Today I want to let you guys know about a product that can potentially help to manage your dog or cat’s pain or inflammation.

The Assisi Loop is a non-pharmaceutical, anti-inflammatory device used to manage pain and inflammation in animals. It works by using low-level pulses of energy.

The Loop is effective for treating multiple issues in pets including:

In this post, I am focusing on how the Loop can help to treat dogs with neurological inflammatory issues such as Wobblers disease and IVDD. However, the Loop can help with a wide variety of issues related to pain or inflammation such as osteoarthritis.

This post is sponsored by Assisi Animal Health, the developer of the Assisi Loop.

Assisi is giving away a Loop to one reader of That Mutt ($279 value). Leave a comment at the end of this post to enter. A prescription from a vet is required in order to receive a Loop.

Assisi Loop and treating dogs with neurological inflammatory conditions

The Assisi Loop is a non-pharmaceutical, anti-inflammatory device (NPAID) used for managing pain and inflammation in dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

Assisi Loop for Wobblers Disease, IVDD, arthritis and more

It works by using low-level pulses of energy to reduce the animal’s pain and swelling. These pulses of energy are called targeted PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field).

To use the Loop, you gently rest it on or around the affected area for about 15 minutes at a time. The common protocol is three 15-min sessions per day.

The Loop is used and prescribed by veterinarians, and my dog Ace’s vet wrote us a prescription for the Loop for treating Ace’s tendinitis and arthritis. You can read more about Ace’s experience with the Loop here.

Here’s a short video I made so you can see what the Loop looks like:

The Assisi Loop and treating dogs with Wobblers disease

Wobblers disease is a condition caused by spinal cord compression in a dog’s neck. The compression could be caused by bulging, herniated discs or an inherited bone vertebrae malformation.

There is no cure for Wobblers, and Assisi Animal Health lists some of the symptoms:

  • stumbling or “wobbling”
  • neck pain & back pain
  • and sometimes even paralysis

For some dogs with Wobblers, surgery is an effective treatment option. For others, a less invasive and more economical treatment option is using the Loop.

To treat a dog with Wobblers using the Loop, you would place it over the dog’s head like a collar for 15 minutes per session (typically 3 sessions per day).

The Loop’s micro-currents stimulate the body’s own healing process by increasing nitric oxide. Here is a link with more details on treating Wobblers.

Assisi Loop

Wobbers disease – Ranie the great dane

Assisi featured a young great dane named Ranie on its blog because she was successfully treated for Wobblers using the Loop.

One of Ranie’s vets, Dr. Tim Crowe is featured in the blog post. He said Ranie was able to walk prior to using the Loop, but it was a struggle for the young dog.

After using the Loop with Ranie, Crowe said she was able to rise on her own and her gait improved after just 20 minutes.

Her pain seemed to obviously decrease because of the Loop, and after two weeks she was running around with the other dog, he said.

“You can’t tell her from her other playmate great dane.”

The Assisi Loop and treating dogs with IVDD

Another common neurological inflammatory condition in dogs is Intervertebral disk disease (IVDD).

This is a condition where the cushioning discs between the vertebrae and spinal column bulge or burst into the spinal cord space. The discs press on the nerves, causing pain, nerve damage or paralysis. Unfortunately this is fairly common in dachshunds.

Treatment options for IVDD range from rest and conservative medical management to surgical intervention, Assisi said on its blog. The Loop is a non-invasive treatment option dog owners can use at home.

Assisi Loop Wobblers Disease and more

IVDD – Lucky the dachshund

Assisi shared an article on its blog about a dachshund named Lucky who unfortunately developed IVDD.

Lucky’s owner, Macy, said the Loop dramatically decreased Lucky’s inflammation levels so he would no longer cry when picked up.

“With only 3 treatments per day, I have seen continued improvement in this little dachshund,” Macy wrote. “A few months after starting treatment with the Assisi loop, Lucky is up and running again, catching the ball after having been paralyzed for two weeks.”

The goal when treating a dog with IVDD is to reduce the pressure on the spinal cord. Assisi Animal Health says the Loop can help by alleviating the inflammation.

Assisi Animal Health completes its first clinical trial

Assisi Loop for managing pain and inflammation

Although FDA clearance is not required for medical devices in the veterinary world, Assisi Animal Health recently sponsored its own two-year clinical research trial that looked at the effect of electromagnetic fields on post-operative pain and movement in dogs with IVDD.

You can read more details about the study here, but the dogs treated with the Loop showed a significant decrease in pain levels and a greater degree of recovery.

Could the Loop help your dog? How to order a Loop

The Loop is available with a prescription online through Assisi Animal Health or directly from a veterinarian. Cost is $279 and it typically lasts around 150 15-minute sessions.

Click here to learn more about ordering a Loop. You can also enter your zip code here to find a provider near you.

(The Loop works for cats and other animals too.)

Assisi Loop helps cats too

Giveaway – Win a FREE Assisi Loop for your dog

Assisi Animal Health is giving away a FREE Loop ($279 value) to one reader of That Mutt.

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Assisi Loop and managing pain in dogs

Do you have any questions about the Loop?

Make sure to leave them in the comments. If I don’t know the answer, someone from Assisi will chime in and help you out. I hope most of you do not have a need for this product but if your dog is in pain the Loop is an option to consider.

Please share this post with any pet owners who might benefit from the Loop.

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