My lab has started to refuse to walk outside more than a few feet for no apparent reason.


  50. I have a bull mastiff x harlequin dane, Bowza, he is 2 and a half, he is absolutely petrified of thunder and lightning to the stage that he has clawed at our screen door and it has come off its hinges, he wimpers, pants, his eyes go red and just paces back and forward. I go outside with him during it to pat him and sit with him but he literally paces over the top of me, and the same deal with fireworks. Although i have another dog Bull mastiff x, Roujar, and he is almost 3, he just lays there in a thunder storm and when it comes to fireworks, yes he barks but he chases the shadow up the back yard then back, bowza will chase him for about 6 steps then come back. I am thinking of purchasing this jacket to see if it helps. I also think it is from a past experience when a farmer shot at him, so I think its the noise, but then again, just lightning and rain set him off … very confusing, but i want to make him comfortable i cant imagine what he would be like if no one was home with him during a storm.

  51. My 1 year old yorkie, Frankie, freaks out whenever someone leaves the house or goes into the store when he’s in the car, he starts shaking really bad and barks in a very high pitched nervous bark . do you thing the Thundershirt would work for this kind of situation ?

  52. I purchased the thundershirt for my dog. I hate to say it but it almost works too well. My dog is very withdrawn and doesn’t want to obey simple commands, like “laydown” when she has it on. She does not run to the door when I get home nor does she seem to want to play. Is this something that you have heard of before??

    1. Janelle,

      My two terrier mixes become very withdrawn after I placed their thundershirts on as well. They just lay still when their shirts are placed on them and don’t move. I have followed the directions each time by “presenting” the treat with the shirt, praised them, and only done it during non stressful situations to begin to acclimate them to wearing the shirt. I’m going to try one more time in a few days, but I am not sure it will be a positive move towards lessening their car anxiety if they won’t move!

      1. Lindsay Stordahl

        If I had to choose between an anxious, crying, howling, pacing, destructive dog and a dog that won’t move, I’ll take the one that won’t move! My dog acts the way you describe when I put his winter vest on him. He doesn’t like the confinement of the vest.

      2. Are they food motivated? Try feeding them when they are in their shirts or playing a favourite game… or use a squeaker toy (I’m thinking that would perk any terrier up).

  53. I was glad to find your website. I have been considering the Thunder Shirt because like you, I won’t use drugs on my little 5 lb. chihuahua. His and my problem is when someone comes over. He will relentlessly bark the entire time they are here. And he will also continue to bark as much as an hour or two after they have left. It does help to hold him on your lap and pet him so maybe this product will help. I was not going to buy this product until I read your review and saw that they would take it back if it didn’t help. I saw a comment from one of your readers that said the company refused a refund on her purchase. However I noticed where she said that her dog almost strangled wearing it and I wonder if maybe her dog chewed and damaged the product. I could then see why they may not have wanted to refund the purchase. If I buy one of these I will let you know the results. Thanks for your efforts and time. David Jones.

  54. We left our 2 Boxers at home when we went to GA for 5 days, we had people come into the house 4 times a day (for an hour & a half each time). Our dogs are familiar with the people that we had come in to care for them. Every thing was fine until we came home, our oldest (almost 11) started to have a lot of anxiety, she started to drink a whole dish of water at a time, panting, had a couple wetting accidents while we were at work (they are only alone for 4 hrs at a time, my father lets them out and spends an our or more with them every day). I took her to the vet with a urine sample, worried to death that she was in kidney failure, a diabetic or maybe congestive heart failure. The vet said that everything checked out fine, she thinks that its anxiety due to us leaving her. Now that we are home she may be concerned that we may not return every time we leave the house. She has aways been a crazy mess when storms come through the area or fireworks are being let off… My question is, since I placed this shirt on her, she is like a lump, she just lays around, when the other Boxer barks, she doesnt even get up to see what she is barking at, when I try to wake her so that she can go outside before bed time, I have to lift her from the bed, she doesnt want to move. Its like someone drugged her. Is this normal?

    1. Rebecca in Ohio

      Not trying to be mean, but 11 is rather old for a larger breed dog… is it possible yours is just slowing down due to age?

      1. I have a 12 year old yellow lab and she still gets around fine. She’s even had surgery to repair both her ACL’s. Granted she sleeps more these days, but she is still going strong. Maybe it is the shirt. Might be she is wearing it too long. I don’t have one, but have been considering it. I have a 2 year old chocolate lab that is scared to death of storms. My friend swears by it for her dog. I might get one a Pets Mart, since they let you return them.

    2. Lindsay Stordahl

      My dogs acts this way when I put his Gentle Leader on him or his winter dog vest. He feels very submissive and kind of shuts down. It’s not that big of a deal. I guess you have to weigh your two options. Which is worse, an extremely calm, submissive dog? Or an anxious dog? I’d rather not have an anxious dog.

  55. I recently got a 10 month old german short-hair pointer. She has seperation anxiety, everytime I leave the house to go to class she goes in to a barking frenzy. Would this be a good product for her, please help.

  56. I have a yorkie of 12 year that bark everytime I go out and for more than one hour.. Do the thundershirt will help to calm him.. How long can he has the thundershirt on him.

  57. Dear Marcella Short, It sounds like your dog has separation anxiety issue. A thunder shirt would not correct your yorkie’s problem. There are books that include this problem and offer ways to correct it. It would take me a great deal of time to explain the method used to correct the separation anxiety issue. I have used it for my Maltese and it did work for me.
    Victoria Stilwell has a book out called, It’s Me or the Dog. She is an expert dog trainer. You have probably seen her in action on the Animal Channel. I will warn you that to correct separation anxiety, you must be very patient and devote a lot of time to the method that the experts suggest. The success rate is about 90% with most dogs that have not come from shelters. Shelter dogs the percentage is lower. If you google Separation Anxiety for Dogs, you should be able to read some of the suggested methods to use. If you want to contact me, I would be glad to share other books that I have found helpful. Since we all want our pets to be well adjusted, we should help each other achieve that goal.

  58. Our dog becomes very anxious as unstable weather approaches – very nervous, soft wimpers, and he goes off his food. He slips away by himself to ride out the storm in a bathroom or the laundry, both having cool floors. We tried the Thundershirt to help with the anxiety, but the shirt had side effects that were much worse. As soon as the shirt was on our dog could not walk or even stand. He would lean against a wall in order to stand, and appeared nauseous and disoriented. The shirt was promptly returned for a full refund from the local retailer, with no trouble. He’s just one dog, but for him a cool bathroom/laundry floor provides much better relief for his storm anxiety – and he knew that on his own. And to make us feel a little better during storms, our dog even welcomes our assuring words and neck/head rubs.

  59. I read about the thundershirt here on this website. I have a little Chihuahua that barks at the least little thing. I will be watching t.v. and sit my remote or tea glass or anything else on my end table beside my recliner. When the dog hears the noise of that being done he will start in barking for several Min’s. If company comes over he will do the same as long as they are here. We have to put him in a back room the whole time we are entertaining. We received the shirt the other day and put it right on him to see if it worked. It didn’t seem to help but he would get real nervous while he had it on. He even got a front leg caught under the neck strap part and roll and struggle to get free from it. I haven’t yet but I am thinking about sending it back.

  60. I have an 8 year old Chihuahua who goes into panic mode at the first sound of a storm. We even have to give him anti-anxiety medication. He will run around panting with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. He also tries to climb up us whether sitting or standing. We try to comfort him by holding him in our laps and comforting him.

    I saw the Thundershirt and thought I would give it a try. We patiently waited for a storm to test it out. Finally, a big storm came, and we excitedly put on his Thundershirt. We all watched and after about 15 minutes he actually stopped panting. He stopped shaking and would just sit in our laps. AMAZING!!!! After years of sedating our dog, we finally found something that stopped his panic attacks in about 15 minutes.

    Now, at the first sign of a storm we run and get his shirt on him right away. We still rub on him and reassure him he is ok. But, at least we don’t have to drug him.


  61. We purchased the Thunder Shirt. It didn’t seem to help with our dog barking at guest when visiting at our home. The shirt seemed to make the dog nervous. At one point the dog got his leg caught up under the velcro neck strap. I took it off and haven’t put it back on. I think maybe people might expect to much behavioural change of the dog from this shirt, But that is just my opinion I could be wrong. David Jones

  62. i have a cattle dog that is absolutely terrified of fireworks and thunder. he does the whole pacing, shaking, drooling thing and even gets like sweat beads on his nose. its intense.
    anyway, i heard of the thunder coat – didnt have a chance to grab one before the next storm hit so i just put a small under armour tshirt on him and bam… hes found a corner and laid down. id say, if your dog is one thats going to react positively to the thundercoat…save your money and use an old shirt.

  63. I have a 3yr old pitbull boxer mix who pulls when he is on the leash will the thunder shirt help like it says? I also have another pitbull who is scared of loud noises it says that the thunder shirt will help her remain calm is that true?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      It’s not going to stop a dog from pulling. It might help the other dog feel calmer around loud noises.

  64. I have a 2 year old Shih-Tzu Maltese mix dog, Charlie. Every year around 4th of July his attitude completely changes. It’s only June and he’s showing serious anxiety symptoms. He is not as happy, in general, he escapes from the backyard within 5 minutes of being let out, and he started having frequent accidents in the house (which he never does!). When there are loud sounds, such as fireworks, my dog gives me this terrified look, begins to shake vigorously, his heart beat is very fast, he begins to pant, and then he starts scratching on the door, pacing the house. I’ve looked up some remedies because I refuse to medicate my perfectly healthy dog. I’ve come across pheromone sprays, sound therapy, as well as this vest. The sprays, as I have read, are more for behavioral issues. My dog is terrified of fireworks! I tried playing firework sounds at a low volume to see what his comfort level was and to gradually increase that. Even at the lowest audible level my dog began shaking and scratching at the door. I comfort him, cuddle him, talk to him and try to play with him (he loves his toys) but I get no response. I will try wrapping him up in a firm little bundle when doing sound therapy to mimic the effects of the Thundershirt. I am extremely worried he might have a heart attack on the 4th of July.

  65. I have two beagle’s and the oldest has grown very upset over time about storms and July 4th Fireworks. My other beagle could care less. I tried the vet’s solution of a sedative but even a small dose made my Beagle so lethargic and stumbled around so much I personally felt bad for him. The other problem was that you have to give the sedative at least a couple hours before a event. I have tried the Storm shirt with mixed results. I believe it has helped only marginally and not enough to feel it has really helped. My Beagle does seem to seek it out when he hears thunder and does not mind I put it on him. But his heavy panting and pacing still happen just as much with it on. I believe the best way to help them is to not make it a big deal and stress about it yourself. They can sense your stress which only makes things worse. I try now to preoccupy him with other things like getting a snack or playing with a toy or something to get his mind off the storm.
    As many of us humans get worried about storms and certain things. I think its just natural for animals to do the same.

  66. teddy
    is one 80 pound chicken thunderstorms firecrackers carback fire people throwing stuff in the trash bin anything so 4th of july is here im going to go buy one today to see if it works for him i hate giving him valuim to clam him he looks like a stoner

    1. ok so sorry the thundershirt didnt work i had it on him that morning because they started early throwing firecrackers he had worn a trail from the closet to the bath tub and he hates the bath tub i had to drug him and i hate doing that he is such a big love it will take him a couple days to get over this how can i get him over this fear he has any suggestions please help

  67. I just bought mine on Sunday cause my puppy is so scared of fireworks. She is an 18 month great pyrenees/golden retriever. Thunderstorms don’t bother her a bit she actually want to go out and play in them. As soon as she hears a single firework though, her tail curls under her butt and she’s running back and forth through the house. Today I got my chance to try it out. I see a small difference. She’s calm enough to lay in bed with me but still follows me around the house and has to be by my side. Is there a conditioning time? Does it take a couple try’s for some dogs?

  68. ok, my dog gets crazy before, during and after thunderstorms. We call her the canine barometer. She starts to pace, pant heavily, wine and wants to hide under the stairs in the basement. What did I have to lose trying the thundershirt? Not only does she love it….but as I write there is a terrible storm and she is lying placidly next to me. Thank you Thundershirt!!

  69. dorota porczak

    My dog is a large breed and lives in queens ny and he has had huge issues with trucks buses and cars. We starting out with short walks and each day going for longer ones. but he can walk for only a short time and freaks out over traffic and turns around and wants to go home he hates it sometimes he will not even do number two and we have to use our yard not kiding . i was wondering has anyone of you every use it as a tool for fear of cars and and bigger vicheals. Because i was wondering if i should use it and try it or not wast my money.

  70. I have a lab/J Russell mix who is sensitive to storms with all the anxious behaviors. The pheromone spray worked for awhile ( it says spray the dogbed, etc.) Not to waste it, I spray it on a washcloth and lay it near her face so she can smell it, calling it her ‘blanky.’ It worked a few times but not during really bad storms.
    I have some vet prescribed valium but feel that is extreme and have not used it.
    I have used vet prescribed Composure with GREAT success, a tiny bone shaped chewy which I give when the panting/drooling starts, not regularly, not right away. Even tried just a half of one for less dosage. It calms her so she can rest through a storm but is still responsive, lying on bed, floor or couch next to me.
    I would like to try the Thundershirt as an alternative when I don’t have or want to use medication. I once tried a ‘hugging’ mesh-type vest for leash walking but like a Thundershirt as a trial but it was too small/tight and noticed no effect so I will try the real thing, probably so the presssure is in the right place to be effective.
    My younger dog is starting to learn to be anxious when the first one starts panicking, so I want to prevent her from copying the first one. If the older one is calm It may solve most of our problems.

  71. Thanks for your review of this product! I thought $40 was a bit much at first, but I may still try it since they offer the guarantee.

    My 4 year old rescue Border Collie exhibits about the same symptoms as your golden. But my dog’s are more focused to just thunderstorms. I live on base and there are jets regularly flying over which needless to say are loud. This doesn’t seem to bother him. Rain doesn’t either. The only two things that get to him are thunderstorms and any TV shows with loud noises like explosions or gun shots.

    He starts by going room to room trying to find a safe spot, he’ll hide in the tub and go under the table. He even has issues with submissive urination. When he’s in my room he will try to dig through the carpet to get under my bed. If he is confined in another room he will actually chew the wood molding and chew the door knob to try to get out

    1. I have 2 dogs, a lab and a border collie. The 6 year old lab gets nervous when he sees ligntening or when we have a fire in the outside firepit, but he manages to go to a quiet spot and calm himself (garage or bathroom where he can’t see the light source). Now in the last 4 months our 3 year old border collie has started exhibiting extreme behavior during thunderstorms. He has run away during the storm; chewed door knobs, ripped out screens, chewed the door frame, anything to get into the house and to be close to one of his “humans”. He starts freaking out before I even know a storm is coming. I don’t know why this behavior started, but he doesn’t seem to be afraid of any other loud noises. I appreciate all the comments about the thundershirt. I was planning on buying one and now I will. Thanks!

  72. I have a Chihuahua cross aged approx 2 years,that I got from the RSPCA a few weeks ago and she has SEVERE separation anxiety as well as general anxiety and this may end up causing problems with my neighbours.Took her to the vet who put her on Clomicalm and gave me a crate so she could have somewhere secure to go( if eventually I was able to leave the door open when I go out) Everything ws going fine until I reduced the dosage as recommended by the vet.Within 24 hours of lowering the dose she was going completely “crazy” and we were back to square one.Last week I put her in the crate and she became so distressed,I thought she would have a heart attack,it was terrible to see.She also damaged her nose and it took several days to heal.So now she is back on the full dose of Clomicalm and with her nose healed I am starting the crate usage again.I have just purchased a Thunder Shirt,in the hope that this may help solve her issues and I am taking her away to a friends empty unit for a few weeks.If none of this works and she hasn’t settled by the end of the year,I will have to have her euthanised.It breaks my heart to even thinking of doing such a thing,but I would not surrender her to the RSPCA,because I know how hard she would take it and I love her too much,to cause her more pain.So heres hoping the Thunder Shirt works!!!

  73. Well shirt arrived Tuesday and initially my dog became stressed when I put it on her,so I only left it on for about five minutes that night.It is now Thursday morning and there are signs the shirt will actually help her.She has had it on for several hours and is very calm,even going in and exploring the crate on her own which she would not have done this time yesterday.I know it is early days yet but I am impressed.Seems the combination of Clomicalm,crating and the shirt is what she needs.Hopefully sometime soon she will not need the drug.

  74. What’s the difference between a Thundershirt and a Thunderjacket? The measurements are slightly different but I see they are both made by the same company. Is one heavier than the other? Does anyone know?

  75. My dog lulu is unbelievable during a storm. She pants like crazy and just tries to get behind the dryer which she litteraly pushes away from the wall. Both my husband and I have an awful time getting her out…she is very strong! She is 11 years old and we are afraid she will have a heart attack during a storm. We can’t leave her alone and have had many sleepness nights when there are storms. I have ordered the jacket as a last restort. We just don’t know what else to do.

  76. Bought the thundershirt after researching on the web at Petsmart. Not only did it calm his anxiety it also kept him from obsessively licking at a small injury he had on his foot that i had taken him to Banfield/vets office for that day.He had been licking the area almost nonstop. for 24 hours. My dog is a terrier mix with typical terrier traits and with a big personality to match. Part of the reason I love him so. Does not appear drugged when its on. In fact he will still bark at strangers,other dogs but does not escalate to the manic stage and appears calm enough to respond to commands and direction.Its a tool like any other and if it helps use it like any other tool. Nothing does all your work/training for you.It appears. to make my dog feel relaxed. without being drugged.

    strangers and other dogs bit appears to tale commands

  77. For the company claiming that they have an 80% success rate amongst surveyed customers there seems to be an awful lot of posts here stating the exact opposite… Think about it people.. It’s a “hug” for your dog, right? So try this.. the next time your dog exhibits the undesired behavior.. hug him. Does he/she stop the behavior? If it does then the shirt may help. If not, (and my guess is more than likely, just like this product, it won’t accomplish much…) it probably won’t.

    Mystery revealed! You’re welcome. 😉

  78. Ever since I had a car accident on the way home from the dog park of all places with m two dogs in the car I have had a problem with my minpin. It was a slow speed but front end collision so the air bag deployed like a bomb in my face. When i realized the car wasn’t on fire I looked and saw four freaked out eyes on my passenger floor board. I took their leashes and alked to the curb knowing in rush hour everyone would call 911 and I was black and blue with burns from bag and concousion. The dogs were unusally calm with all the fire trucks, cops, medics…. After that day the minpin has severe car aniexity. She will ride only on the floor behind my seat. She shakes and pants.Today I tried the drive with her in a thundershirt. At first she bolted out of her collar and ran away; quickly captured we got in. She rode the whole development and only went behind my seat twice. When I called her back up front she came. Looked out windows, etc.. Overall a very positive ride for her. Both my dogs have issues but both show inprovement in most areas. Still experimenting but the car was amazing.

  79. I have a 8 year old mix breed that has become terrified of thunderstorms recently. We moved 2000+ miles from our home and she has developed a fear of storms and loud noises here. After much research and discussions with vets, I have concluded that a lot of her sudden fears of storms are due to a different barometric pressure than what she was raised in. I have seen mixed reviews on the Thundershirt, but am curious and wondering if it really is worth it. Has anyone experienced anything close to my story and used the shirt? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Thanks so much

  80. I did not have a chance to read all the posts about the thundershirt. I have been researching to see if it will work. I came across a excllent article/video on Cesar Milan’s website. He said that most people make a mistake and try the shirt on the dog when the storm is coming, at the point the dog is already anxious. So at that point, it is too late to calm them. The shirt should be put on in happy times, positive situations. He said it is meant to slow breathing and if you try to pu it on during the storm, you will find that it won’t be successful. Just wanted to share that. I apologize if someone already wrote this in the posts.

  81. Does the thundershirt work for dogs who do not like to ride in a car? My dog shakes and our last trip hid under my seat. It was and 16 hour drive and when we would stop he would come out with out any problem.

  82. I purchased the thunder shirt and I was skeptical. I followed the directions of putting a treat on the shirt and giving my dog a treat when I put it on him…..before a storm came. At first he would growl when I put it on, but after several on/off applications, he is now use to it. By the time the first storm came…I pulled it out and put it on him. It worked! He was calm…no hyperventilating, pacing etc. I am a believer! When I bought the shirt from the pet store the manager said it was very important to get the dog use to the thunder shirt before a storm. When ever I pull out the thunder shirt I give him a treat, and I put it on him for 30 min or so on nonstorm days occasionally ….so he doesn’t associate it with a storm. It was well worth the $40 I paid to have my dog at peace.

  83. As a follow up to my previous post…I think many people are making the mistake of putting the vest on their dog when the storm arrives and the pet owner does not do the prep work. The shirt comes with clear directions stTing that the dogs needs to be oriented to the shirt before the event occurs… have to invest some time in your dog and the product. not just slap the thundershirt on your dog when it starts to storm. I am very happy with the product and highly recommend it!!

  84. My dog gets nervous in the car and has anxiety when approached from behind by other dogs, she’ll turn around and try to snap at other dogs. I’m hoping the shirt will work for her, our trainer recommended a shock collar, but I’d rather try other things first. Any other ideas to calm aggression? She’s seems ok once she becomes familiar with the same dog, but it’s that first greeting that is a big hurdle.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Do you use a Gentle Leader or Halti type collar for control? Or perhaps a prong collar? I think the Thundershirt might help a bit, especially in the car. But I don’t think it will be the total solution you are hoping for.

      I’ve written a post on dog leash aggression. You might find it helpful:

      The book Feisty Fido by Patricia McConnell is a good resource, too.

      1. We’ve tried gentle leader and the Star collar…which is a spiked collar, we’ve been walking her everyday around a park, taking her closer and closer to other dogs behind fences, which helps alot, she’s curious and wants to smell the other dog, but if it barks or growls then she does the same, maybe thats normal?
        She’s made a lot of progress over the last month, but as you said, it’ll take more time getting her more socialized, can’t take her to a dog park yet..too many out of control dogs. She’s ok once she gets to know the other dog but there’s still some times when a familiar dog will come up behind her and she’ll trun around and snap at it…we’d just like her to remain calm when that happens.

        I will read your post thanks!

      2. I’m surprised to hear that someone who professes to be working with dogs would recommend a prong collar absolutely inexcusable… how would you like a prong collar around your neck with someone pulling you around a leash??? Think about it. Also, Cesar Milan is a very punitive person and any reference to him in any blog about dig care makes me wonder on that blogs credibility.

  85. I’ve been using Thundershirt on my dog for about 3 weeks now. It does not work on his separation anxiety. He only seems to urinate less while kenneled, but he still exhibits high stress levels and he still pants, spins and barks on and off for hours. Other than that he just looks cute in it.

  86. We recently adopted a minpin with a lot of issues, her previous owners had her vocal cords shaved because of the obsessive barking at every little noise outside of the house. (I severely disapprove of this, she was still barking, just not annoying but sorta sad.) My brother and I are both in very limited incomes but he invested the $40 in the shirt because the pet supply store has a liberal return policy. The change has been immediate and positive. She has calmed down to the point where she rarely even torments the cat anymore. She doesn’t wear it all the time, only when she starts getting very agitated. She likes it and sits still to have it put on. Training is still important, lots of positive reinforcement of good behaviors, with and without the shirt on is important.

  87. I have a 10mo old minpin, who has separation anxiety. He’s potty trained, obedience trained. We are having problems crate training him because of the anxiety.

    We talked briefly to the vet about meds, because we’ve tried everything else. Rescue Remedy seems to have the opposite effect on him. He’s broken out of his crate several times now to the point we had to buy padlocks to hold the doors closed, since he’s learned to unlatch the doors.

    Do you think the shirt would work for our situation? I am afraid in investing the money for it, and not getting any results. We want our little guy to be comfortable and not afraid. Makes me sad!!!

    Please feel free to email me with your comments. I’d appreciate it.

    1. My dog flips out and destroys my house when I leave for only ten minutes, I am also hesitant to get this because I fear she will find a way to rip it off and eat it.

  88. My dog suffers, anxienty of everything, Kids shouting and being roudy, fireworks, thunderstorms, shouting and she even cowers if some used swearing language and she has travel sickness…..she is 14yrs old and i know she is old but here the golden questions….Do you think it would work for her..(i think i know your response)

  89. I have used the Thunder Shirt on my Great Pyrenees and it reduces his stress from storms about 60%. It has allowed us to enjoy storms again!

    1. I had to reply to your comment because I just can’t imagine trying to control a 125-pound dog that is having a panic attack. My Aussie mix weighs about 45 pounds and I can barely control her. She’s not stressed by thunderstorms, but the Fourth of July noises send her right through the ceiling.

      1. Its terrible when large dogs freak out, mine destroys my house when I leave. I cant hide anything from her, shes huge and can reach everything when she stands, shes taller than me.

  90. I have a 3 yr old Austrailian Shepard who went insane when we USED to take him on walks if another person or animal would pass by. Since we are not able to walk him anymore because of this (fearing he might do something) we let him and our other dog take over the back yard which is about a full fenced in acre. But again, of course when any person may be walking down the side walk, another animal, even a squirrel on the other side catches his eye he goes insane and now has been able to figure out how to jump the fence. We’ve gotten tickets from the cops and a dog warning in the mail…He’s never bitten anyone, and as soon as we know hes out we can get him back in insantly…NOW he’s learned to open the sliding back door by himself that we try to keep locked so sometimes we have no idea that their even out!!! We are getting so frieghtened because hes jumped the fence and gone insane with barking and jolting up to the mail man at least 8 times in the past 3 months……we are getting so scared that we might have to put him down. Do you think this is cause of anxiety? And do you think the thundershirt will help??

    1. Since it has a money-back guarantee, I’d sure be willing to try it. Have you tried the electric dog collar? I know it’s a little severe, but it might help control your dog so you don’t have to put him down. Just a suggestion.

      1. NEVER use any punishment with a fearful dog. It will make the problem much worse, and may actually cause aggression, which will require the dog to be euthanized if it gets bad enough.

        The best solution is desensitization and counter-conditioning.

        1. I’m a little late, but hoping you’ve found a way to help out your pup. It sounds like a lot of anxiety and maybe even protection of the humans he so dearly loves. A good trainer should be able to help you. It will make both of you much happier. 🙂

          I wanted to comment on the electric fence/collar. While I do agree that punishment is a very bad idea for fearful dogs, I don’t at all consider the underground fence a punishment. We have four dogs, three of witch don’t think that over an acre of land is enough space and will dig under the fence to wander for a while. Even though we have a fence, we put in the underground fence inside it to stop their behavior.

          If they are trained correctly on the fence, which can certainly be done with positive training, they understand that it is a boundary and not a punishment. The collars we have provide a training level…beep only… and several levels of shock. The three dogs who wear the collars only need the beep. After training they NEVER get shocked because we trained them to stop at the beep and we don’t even take it off the training mode.

          That being said…still with proper training…if they needed to have the level turned up, I would rather have that than for their safety or someone else’s safety to be at risk. It is not painful, they simply don’t like it. I’ve held the collar tight and run it over the fence to see how it feels. I wouldn’t use it if I thought it brought harm to my furry children.

          There are very strong feelings about shock correction on both sides of the fence (haha) and I can see both sides. It also doesn’t work for all dogs. However, for ours it works wonderfully and I don’t have to worry when we are home or out of town.

          Again, I hope you found a solution. I know it’s difficult, but hang in there!

    2. Lindsay Stordahl

      I am so sorry to hear about the aggression issues. That is hard on everyone. No, I do not think the Thundershirt will help. Worth a shot, i guess. I think he needs a lot of exercise, training and structure. Would it be possible to hire a trainer to help you? Best of luck to you.

    3. Sarah, have you contacted a professional trainer or animal behaviorist? You really should. Your local shelter or humane society can probably help you find someone who can help. Look for someone who uses positive reinforcement training.

    4. Please get your dog some training from a well reviewed dog trainer. This behaviour can be and should be changed. Your dog deserves it. Take care

  91. Thundershirt worked great for my 1 year old German Shepard mix I just got from He cries non-stop to get attention. I have not slept since I got him, 3 days ago. I picked up a Thundershirt this afternoon at Petco. He stopped crying and is sleeping right now. I take it off, he starts crying and looking for attention.
    This product is awesome.

  92. Looks like my Golden Retriever Sunny May is exactly like your Elsie… She has the same symptons when a storm is approaching and does not calm down long after it is over. I do not think a Thundershirt would work for her either. Nevertheless, I will put her raincoat on, a little tighter than I would normally do, just to check this thing about pressure… We live in Brazil where Thundershirt is not sold yet. So we will have to do with something similar…

  93. It works for us!!!! we just bought a Thundershirt on the recommendation of our son whose 1 yr old had huge anxiety issues – it really calmed her down. Over the years our 6 yr old terrier’s reaction to storms and fireworks has become extreme – we were concerned that he would have a heart attack if he continued. It is pitiful to watch the violent shaking and panting – he can’t settle, wanting to hide in a corner, but also needing to be near us for protection. The Thundershirt arrived this morning. We put the Thundershirt on quite snugly. The fireworks started a couple of hours ago. Our terrier is lounging relaxed as you like on the sofa taking absolutely no notice of the noises outside. We can barely believe it. With the money back guarantee I’d recommend anyone who has a dog with issues to try it. I can send a pic of Josh chillin’ in his Thundershirt if interested.

  94. The thundershirt is amazing!! It worked immediately with my puppy. He is a 4 month lab chow mix. I am pleasantly suprised!!

  95. Bailey came from a rescue shelter. Ten year old 22 pound Cocker Spaniel !
    He was wearing a thunder coat. I am not sure why? I was told he suffered anziety at being caged at the shelter. But, I doubt that is where he was given a coat.
    He is a very laid back dg after just three days here. He and I attached almoast momentarily.

    Should I leave it on always or most of the time, or only at day time or only on possible stressful events. Thunder storms are rare around here. Same for fireworks. Even the visit to the Vet didn’t seem to cause him any stress.

    Bailey is anything but hyper.

  96. can someone explain the theory behind this Thundershirt, also, whats the material and does it have zippers because my 7 month old Coton du Tulear who loves to chew anything. she has anxiety when we leave her sight or the house.can it be washed? she is crated when we leave the house but can hear her yelping and carrying on. could she be left alone with it on?

    1. I believe the theory behind the Thundershirt is that deep pressure over a large part of the body is calming to many people and animals. I have seen the effectiveness of deep pressure in calming the anxiety of autistic children and my own dogs.

      Temple Grandin is an autistic woman and associate professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University. She grew up on a cattle farm, and used her observations to help herself (she developed a “squeeze box” to help her relieve her own anxiety after seeing the squeeze chute vets use with cattle), and to help the animals (she developed more humane slaughter yard environments to reduce animal anxiety and panic). She believes that what makes her different as an autistic person helps her see the world as animals see it…with pictures, not words. She has written several books that I have found extremely helpful. “Animals in Translation” is one of them. They are very readable, and are available at local bookstores and at Valuable insights even if you are not interested in the Thundershirt!!

  97. Lindsay Stordahl

    The company says it is safe to leave on the dog, so I don’t think there are any materials that would harm your dog if she chews it. You may want to contact Thundershirt directly, but I know of many, many people who put it on their dogs and then crate their dogs – leaving them unsupervised.

    I hope it helps your dog!

  98. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Thundershirt first hand but haven’t tried it on my dogs. If it helps with excitability, I wonder if it would help my Labrador Maya on our upcoming road trip from Kansas to Texas. She loves to ride in the car and whines excitedly for the first 15-20 minutes, then starts all over again every time we make a pit stop. It’s cute for the first 5 minutes but then it gets really annoying. Oh my, oh my, oh my Maya.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Ace has a similar whining problem in the car, and I agree, it’s very annoying! I do think the Thundershirt might help for both our dogs. I wil let you know if I try it.

  99. 🙁 only worked when I put it on him the 1st day. It no longer works for my dog and the velcro ripped of so easily… VERY DISSAPOINTED!

  100. I have a puppy mill rescued pug. She could have been the poster child for puppy mill abuse horror stories. She’s fine in the morning with my husband. She loves him to death. At night she goes crazy when he comes home. She barks until she makes us crazy. Nothing seems to work. I have tried drugs, pherinome sprayers, I have even sqrayed her with water while giving her a stern “Hush!” when she barks at him, but nothing works. She’s too worked up to stop. I’m sure it’s some memory from her abusive past making her go nuts. Will the Thundershirt help her?

    1. I read your story about your dogs issues and my heart just went out to you. I had rescued a severely abused Malamute when she had been hit by a car and the people drove off. She apparently had been dumped, and then got hit by the car. The vet I took her to found evidence of repeated physical abuse, which of course results in an emotionally damaged animal.
      Now what I am about to tell you worked extremely well, but it may not be conventional. She suffered from nightmares which caused her to wake up screaming as if she was being tortured. My vet had no suggestions but heavy meds, which turned her into a zombie.
      I contacted a Homeopath Physician ( which I used) and asked him if there was any thing he could suggest. He told me to put Gorse( a Bach Flower Remedy) which you can get at most good health food stores, on the area between her eyes.( Do not get it in her eyes) ,. Several times a day so it is constantly fresh. The first night she only woke up 3 times instead of every two hours. It continued to diminish the night terrors over a period of several weeks until she slept through the night. , for her, her aggression stopped,her attacks on the other animals stopped, and she became the most loving, sweetest animal I had the pleasure to know. If this is really too weird for you. I would try St. Johns Wort, an herb, which also is good for anxiety and depression and works very well in animals. Also found at a good health food store. I really hope that you will try both actually, if nothing else it just may work. Good Luck

  101. My 4 year old Pug/Shiba Inu Rockey is terrified of firecrackers. Thunder doesn’t bother him very much. But in the summer, even if he hears only one, he scrambles for cover, runs around looking for places to hide and whimpers. I put the Thundershirt on him and sat with him in anticipation of the July 4 fireworks. He wasn’t 100% better, but he was certainly much more calm than usual. The next evening, I put the shirt on him, but did not sit with him. He stayed at my feet and didn’t run around, although he was obviously still nervous. On another occasion, I did not get the shirt on him before the noise started. When I finally did, he was still very agitated. I’ve learned to get the shirt on him early when possible. I’ve also learned to extend his walks early in the day when I know there’s going to be fireworks later in the evening. If he’s tired out, he can act up only so much.

  102. Had a Husky like this. Fed him a treat every boom, he was obsessed with treats, and eventually he would stay near me during storms, and instead of running away when the boom came, he would look up or run to the pantry where his treats were kept.

    He would cower in a corner where I could easily see and talk to him though, I guess if your dog has a different hiding spot this method would be more difficult.

  103. Bailey is a ten year old rescue Cocker spaniel. He came with a Thunder shirt and a bedraggled bandana and a surgical collar. I took them off bit by bit. He is quite comfportable now. He had nt done well in the kennel, and I guess that is why he got the shirt.

    I’ve saved it. We seldom get thunder and lightening, but if Bailey has an issue with it, i’ll have it to put on him.

    And, i am a believer that if you have something like this, it is liley to not be needed, however, the converse is true!!

  104. @Lindsay

    It seems just because you did not have a good end with Thundershirt, you are discouraging other people from trying something that could be the best thing that ever happened to them. The Thundershirt is affective %85 of the time, you were one of the others that didn’t work. That doesn’t mean it is reasonable to tell people it won’t work just because it didn’t work for you. That’s just ignorant.

  105. Bailey status:

    The Thundershirt is in the closet with his other stuff, sweater, blanket, etc. He is doing just fine.

    My idea of how it works is something on the order of a good hug. He likes that. And snuggling in alongside me in the evening on my recliner. A bit big for a lap dog, but, oh well. He also finds the recliner a perfect place to sleep.

    Thinder an d loud noises upsets some dogs as it hurts their ears. I just leave out my hearing aids!!!
    But, I’ve not heard of dog anti noise protection, Mebbe it exists and I just am ignorant of it.

    The Thunder shirt is a nice bit. I guess the next time Bailey dresses up, he can wear it along with his bandana, blue collar and blue dog bone shaped chip notice ID. Not to mention the chrome chain leash.

  106. I bought the thundershirt for my dog about a week ago. She is a 7 yr old daschund. She gets nervous unless she is under the covers in my bed. She whines and pants in the car, She shakes and cries when I go out with or without her, She freaks out when I feed her. I had to buy her a special slow feeding dish so she wouldn’t choke on her food. Unfortunately the thundershirt seems to have no effect at all. I am returning the coat. I also have another 8 yr old daschund who is calm, quiet and very well behaved so I don’t believe her behavior has anything to do with my training.

  107. I have a four yr old Cocker spaniel…. shes insane, shes a very well behaved dog, except she has anxiety… and well she sits around chewing on her feet all day, we have had her to the vet many times about it to make sure that nothing was in there irritating them and he says it anxiety…. and she never really hurts them but boy is it annoying… do we think the thundershirt will help her?

      1. we have her some stress pills which help a little mostly at night just not much during the day was hoping but if it doesn’t sound like then im not wasting the 40 bucks thanks

  108. I don’t know which anxiety problems might benefit from the Thundershirt, but before spending the money, see if the pressure that the shirt provides is calming for your dog. Firmly wrap a sweatshirt or other fabric around the dog’s body, simulating the Thundershirt. I would make sure his “shoulders” are covered by the shirt. If this pressure seems to calm him, then the Thundershirt might be worth a try.

    For larger dogs, you can try laying on top of the dog to see if the pressure works (I would have my Dobe laying on her side and use the weight of the upper part of my body). I feel confident it was the pressure, and not my presence, that worked because just holding her did not have the same effect.

    It’s worth a try before you spend the money!

  109. I have a small mix breed that has anxiety issues. She doesn’t get along with my other dogs, they just leave her alone, and she barks at anyone that comes into the house. She also licks the walls furniture and bed even when nothing different is going on. She doesn’t want to be held when she is in this shape. Do you think the Thundershirt will help her?

  110. The thundershirt is not a cure-all, but it can calm a dog enough to help them be responsive to counter-conditioning and training. Try it when there are no anxiety triggers, see if the behavior is more relaxed, if so than it does help. And with a money back guarantee, what do you have to lose? If it doesn’t help with anxiety, please get get in touch with a trainer that can help. You will thank yourself.

  111. The only thing that works for our female pit bull is an expensive crate from Zinger Sporting Dog Gear. We have the 5000 with an Escape Artist Feature. Drugs did not work, neither did attention and TLC. For the humans to get any respite, she had to be crated in the basement. But she is very strong and used her head to break out of wire crates. She was injuring her beautiful face. This crate is very expensive, $900 but I think/hope it also relieves her anxiety when she is in there because she knows she can’t get out and she can’t hurt herself. When she comes out, she is her old self (if the storm is over) she does not seem at all traumatized.

  112. I’m a little late, but hoping you’ve found a way to help out your pup. It sounds like a lot of anxiety and maybe even protection of the humans he so dearly loves. A good trainer should be able to help you. It will make both of you much happier. 🙂

    I wanted to comment on the electric fence/collar. While I do agree that punishment is a very bad idea for fearful dogs, I don’t at all consider the underground fence a punishment. We have four dogs, three of witch don’t think that over an acre of land is enough space and will dig under the fence to wander for a while. Even though we have a fence, we put in the underground fence inside it to stop their behavior.

    If they are trained correctly on the fence, which can certainly be done with positive training, they understand that it is a boundary and not a punishment. The collars we have provide a training level…beep only… and several levels of shock. The three dogs who wear the collars only need the beep. After training they NEVER get shocked because we trained them to stop at the beep and we don’t even take it off the training mode.

    That being said…still with proper training…if they needed to have the level turned up, I would rather have that than for their safety or someone else’s safety to be at risk. It is not painful, they simply don’t like it. I’ve held the collar tight and run it over the fence to see how it feels. I wouldn’t use it if I thought it brought harm to my furry children.

    There are very strong feelings about shock correction on both sides of the fence (haha) and I can see both sides. It also doesn’t work for all dogs. However, for ours it works wonderfully and I don’t have to worry when we are home or out of town.

    Again, I hope you found a solution. I know it’s difficult, but hang in there!

    P.S. We just got a thundershirt for our newest addition because of her fear of storms and my lack of sleep. We’ll let you know what happens!

    1. So sorry!! Somehow this posted as a reply and separate post. It was meant as a reply to Sarah (10/12/12)

  113. Leslie & JJ Camper

    Hi, I purchased the thundershirt for my 11 year old rescue terrier mix. In the past few years he has exhibited extreme stress when going to the groomer or vet. To the point of having a seizure. We have tried sedatives & phenobarbital for the seizure. These didn’t even work. He frightens himself so much & it’s hard on him & me. Its hard to see your dog suffer & have resorted to having a vet come to the house for minor shots & physicals. He hasn’t been groomed in over a 1 1/2 year & I have been doing my best using scaredy cut scissors & he does allow me to using a razor (portable) for a short period of time.

    Now, when the fireworks or a nail gun goes off, he starts going into panic mode.

    I’m at my wits end trying to allieve his stress & am hoping this might help. Will let you know and what do you think? Thanks.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I think it is worth a shot, but it does sound like your dog is so anxious this is by no means going to be a quick fix. Hopefully it will at least help, even slightly.

      1. Thanks for giving me a place to vent JJ’s issues. It seems I can’t find any vets to listen or help. Last night, we had a thunderstorm & I put the shirt on JJ. Not too thrilled at first but later, curled up on the couch & went to sleep. He was very proud of his shirt after we made a big fuss.
        I’m going to hold out until after the 4th of July. That will be the true test.

        Thanks again so much.

  114. I don’t really have any specific problem with my 5 year old cocker-mix rescue dog. He is, however, very fearful when I walk him; he’s terrified of buses, pickups and the like (he got ran over twice and is half blind for that reason) and pretty scared of big dogs (got randomly bitten by a stray pitbull, though he’s really patient and sweet with other dogs). He is also scared of thunder, his reaction is to shake like crazy (he has peed himself a couple of times from fear) and he calms down when I hug him for a bit.
    It would be nice to try it on him to see if it helps to relax him when I walk him, has anyone here used it outside? Since my dog’s problem is far from severe and I’d just want the thundershirt to make HIS life a bit easier -rather than mine-, I’m not sure if it’s worth the money. I can’t get a refund here where I live and I’d buy it from a person who imports doggie stuff.

    1. Poor guy! Are there trails or quiet residential streets you can walk where there is little traffic and few dogs? Even if you have to drive to that place, walking somewhere he is comfortable should help over time. Also, if he is blind in one eye, walk him so his good eye is near the street and you are on the side with the blind eye. He may learn to trust that you will protect him from things on that side. I left an earlier post suggesting using body pressure or tightly held cloth or towel around the dog’s body to see if this “deep pressure” helps to calm him. If it does, then it might be worth trying the thunder shirt. Good luck!

  115. Well, I didn’t try Thundershirt for storm phobia but for Jasmine’s mysterious episodes. Didn’t seem to help much. But then I never really believed that anxiety was at the root, rather perhaps an outcome.

    It was about like with many things, it seemed that it could work but it really didn’t. But nothing else did either. So I wouldn’t hold it against the product.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Interesting. Thank you for your feedback, and I’m glad my blog is accepting your comments now!

  116. Has anyone tried making a smaller, quieter place for your dog when there is a storm? I had a dobe that would try to hide in any small space when it thundered…my shoes suffered when she dug her way to the back of my closet! I put quilts over a card table to make a cave for her. This made her feel safe and let her stay in the room with the family. If I had a smaller dog, I would just select a smaller table. Or, if she’s content in her crate, cover the crate to muffle the sound, (but leave the door open so she can get out…it will get warm in there!).

    1. Reba, we figured out the same thing with our oldest who is a shep mix. He would try to crawl between the sofa and the wall. He was crazy when we would have storms and would even tear things up. Once we came home and he was so scared and disoriented that he was trying to climb over the railing of our second story deck!!! We tried so many things including anti anxiety meds and finally, out of exhaustion one afternoon, crated him. He was SO happy. We didn’t think of it before because his crate never seemed to be anything but a reluctant place for him to sleep at night. To think after all those years of struggle, all he needed was his crate.

      Unfortunately, this is NOT the case for our new rescue. We haven’t figured it out yet, but hoping that the thundershirt will at least assist us if not fix it.

      1. Quick update…Penny our new rescue who has really puzzled us with her storm issues was much better today. Previously the only thing that would calm her was me sleeping in front of her crate (for nighttime storms, obviously). I love her…but not enough to lose sleep every time it storms.

        I got the thundershirt and put it on her during ‘good moods’ and while eating over the last two weeks. Today we had our first major storm since I bought it, so I put it on her, put a few pcs of food in her bowl and left the room. She went straight for the door and started banging on it. I told her no and she stopped. She did this a few times and got progressively calmer, with longer periods of calm and quiet each time. She eventually laid down in the floor and seemed to be just fine. I was pretty impressed because it was a pretty loud storm. She was quiet for about 60% of the storm.

        So did the shirt work for her? Not by itself, but I think it will be a great tool for behavior modification and I don’t think I would have had the same response without it…in fact I know I wouldn’t. So for the more intense anxieties, it might be worth using a few methods together to get the result you want.

        I’ll also say that I have not coddled her during storms. I’ve done that in the past, feeling sympathetic and wanting all our pets to feel loved and safe. I have since realized my praise and love response to them being obedient was quite similar to my response of their fear, potentially reinforcing their bad or fear behavior. So instead I’ve tried asking her (and all of them) to sit or settle when they begin to react to anxiety triggers. It seems to throw them back into a ‘normal’ response…like ‘oh I’m supposed to sit, ok’ and it gets them refocused.

        1. Lindsay Stordahl

          So glad this is helping. That is some really great feedback, and this will be valuable to others facing a similar situation. Thank you, Laurie and Penny!

  117. the best cure for all the above doggy disorders is another dog that is very well adjusted. I had two dogs that were a mess, scared of everything and food aggression. these dogs I got from the pound. they were older than 6 months. when I bought my pit/lab mix pup at 6 weeks old, she had no built in fears. a wonderful girl. when she was old enough I started putting her in the with other two and they calmed down inside of a month with her presence influencing them. i watched it happen. the older boy died this year, but the chihuahua who was a nervous wreck all her life focused on the pup and they do everything together. neither is a nervous nelly, no whining or barking just play, eat, sleep and be loved calmly. it may or may not help to introduce another dog, but it did for me.

  118. Our bulldog Sherman goes berserk during thunderstorms; pacing, barking, panting during a common storm. Even the sound of rain gets him on edge. The Thundershirt helped minimize some of that anxious behavior. He still does best if he’s with someone during a storm, but at least now with the thundershirt he can come into the bedroom at night and he’ll lay down and sleep. It’s not a 100% solution but it has helped him. If you’re desperate it’s worth a shot.

  119. Our Husky use to shake and try to become a lap dog during storms and on the Fourth, We gave him drugs to calm him down but with them you had to give them one hour before the storm hit or anyone set off fireworks so we got the thunder shirt and what a change, He still wanted by us but he was a lot calmer, I even put it on him to take him to the Vet and he no longer tried to hide under the chairs. It may not work for every dog but it worked for him.

  120. I recently read about the thundershirt in an article on separation anxiety – has anyone tried it out for this issue?
    I rescued a 2 year old Chihuahua girl a little over a month ago. She has severe separation anxiety so I even can’t leave her with my boyfriend or family for five minutes. And I mean five minutes… As soon as I go through the door, she will start to cry and search for me everywhere till I come back. And she will also go nuts if she can see but not reach me – for example when my boyfriend had her on a leash as I was removing broken glass.
    I really try hard to gradually get her used to be with someone else and even a bit on her own. But sometimes no one is around and I still have to go shopping. Dogs are not allowed in groceries stores and most other stores (here in Germany) and I don’t want to leave her outside of the store as she will cry and maybe even strangle herself to get to me – or someone would just take her as she is very friendly to everyone. So I have to leave her for up to an hour by herself. I feel so bad when I have to do that. I set up a recorder and she will indeed cry and pace for an entire hour. 🙁

    Might the thundershirt help me to work on her anxiety that she can at least be with a friend for the time of my absence?

  121. Hi! So I have a boxer/lab mix and she would qualify as a “high-energy” pup. She loves to play with other dogs and loves meeting new people, but she gets very enthusiastic and tends to freak out anyone or dog that she meets. I have tried “Composure” treats/pills to no avail, giving her more exercise to the point of exhaustion, and training with a canine behaviorist. I have changed some “triggers” in her environment, given her more space, less space, more toys, and fewer toys. I am practically at my wits end with her. Her behaviors include chasing shadows on the ceiling, body wiggles when something new happens (which can be followed up by lunging to get to whatever new thing is around), very high jumping (4-6 feet in most cases), chasing after the cats I also have, and peeing/pooping the second I leave the house, even for just 5 minutes. She is very smart and well trained, but forgets her training the second something new or unexpected comes around.

    Please don’t jump to the conclusion that I don’t care for my dog appropriately. Pepper has a long story for such a short life, including being returned to the shelter twice, and I am pretty sure she was confined for nearly all of the first year of her life. If I had to guess, she was probably not socialized, which makes it such a challenge for her to be around new things. I love my dog very much and want, more than anything, for her to feel safe and comfortable at all times. That is why it has been so distressing that she responds so poorly to anything new.

    So, all that is to say, that I bought a thunder-shirt yesterday, put it on Pepper, and now she is cool as a cucumber. It’s hard to describe how much calmer she is with the thunder shirt. I believe that she struggles with constant anxiety, so the shirt may be most effective on her. It is really interesting petting her ears now, because they are relaxed and very soft. Before, I guess, they were always perked, so they felt totally different than they do now. She seems to really appreciate the comfort that it gives her.

    I am very pleased with Pepper’s response to the shirt, especially because when I tried to take it off her and put it away, she sat where the shirt was and nosed it until I put it back on her.

    1. Becky and Pepper, I am so glad the shirt is helping! And I am so glad Pepper has found a patient, loving parent! Good luck to you both.

  122. Becky, that is so great! Based on your experience, I will keep the thunder shirt in mind for all the permanent and foster dogs we have! You love and persistence with Pepper is wonderful!

  123. I’ve decided to buy the thundershirt for my Pixie. She needs a coat anyway as she’s only 6 pounds and has almost no fur on her belly – I’ll keep you updated if you’re interested.

  124. I do not have a thundershirt, but have put on a orange hunting vest on Pete, it is kind of on the same order, he wraps around him and closes with velcro. When we are walking he does sometimes get stressed out with other dogs, cars, ect…and have noticed it does keep him calmer in those situations, but in the summer time it does get hot and uncomfortable so I don’t use it often enough.

  125. Lindsey,

    I think the Thundershirt is a GODsend! I have a 13 year old Min Pin/Chi cross that doesn’t so much get anxiety but gets furious with storms. Running from one end of the house to the other barking & trying to “get” the thunder. And it usually starts when the clouds roll in & the wind picks up; WAY before & evidence of thunder or lighting. I have used “doggie downer” meds but they take time to kick in; time I usually don’t have.

    Tanner has had a thundershirt for a couple of years now & I think every season he wears it, his tolerance of storms & loud noises gets better. I see it as a training tool rather than a cure. I think you need to use it consistently so they start to associate the loud noises, barometer changes & wind with whatever calming effect they feel when wearing it. Just this week we had a mother of all thunderstorms & I got it on him at the first sign of clouds…he had little to no response to the entire, very slow moving storm & we slept ALL NIGHT LONG! It was great. We are heading into July 4th again so I’m interested to see if it’s just as effective on that event as well this year; the past years has not seen much help since fireworks are typically every night for several days and ALL night long on the actual date. I say to those that have tried it…keep at it. It may just be something the dog needs to be taught. Like the desensitization techniques my vet recommended years ago.

    On another note, I attended obedience classes with a dog of indeterminate breed that when not wearing his thundershirt is totally out of control. Whatever his genetic makeup is, he has a huge prey drive & wants to chase anything moving. He also completely refuses to listen to his person when he is not wearing the shirt. When it’s on, he’s by no means a model citizen but he is handleable and training is much more effective.

    I think one of the issues people have when they hear of a product is they think it will instantly be a miracle cure when in fact, more often it is something that needs to be used in conjunction to other training techniques and not as a stand alone fix for all that ails the poor beast. My advice is don’t give up on something until you’ve given it a truly decent amount of time to actually work.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Interesting! I have not heard of anyone else whose dog tries to “get” the thunder, but I’m sure there are others.

      I agree, people think it will be a quick fix, and there is no such thing. Glad to hear you have had a positive experience.

  126. Mmm not sure if the thundershirt works or not, we’ve put it on our 9 month old collie/cattle dog cross 4 times now and she manages to get out of it every time, wanders around then wearing it as a bib or shaking it in her mouth looking very pleased with herself!!

  127. We also have a golden who is a mess during fireworks or thunderstorms. I use Rescue Remedy for dogs. It does help but I may try the Thundershirt with it to see if it works together. Also I just watched a video of the Dog Whisper and he said to train the animal to wear the shirt during calmness so that when a storm comes the dog knows the shirt means be calm. We will see….

  128. I bought the Thundershirt for my 2 year old Malte-poo. She has awful separation anxiety; every time I try to leave the house for work, she cries and wants me to hold her. I was very skeptical about the Thundershirt.. Just doesn’t look like it does much. After I put it on my dog, she got surprisingly relaxed. I couldn’t even get her to play, which is unheard of. It definitely made her feel calm and at peace. The only thing about it is, you shouldn’t leave it on for more than 8 hours.. The more they get used to it, the less & less it’ll work. It worked on my dog though!

  129. I have a six month old golden retriever. She comes from award winning stock and we paid dearly for the health of the parents and therefore the puppy. My plan is for her to be a therapy dog in addition to my per. She has been in in=kennel training and owner training for the last couple of months and has made good progress. I purchased a vest the says; “Therapy Dog In Training”. Her calmness has been well notices when wearing the vest, so I got a thundershirt. The difference is dramatic. With the vest of thundershirt on she acts more like a two year old dog instead of a six month old puppy. It is a huge help in training her. While each dog is different, I would highly recommend the thundershirt. She “ate” a metal brad. She had to go to the vet to get e=rayed. I took her without her thundershirt on and she was a mess. She was hyper and tried to run around licking and jumping on everyone she saw. Totally out of character then when wearing the thundershirt. I will never take her out in public again without a thundershirt on.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      That’s interesting how the therapy/working dog vest has a similar effect on your dog as the Thundershirt. My own dog is also much more calm if I put his winter vest on him. He almost becomes too shut down with that on, though. Interesting how each dog reacts a little differently.

  130. We have a 1- 1/2 year old Pomeranian/Yorkie mix rescue from the humane shelter, which we’ve had about 7 mos. She has the typical curled tail, having the Yorkie length hair, so that the tail lies flat on her posterior backside. When agitated, she often makes growling sounds, even when held close. The pressure of the thunder jacket lessens this considerably; but, without it, even when petted, she growls abnormally. The growling doesn’t signal a possible bite. Instead, such as when she’s being cuddled, the growling grows progressively louder (meaning she wants down), and when she is on the ground she whirls in circles, chasing her tail rapidly. The behavior isn’t the usual, playful chasing of the tail, but is very much like a frenzied motion that leaves people backing away from her, as they watch and listen to what sounds like a ferocious animal about to attack. It really looks as if she has some frustration, preoccupation, or agitation, associated with her tail or anus (we’re not sure). In the 7 months we’ve had her, we have mostly used positive reinforcement for all of our training. However, we must admit, with the Jacket she IS much calmer—seeming more like it has a sedation effect. Interesting to note, she shows some restraint, slightly backing away as we put it on her, and is very calm as we’re removing it. Once it’s removed, she calmly pulls it from where we laid it, and brings it to us. The dog wants it, and doesn’t want it.

  131. We have a rescue Beagle Walker. He has a real problem with sound of guns. Would anyone have information on the Thundershirt for a normally hunting dog who is very tense around gun noises. Has anyone ever used the shirt for this problem.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I haven’t used it for that purpose. If the dog is going to be right there during the hunting, I bet it won’t make a difference. But if you mean the dog is at home and can hear the gun shots from a distance, I think it might help the way it helps some dogs with fireworks from a distance. There are ear muffs for dogs for hearing protection you could consider. Mutt Muffs.

  132. I cant even imagine these poor babies being scared of thunder etc.. Our black lab always goes on the balcony to check out whats going on when there are fireworks and thunderstorm and she has had good effect on our friends dogs with fears being in the car … But my friends german sheperd becomes the smallest dog and hides in the toilet while the banging outside subsides

  133. I have a nine year old mini long-haired dachshund. We have had her for seven and a half years. She has severe separation anxiety. She barks and howls while we are gone.
    She enjoys her crate when we are home, often eating and sleeping in it, but freaks out when we are gone. Normally she is meed and mild, but she has torn holes in plastic crates, ripping them open, bent wires in metal crates to the point of breaking wires off and hurting her face.
    She had broken all her canine teeth from the chewing the wire crate.
    We tried barricading her in the kitchen which resulted in her chewing the drywall in the doorway. Left loose, she often soils (even though she is completely housebroken) or gets into things.
    We have tried mild medications (amitriptyline and melatonin) which haven’t seemed to work. We have tried Adaptil spray, which helps only a little bit.
    It has gotten to the point that she has now sheared off her canines, poor girl. She is frantic when left alone.
    I truly wish that my employer would allow dogs at work!

    As a last resort, I am trying the Thundershirt. We bought one last night. She wore it out of the store and we noticed an immediate difference. Normally, when there is a dog in the store barking, howling, and jumping about, she gets into it as well. Last night, she was interested, but only closely watched, instead of participating.

    Tomorrow will be our first day while we are at work. Crossing our fingers!!

      1. What a remarkable difference!
        After an 8 1/2 hour day in the Thundershirt, I came home and was greeted by my pooch. She was excited to see me, and a bit whiny, but not nearly the howling, barking, destructive dog that she has been.
        I will be recommending the Thundershirt to everyone I know that has a dog with anxieties!!

        1. Robert Keenan

          That’s really good to know. A friend of mine has a Doxie with similar anxiety. The pup, Sammy, has problems when he’s left alone. Luckily it’s relatively rare that he is left alone. They have a big family and someone is almost always home w him. But I think, in a way, that might be the cause of the problem. When he does have to be alone he is mischievous and scratches his side w his mind leg and creates sores. I suggested a Thunder Shirt to them in the past but I think I will just buy one for Sammy for a gift. Glad it has helped you and your girl to feel more secure when her family is not at home.

          1. Robert Keenan

            Wanted to follow-up with some good news. I sent my friends’ dog a Thunder Shirt two weeks ago and it has apparently worked wonders for him. My grateful friends report that Sammy is so much calmer “like a different dog” and that they can look forward to the 4th of July without the dread of the past few years. I am very happy the Thubder Shirt is working so well for Sammy. We are very lucky to have a pup who isn’t bothered by thunderstorms, fire crackers or other loud noises and glad to have a chance to help Sammy!

  134. We purchased a Thundershirt for my 7 month old Llewellen Setter from Amazon and it absolutely did NOT work. Our dog has some fear issues regarding large vehicles, especially garbage trucks, and some other loud noises. We used it for a 2 weeks and returned it for a refund. We did not notice any decipherable difference with or without shirt. It has been about 3 months since we returned it and found that exposure was the best method. He is still somewhat fearful, but nothing like when he was younger.

  135. The Thundershirt is a JOKE if people would hire an In Home Dog Trainer all these issues could be solved. It’s all about DOG TRAINING.

  136. When it comes to the Thundershirt, my dog is a complete success story. Last year was our first July 4th together. July 3rd, Griffen shook all night. I bought him the shirt the next day and he slept through the 4th. I was very skeptical but it works for us.


    My Black Lab has a fear of fireworks. It is tough as I am a hobiest and pro shooter. I tried the Thundershirt. It worked good for cleaning up drinks spilled on picnic table. Only thing it was good for.

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