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Minimalist living with pets

Is minimalist living with pets possible? I always want more pets. Like many of you, I’ve had plenty of deserving “animal hoarder” jokes thrown my way. While this can be funny, I am far from a hoarder. My husband Josh and I live a minimalist lifestyle. We like to keep life as simple and stress-free as …

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Just a walk with our dog

Josh and I got up before light on Sunday and hiked 11 miles with our 7-year-old Lab mix. It was rewarding, after walking four hours, to be home by 8:30 and eating bacon and eggs on the patio around the time most people were just getting up. Some people might worry 11 miles would be …

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Dog blog – My Two Pitties

Today I just want to share one of my favorite dog blogs, My Two Pitties. The blog is about Kaya and Norman – two rescued pit mixes – along with their kitty friend Gina and various canine buddies. Their owner Rachel is always taking them on all kinds of fun off-leash hikes around California. Looking …

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Half marathon

Last Wednesday morning I raced a half marathon just because I could. There was no official race event. No official timing system. Just me and my gps watch. I raced against my previous times and although I didn’t top them all, I managed to snag a third place beating all but two. I turned 30 …

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Compassion for people

Compassion for people I’m learning to be more compassionate to people. Sometimes, when we love animals, it’s easy to lose compassion for those around us. At least, this is the case for me. It’s important, I think, to keep pets in perspective. I hope I never risk my life to save my dog or my …

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What I love about dogs

It still feels like winter here, and that’s OK. I love winter. The parks and paths are quieter. Fewer people and dogs venture out. Josh and Ace and I visited a favorite Minnesota state park on Sunday. A quiet park, where we’re able to break the rules and let our dog off leash. This is …

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My heart is with them

I am a runner. Today I run for those from around the world who want to run but cannot. For the friends and family members of those runners. For the volunteers and spectators who cheer them on. I run because my heart is with them. I run because I can.  

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