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During slaughter, some cows remain fully conscious throughout the whole killing process, according to PETA. First they are shot in the head with a bolt gun, next they are hung by their legs, their throats are cut, and finally they are skinned. According to the Washington Post, one slaughterhouse worker said the cows “die piece by piece.”

Reading about how cows, chickens, pigs and other animals are treated prior to their deaths and ending up on my dinner plate was enough to make me try a vegetarian diet for the month of August. I really thought it would only last 30 days, because I like a good hamburger or steak. But I realized in about three weeks that it was very easy for me not to eat meat. I noticed no differences, other than I had to find something else to grill at a barbecue (I recommend grilled asparagus). Now I’ve been a vegetarian for 8 months.

People have their own beliefs on vegetarianism. I am not going to tell anyone to stop eating meat, because it is a personal choice. Plus, I ate meat for 24 years. As for those who are vegetarian, the reasons vary. I do not eat meat because of how the animals are treated. There are online videos showing animals being slaughtered while still screaming. These sounds and images truly bother me, so I do not even want to include them on my blog. You can see them for yourself with a simple search on YouTube.

Others don’t eat meat because of the health benefits. My diet consists of so many other processed foods that I haven’t really noticed a difference healthwise. Eliminating meat from my diet cut out unneeded fat, not to mention the hormones injected into the animals while they were still living. But I feel the best when I eat mostly rice, fresh fruits and vegetables, and that goes beyond eliminating meat.

Have you considered going vegetarian? If so, what are your reasons?

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  1. I was a strict veg for four years but eventually slipped back into eating meat. But I still don’t eat much of it.

    You know, you really lower your risk of awful things like cancer and stroke by going vegetarian!! Good for you. Also saves money.

    Meat is just about the least efficient food, as well. The huge amount of petroleum that goes into making and harvesting all the grain, water, chemicals, hormones, pesticides and transportation needed to produce just one pound of factory meat is outrageous.

    So you are going easier on both yourself and the planet. Way to go! Here’s to your good health. I sure enjoy this blog. Bonnie

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  2. I don’t think that going vegan or vegetarian is necessary to avoid eating cruelly killed animals.

    I’ve started only buying organic and natural meats with no hormones. I can’t get too upset about them being killed because that is what cows, chickens, and pigs are for. They are farm animals that have provided food for hundreds of years. I was raised around a farm and modern methods of killing are generally more humane than the old ways.

    However when animals are abused (the videos of the sick cows being pushed and hauled by tractor made me want to puke) do make me even more careful for what I buy. Plus I just don’t eat a lot of red meat in general.

    Oh…and I don’t eat very many veggies. lol 🙂

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  3. I became a vegetarian when I was 15 when I read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair.

    I raised my two kids as vegetarian, then when I met my current partner I ventured back to the land of omnivores.

    I realized one day that I was avoiding contacting an old friend of mine (vegetarian) because I was ashamed of who I was.

    So I gave it back up. It’s tough sometimes, because hamburgers are good, but then I think of the slaughterhouses and have a veggieburger instead. Quorn makes a great faux grilled chicken. Really good stuff.


  4. I’m lucky, I work with about 8 vegetarians who cook me wonderful meals and I often incorporate that at home..I’d probably eat about 50/50…

    The reasons they dont eat meat are as varied as the people they are. I admire that you dont eat meat for ethical reasons, but i also admire your honesty on the subject

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  5. animal lover--for real

    awesome artical.
    i am 12 years old and have been slaughter-free for three or four years now. i am the only vegetarian in my family.

    i find it really sick when people ask me why i’m a vegetarian. not for that reason only, but when i explain i do it because i love animals and feel bad for them being horibbley slaughtered in the most grousom way they get all defensive and say i’m not saving animals by not eating meat.these are the people i classify as idiots. basicly, not eating meat is the same as recycling paper, the more paper you use, the more trees are cut down and made into paper. the more animals you eat the more animals are slaughtered. this seems to turn the dimwitted minds into action.

  6. Lindsay Stordahl

    Good for you for sticking to your guns. This year I have started eating some meat after being strictly vegetarian for four years. I do my best to eat only the meat from animals who were raised without antibiotics and hormones. This is both for my own health benefits, as I feel I need the animal protein due to my athletic lifestyle, and I don’t feel bad that these animals are raised for food when they are treated at least somewhat more humanely ( grass fed beef, etc.).

    Also, I no longer see PETA as a reputable source.

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